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Friday, 10/14/2011, 10:24 am

VIDEO: BJ Penn UFC 137 Pre-fight Interview


66 Responses to “VIDEO: BJ Penn UFC 137 Pre-fight Interview”

  1. japu says:

    BJ looks fat. No steroids there.

  2. Mike says:

    I give BJ the edge in this and it should be an exciting fight. Diaz has quick hands but BJ definitetly throws with more power. It’s got to be pretty even on the ground, both have exceptional JJ, BJ has the better pedigree though. Conditioning I would give it to Diaz just because he’s a machine does triathlons for fun and has a relentless high paced style.

  3. WHO says:

    bj is gonna gas with his fat ass he needs to stop going in at welterweight.

  4. Mike Hunt says:

    Damn B the fights 2 weeks away,your going in against a cardio machine,I hope you feel better then you look….sorry brah just sayin!

  5. Trolololol says:

    this was filmed 3 weeks to a month back.

  6. James Wolfe says:

    My one concern for years now has been his fitness, cardio, strengthening…He destroyed GSP in the first round of the first fight, then gassed…he did this against Hughes as well early on…he has done this many times in his career, won early then lost the latter rounds…really frustrating for fan to watch..

    Diaz will keep the same high pace for 3 rounds…I hope the people in BJs camp focused on this, I truly hope so.

    • Ant says:

      I agree with you James W. 1000000%. As a fan of BJ…i hate seeing him lose b/c he’s gassed. He looked so unstoppable against Ken Flo and Sanchez. If he loses to Diaz b/c he gasses…then I will not be upset if BJ retires. I just hate seeing him rack up losses b/c of the one issue thats always talked about….his cardio. We always hear “an in shape BJ is the best….” The way MMA is now you always have to be in shape!!

  7. ThaGreenBandit says:

    One hell of a match!

  8. BJPennRules says:

    Is this 3 or 5 rounds??

  9. Duane says:

    I pray this was taken at the start of camp! BJ wouldn’t come out like that, no way!

  10. No Doubt says:

    BJ got this, period. And all the doubters can enjoy the victory as I will, that’s cool. But just remember your thoughts and what you said before the fight, and you’ll probably enjoy it a little less than me.

  11. Voicein the desert says:

    This has the potential for fight of the year. I see BJ winning this by TKO in the second round.

    WAR BJ!

  12. drew says:

    BJ is going to win this fight nick diaz has no edge on bj in any way…its 3 rounds bj will be ok with 3 rounds only reason he kinda gassed in this 3rd is that fitch got him by like 30 pounds and was pickn him and dropping him on hisback…diaz standup in those clips is textbook diaz in a way were the chin isnt even tucked its just like medium way up…and standing right in fron to fyou throwing puches that add up but nothing really to serious…good job beating cyborg., whogased in the 2nd, and paul daley…enough said
    WAR BJ

  13. Cletus Jackson says:

    Blow Job Penn is going to finish Turd Diaz by rear butt naked humping choke.

    • Voicein the desert says:

      Come on son…what’s with the hate? At least be respectful. BJ Penn is one of the gfuys that built this great sport of MMA.

      You are allowed your opinion but at least try to have some modicum of control over the language you use.

      Thanks bro

      • Erica says:

        Cletus…You know what? It’s sad that I can’t let my son who is a huge MMA fan on here because of people like you…who have to say disgusting things like that. You should be ashamed of yourself…If you don’t like BJ…and obviously you don’t, then go somewhere else and post your perverted opinions. This site is meant for BJ Penn fans….and it’s just too bad that people like you have to ruin it for BJ’s younger fans….like my 12 year old son….Learn some Respect!

  14. Fortyb4five says:

    You fuckin people are jokes haha. You realize this is from the countdown which was filmed over a month ago. Go tell bj he’s fat to his face…bet you go home without a face.

  15. WHO says:

    I see this going all 3 round bj gases and cant come out to finish like the 2nd gsp fight. Im sick of people thinking Bj Penn is so great give me a break. i love the website though aloha

  16. Paul says:

    I luv bj but don’t see how he wins this. Hope he does tho

  17. @all u fags above me except forty. stfu u guys are the worst “fans” thinking they know everything, if i read another clown state “oh bj needs to work on his cardio” idk what i will do. u think BJ dosent know that u morons. u think BJ is gonna go into this fight chubby and horrible cardio. NO. he is fully healthy and will fight. at least wait till after the fight to troll u jokes.

  18. Fortyb4five says:

    lmao all these guys hating on bj is probably just the same sad fool.

  19. Kama says:

    Does BJ have a cut under his left eyebrow? at 25 seconds in

    • Michael says:

      I saw that too. It looked like a shit load of stitches! Not good! Huge Penn fan, but be real he does look out of shape in that video….. Although that doesn’t mean he won’t be fight night

  20. @Pacific Northwest fake gangster.your right u know so much about MMA and training. why dont u email JD,Reagan, or BJ and give them tips about ur extensive training regimen. u must have soooo much MMA knowledge in ur super cool brain u must never gas in ur fights. thats right u dont fight. leave it to the pros and just watch u tool.

  21. drew says:

    I agree.. A real fighting machine is cut, and with very little fat on his body.. How can BJ expect to perform at the same level as these guys if hes not in the tip top shape that everyone else is…He might be the best 1st round fighter… but the 1st round fighter isnt the winner in a cage or on the street… Just sayin..

  22. King Gareth says:

    I can see BJ training wrestling alot and taking Diaz down as he comes in. Other than that, it’s a boxing match.

