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Tuesday, 11/08/2011, 12:12 am

VIDEO: BJ Penn Talks Retirement, Picks GSP over Diaz – Plus Diaz Responds


88 Responses to “VIDEO: BJ Penn Talks Retirement, Picks GSP over Diaz – Plus Diaz Responds”

  1. Kalez says:

    The only way Nick loses is by a cut. That could happen. But, Nick is a in shape BJ Penn. So if anyone ever wondered, could a in shape BJ beat GSP. You will see it happen.

    • mike f says:

      Except that Penn has always had great takedown defense, while Diaz has struggled against good wrestlers.

    • marco says:

      A n shape nick is an in shape Bj?? Dog wtf r u talkin bout ur fkn retarded there 2 complete different fighters and the n shape Bj cud of won the first fight wit GSP which ppl thought he shudnt of won…and GSP is na have another boring ass fight n not finish it the way he he’s been doin….

    • Mike says:

      BJ’s TDD is legendary, you’ll find few non-wrestlers with that skill. Diaz has always struggled against wrestlers. So Diaz loses this fight many ways.

      And, from what I saw, to compare BJ and Diaz, you have to do it like this:

      BJ’s Boxing>Diaz’s Boxing
      BJ’s Jiujitsu>Diaz’s Jiujitsu
      BJ’s TDD>Diaz’s TDD(No comparison)
      BJ’s Cardio<Diaz's Cardio(By leaps and bounds)
      (Btw, I'm not making any excuses or anything, BJ lost that fight, Diaz was the better man that fight, I'm just saying what I saw)

      So, Diaz will be there for all 5 rounds…on his back…eating elbows. You need more than great cardio to beat GSP.

      • Streetsweeper says:

        This. Agree with everything you just said, and unfortunately I also agree that GSP is winning this fight by takedown, gaining position, elbows to the head, knees to the body, rinse and repeat. GSP always fights his opponent where they are weakest and he does it well, so the boxing adv to Diaz will be gone and their is no cardio adv as GSP has just as good cardio as Nick. I hope Nick catches a sub or something but I really just don’t see it happening.

      • Kalez says:

        BJ has a higher submission rate. That’s it.
        Nick has more wins by tko/ko[%].

        If you talking weakness against wrestlers, that has always been BJ’s Kryptonite. Edgar[2], Hughes[1], GSP[2], Pulver[1][loses], were all guys mainly from a wrestling background.

        My main point was that BJ comes from a BJJ background with dam good boxing. Nick has a similar pedigree.

        If you’ve gotten tired of someone like BJ tiring and what could of been situations. It won’t happen with Nick. He won’t tire and he will fight off his back. The only way he will lose is by a cut to his forehead, which is a weakness of his. As for GSP. He will lose on his feet, do to pride. Nick has already gotten in his head.

        • Mike says:

          The first round showed BJ’s skills were better in boxing and BJJ. That’s fresh BJ.

          Now watch the first round of GSP vs BJ II. That’s the best BJ fighting.

          Now imagine that that’s Diaz. Except he’ll have a slightly lesser skill level, but will maintain it throughout the whole fight. Except with much much worse TDD.

          Also, the only losses of those you can attribute to wrestling is the GSP fights. Pulver and Hughes were due to his aforementioned terrible cardio. And there was very little wrestling in the Edgar fight, that was, if anything, BJ being outboxed(the second time, without a doubt).

          You’re a fool if you believe the only way Diaz will lose is a cut. He may very well lose by cut, but it’ll be due to him eating elbows on the ground.

      • Ryrie says:

        diaz boxed bj to a pulp so that ridiculous! he perfectly avoided bj’s bjj so i put them about equal, his cardios insane and he says hes got a plan for gsp so lets see what he can do

        • Lotamed says:

          Bj tooled Diaz in the first round before he gassed. Diaz has horrible defense and little head movement. If Bj had better cardio, then he would have walked away with the UD instead of Diaz. Diaz can only put a beating on guys who are A). willing to brawl with him or B). stationary gassed out targets. GSP is gonna jab his face into hamburger meat and then take him down and drop some elbows. He’s coming into this fight pissed off and that’s not the type of GSP you want to fight.

      • goju kai says:

        You said it all and hit the nail right on the head.

      • John says:

        How can you say that BJ’s boxing is better than Nick? What fight where you watching!!!!