  23. @fake gangster. im not claiming myself to be a prodigy u faggot the username is a tribute to BJ himself. instead of calling myself a gangster over an internet news post. why dont u make a username so we can see more of the retarted shit u say. who cares what u think BJ dosent feel the need to be trained by them anymore. if u dont need to tell bj anything why are u implying he strongly emphasize conditioning u pussy. there are more to bjs losses than cardio maybe if u didnt start following him last year u would know that

  24. FILHARMONIC says:

    Been a long time Penn Nation! I can’t wait for BJ to smash Nitck Diaz… Diaz is good , but everything he can do, BJ can do 100 x better! And… wassup wit all these foos talkin sh@t bout BJ?! Foo… is u crazy?! It’s koo to have your own opinion, but if you gonna just be a effin troll and disrespect BJ and Penn Nation, get the EFF off! this site don’t need u brah!

  25. Cheecho says:

    I hope BJ wins – he should do it in the early round(s) though, cuz he always gasses towards the end. If it goes to three, Diaz cardio will win him a decisive round for sure.

  26. 808 says:

    its true This is the real main event. I don’t wanna see a man raping another man for 25 minutes.

  27. krafty11 says:

    Yeh, i guess a tribute to a guy who was busted for PED’s and money laundering sounds about right… great role model there.. keep at it Gangster… LMAO..

  28. Voicein the desert says:

    I there a moderator on this website? Everybody is allowed their opinion, but come on…This is getting sad.

  29. Kipo says:

    Can’t believe some of u guys still ? his cardio period. B is in da best shape of his career and u guys wanna post disrespected comments about BJ!! 2 times champion!! You guys can hate on B all you guys like as a fans of this game but us guys from Hawaii is proud of his already accomplished careerin mma. Who else can say that they won 2 titles in different weight division. Only B and Randy did it!! Doesn’t that itself factor in you guys brains??
    BJ came back for couple days to spend time with his ohana and I had da chance to see him but didn’t but da word was he was looking really good. He’s able to
    maintain da 170+ pounds and still looked ripped!! Wen da time comes I hope all you guys that always talk shit and hate on B eat your words!!

  30. Steven Horgan says:

    kipo you cant argue with stupid so let them hate, bj is one of the most accomplished fighters in mma today, if these idiots did there homework they would know bj has only gassed out against wrestlers a weight above, no one not diaz has the cardio to be liftin a round a 199 pound fitch on fight night, bj knows whats he is doing and his frame of mind looks excellent, when he wins this fight all you haters will realise how stupid and ignorant some of these cardio comments and other have been..any way win loose or draw bj will always have his true fans , that enjoy watching him compete and know what a legend he is BJ PENN THE G.O.A.T

  31. Voicein the desert says:

    Personnally, I would prefer to see BJ cut to 145, if he can, to face Aldo. I would predict that BJ would mop the floor with him. I see Penn as better suited at this time for 145. After he wins the strap, then make another run for the lightweight title. Going down in weight does not mean that he would be a lesser fighter. I am just saying that BJ may not get another title shot unless he goes down to 145. I am hoping he will, but….

    I am positive that BJ can beat most of the guys in the top 10 at welterweight. However, BJ may never get close to the belt as long as Georges is holding it.

    Call me nostalgic, but I miss seeing BJ go for 5 rounds with a belt around his waist.

  32. brandon says:

    cardio wasnt the reason gsp beat him in there last fight, it was because gsp beat his ass so bad he had to throw in the towel.

  33. Kipo says:

    Yes… Really!! Not saying da pic is fake, u said it and da video speaks for itself! Wat, u think da video was taken yesterday??

  34. King Gareth says:

    If BJpenn stayed in fighting shape all year round, he would be an even greater fighter. Diaz hasn’t fought the same level of competition that BJ has, but is in better shape physically.
    This will be fight of the night or KO of the night.

  35. The MTHRFKRS talking shitt have no names anyways.. Write them off as TROLLFKRS! Lil man Cletus yeah right bitchasz fkr!

  36. Bj looks awesome fast hands and solid! Friends or no friends kick his ass and shake his hand after! WARRRRRR..

  37. DaRuckuz says:

    no need cardio not going to da 3rd anyway.

  38. DaRuckuz says:

    His heart is fatter den your mouth,das why he do what he do.

  39. pauljr1121 says:

    Some of you guys are retarded. This video was shot awhile ago. I believe sometime around September 10th. Remember the controversy about the UFC interviewers making him say things about the fight he did not want to say. That was during this interview. It’s important that he carry some more weight between fights if he’s going to be fighting these bigger dudes. Also the beach pictures are old ass hell. Some of you are mindless sheep. He’ll be ready.

  40. steven horgan says:

    exactly, jesus he hasent even stepped in the cage to fight and people are talking about hes not in shape, bjs last fights fitch,hughes, edgar twice,sanchez,florian thats all six fights ago…did he gas out in any of them, no,how is that continiously gassin out you retard, fitch is just an animal on top , last round penn couldent get up, does that mean every opponent where fitch got on top gassed out too , use your head, why is bj fighting at welterweight because he is a mixed martial artist testing his skills against bigger opponents idiot..and fitch fight was a draw, which i and dana and others said bj won, and he ko.d hughes who was on a 3 fight win streak and bj comin off a loss hes fighting for title shot so i think he is doing good at this weight, bj is also too old to cut to 145, welterweight is more comfortable now for him and here he feels faster and stronger, and bj did pretty good in the first fight and the second should of been no contest for blatant cheatin

  41. oklahoma penn fan says:

    just wanna give a shout out to all the REAL prodigy fans, im a huge fan and follow all his work.. Bj will get his shot as soon as he HANDLES toy of luck to bj even though he doesnt need luck.. All real fans, enjoy the show!

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