        • Mike says:

          Purely skill wise, when both had full gas tanks and were at the top of their games(1st round), BJ clearly outboxed Diaz. Afterwards, yes, Diaz pounded him.

    • Jujitsu player says:

      Diaz great fighter but first class doucebag. Why did he get so defensive saying BJ is bitter when BJs commetns were very objective and laid out both fighters strengths and weaknesses. Diaz stop hating the world.

  2. Kalani says:

    Diaz is a prime example of what the public school system in stockton is all about.

  3. stix says:

    I don’t see what he said that makes him bitter? I don’t really see that as him clear & cut picking GSP over Diaz either

    BJ has had issues w/ GSP, he’s fought both of them, so how is he bitter toward Nick and not Georges? he’s just being honest

    I bet he would love to see Diaz go out there and win via TKO in round 3 or have GSP stalling for a position win all night only to get triangled in round 4, but if he would have said “Diaz via TKO” people would just say he’s bitter toward GSP or call him a hater

    most MMA fans feels the same way I think and I’m pretty sure I’ve heard Nick himself say the same exact thing so I don’t see what the problem is.. if GSP wants to make it a takedown & stall for control fight he’ll have the advantage and Nick could be laying on his back all night if he can’t stop the takedown. I’m a huge Diaz fan and don’t like GSP but it is what it is, and I’m def not bitter.

    if Nick can use his boxing or overall pressure and spirit to break him or be dangerous enough off his back threatening submissions and discourage the takedown, then he’s in a better spot

    we haven’t seen Diaz fight a wrestler in years so it’s really hard to gauge where his wrestling is at, and against one of, if not the best, MMA wrestler out there right now, that leaves a huge question mark. when guys like Josh Koscheck can’t stop his takedown it’s hard to envision Diaz stopping it

    GSP’s strength is Nick’s weakness, and when gravity is already on the side of the wrestler to begin with, you have to kinda lean toward that fighter

    • Am Bam says:

      He seems bitter in the sense that he isn’t giving Nick a chance and is probably using his own fights with GSP as a yardstick for how Diaz will do. Even though they have similar strengths, they have different weaknesses and attributes and you can’t help but feel a “well i couldn’t do it so he can’t either” sort of vibe. With that said, GSP is the rightful favorite but Diaz could catch GSP with a submission or knockout, especially since this fight is very likely to go in the championship rounds. Diaz is the only guy he’s fought so far who is truly as dangerous in the fourth as he was in the first, if not more so. Should be a good fight regardless, even when Diaz is getting beat by wrestlers it was by razor thin margins and it was 5 years ago. I’d say this fight is 70/30 in favor of GSP.

      • Mike says:

        I see no bitterness in BJ’s prediction at all. We all know Diaz has great boxing and jiujitsu, but not so much wrestling. So wrestling would be his weakness. And as we’ve all seen, GSP’s wrestling is some of the greatest in MMA.

        BJ’s simply using sound logic. Diaz does have very little chance. I would say he has Matt Serra’s punching chance, but he doesn’t have the one punch power Serra has. Maybe he can get a quick armbar or triangle, but I doubt it. GSP isn’t Chael.

      • Ly-er_Ly-er says:

        I feel that BJ just gave some very valid opinion on both fighters & I didn’t sense any bitterness, it just seem like he pointed out both of their advantages and disadvantages. I just felt that BJ thinks the winner will be how the fight is dictated be it by GSP’s wrestling or Diaz’s ability to break opponents! On another note, has it just been a week & half and it barely looks like BJ was even in a fight, except for the “reddish-eye” I don’t even see a scratch on him. No “broken orbital-bone” for him thank you very much??! LOL

  4. WarProdigy says:

    GSP takes Diaz down in round one and beats him till the ref stops it (any round, however long it takes. GSP will not stand with Nick, and Nick isn’t powerful enough to push GSP off. Sad.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Yeah, because GSP has had so many stoppages lately, and Nick will be the next, right? Riiiiiiight….

    • McLuvin says:

      Stoppage? GSP? Na that fucker is the king of hugs. Forget about a fight, forget about stoppages, GSP is going to hug the fuck out of Diaz…. hope not, Diaz is one of my favs, a true fighter…

    • stink uki says:

      Stoppage or finish in round 1??? That’s the best stupid joke Friday yet..haha

      • WarProdigy says:

        I didn’t say stoppage in round 1, I said GSP takes him down in the first. I don’t see GSP standing with Diaz at all. His safest route to victory is constant takedowns and ground and pound. Nick is tough, but u saw BJ get battered under GSP, u think Nick is gonna get off his back? I don’t see it. I do hope Nick can catch GSP…but I wouldn’t put $$$ on it….

    • War prodigy! Your right Gsp is going to smash that fool! Gsp will take nick out of his game, and he’ll go home like shields did ..bewildered!

  5. Mike says:

    Hahaha…now I know why he dodges press conferences!!!! BJ wasn’t being bitter…he was telling it like it is. Nick has his hands full with GSP. I don’t think nick will come out on top…GSP will school him

  6. JAY says:

    I like the analogy that NICK DIAZ is an in-shape BJ PENN. except id say with a little less punching power and wrestling ability

  7. Kaiyn Fallanx says:

    I was wondering if Nick Diaz is really a dangerous fighter why did he not knock out a clearly fatigued BJ Penn?

    • Ethan says:

      look at how many tko’s Nick has, look at how many times BJ has been knocked down from a punch (0)…. do not think he is not dangerous because he couldn’t ko someone that has never been ko’d… (BJ’s tko losses are because of fatigue and not being able to defend himself, not because he was “hurt”) and I do think if there was a 4th round Bj would have gone down, or not been able to answer the 5th round

    • chris says:

      I seem to recall a battered BJ backing into the cage while getting punched in the dome nonstop and having his body tore up. Seeing as to BJ has out boxed all of his recent opponents I’d have to say Diaz is dangerous.

    • EffLay&PrayFighters says:

      dumbass.. bj has never been knocked out! that being said.. don’t take away from the FACT that Diaz beat the shit out of BJ.. punch for punch he straight outclassed bj in the standup!!!

      • goju kai says:

        You need to look at the fight again and see whose face was battered after the first round and who won the first round on ALL judges scorecards. Nick beat a gassed BJ in the second and third rounds. Not outclassed him.

    • deyvonne says:

      What are you talking about dude Gsp didn’t bewilder Jake he could not even do anything with Jake’s weak stand up

      Ps.That fight should have been over due to stoppage because of GSP’s eye(HE COULD NOT SEE)

  8. Fuck me.How many times did Nick say”you know” in that interview.Dude needs to broaden his vocabulary.

  9. stone cold says:

    bj is just being honest telling it as it is! im a big nick diaz fan and i still think gsp has a big advantage over nick diaz. only a fresh bj penn can stop gsp’s takedowns! cesar gracie wanted to unify teams i guess cuz nick diaz needs bj’s help for gsp. i doubt he is going to retire.. taking time off is the smart way of declining cesar gracie’s offer lol.. imo he should def train with blackhouse when he is ready. silva, machida, jds, and steven siegal will def enhance his skills. for the mean time he def needs to let his mind and body rest going on a long vacation, spending time with family and friends. have fun but not too much fun! come back and whoop everyone’s asses up! 8 D

  10. HA says:

    Nick wins by kicking GSP on his back knee :]

  11. Fe says:

    This will be a great fight. GSP has explosive power & is always improving his stand up. He peppered Koscheck with stiff jabs. He dominated Jake Shields. He schooled both Hardy & Thiago amongst many elite fighters.Diaz has impressive boxing. Outstanding bjj, & cardio for days. Taking out Cyborg, Dailey and BJ Penn. This will be a test for Diaz. He will be fighting a pissed off GSP and in my opinion will put up a great fight but GSP is just too much for Diaz.

  12. Stockton bitch says:

    Stockton > Canada

    Diaz for life

  13. Jb says:

    Kid sounds retarded

  14. Ninjaman says:

    The only way Nick Diaz stands a chance is if his brother jumps in with him to even the odds a little. They Diaz brothers vs GSP that would be a great fight! GSP wins by any way he wants!

  15. The Beast says:

    diaz doesnt need bj to train for gsp he has shields you saw how gsp avoided going to the ground with him…..i think he will be well prepared for the takedown attempts..whether he can stuff them or now will be the question and another thing how do we know diaz cant submit gsp from the bottom or reverse position st. pierre couldnt even stop hardy or alves who suck on the ground

  16. Rafi Bomb, homie says:

    BJ Penn: “If I can’t do it, he can’t do it.
    Nick Diaz: “You know?”

  17. Vladimir says:

    Guys, I don’t speak english very well and i didn’t understand his words from 0:50 to 1:04 something about Fedor?Can you write please what BJ said)

    • reesio10 says:

      It had nothing to to with Fedor, it was basically a reply to a question asking about BJ’s decision to retire. His reply was basically this:

      If i ever feel it again (the desire to fight) ill come back,
      if it interests me and it excites me,
      I dont want to be sitting in the locker room saying i cant believe im still doing this,
      Ill see how it goes but i definitely need a break.

      Thats not word for word but thats pretty much it.

  18. Daniel says:

    Don’t forget that Diaz has lots of experience being held down by Jake Sheilds.

    • Ethan says:

      good point, if anyone has the training partners to mimic Lay n Pray Pierre its Nick…. We can all agree that GSP will have no problem taking Nick Diaz down… The unknown is what happens when it gets there… Nick has 5 rounds to try and secure a submission and he has the likes of Jake Shields, Dave Terrel (spelling?), and Gilbert Melendez… all excellent on the ground and while Gilbert Melendez is undersized, he is still a great wrestler, and great at submission defense.

      I know GSP got submitted by Matt Hughes but has anyone else even threatened him with submission attempts? I know BJ was being very active early but there were several factors keeping him from success (size, cardio, mentality……. grease)

      • benji says:

        Great match up skill wise.

        GSP is great but his striking not good at all i.e. that over hand right he threw in clumsy way like fastball over and over against Sheilds that is something that does not flatter his striking ability he but has other charisma of course, like good superman punch, power jab, he is more dynamic, wrestling e.t.c.e.t.c. but he plays the safe game,(no exciting for the most fans) I like him though he is smart guy. Only that thing with the grease its really frustrating and unfair to see someone like him doing this, against a smaller guy.
        He should DQ for that.

        Diaz from the other hand I believe he deserves all the respect to be there where he is.
        He is how he is but he is true and pure.
        Very talented bjj, he is like bjj Master after pulling this amazing submission against Cyborg so fast and technical. Crazy boxing skills, his body punches and hooks are the best combinations anyone have in the mma nowadays (body face body face wow) :)
        Like a friend said above he has not been there with a top wrestler in the cage for quit some time, that is something we have to wait and see.

        Its really hard to tell who will win, I hope its Diaz who gets the victory.
        Opinions differ but no need to fight for every single thing, that’s why we differ from animals because we can resolve our differences with chat.
        Good luck to both!
        Good day everyone! :)

  19. desmond says:

    don’t count diaz out. he will get taken down but he scrambles very well. this fight will be a test of endurance. gap takes pride in out working his opponent but he wont have that edge in this fight. im really looking forward to seeing the later rounds in this fight. could get very interesting.

  20. Dosan says:

    Everybody always doubts Nick and wants him to fail…lol

    Diaz is gonna dethrone GreaSy P.

  21. Bj ain’t bitter nick.. Bj knows what’s going to happen to nick! LONG NIGHT FOR DIAZ! Don’t be surprised if The Saint finishes by the 2nd round.

  22. gbjj says:

    BJ has fought bouth of these guys so his opinion has more weight to it than Nick’s Opinion…. I’m going with GSP on this one… I like Nick and his style but GSP is no joke and will have a good game plan in place….

  23. FightClub (my dick) says:

    GSP will beat the shit out of Dick Diaz; any way he wants to.

  24. aaxntonio says:

    the worst strategy to fight gsp is too piss him off, it could go either way but i expect gsp to pound diaz out.

  25. adrian says:

    Guarantee GSP wrecks Diaz worse than Josh Kos. BJ gave a pretty fair review of the fight. Diaz is just a cunt like usual with some kind of mental/speech problem. Can’t string his thoughts and words together to make any sense.

  26. adrian says:

    80% of that interview was Nick rambling about top control and punching. I think its just funny that he has so many fans that like his attitude more than his fighting style/accomplishments. In reality Nick is an awesome fighter but not complete, that is the main reason why GSP has such a high win ratio over top competitors. The guy is good at everything and excels in the wrestling department. You know his BJJ isn’t crap if he is training with Renzo. When your physically stronger, faster and have equal if not better skills, you most likely will come out top. Having a big heart can’t carry you to the belt.

  27. James Wolfe says:

    Lets analyze things for a moment. The first GSP fight, BJ pummels GSP in the first round, then can’t get up for the next 2 rounds and loses a close decision. The second GSP fight, a close good first round then gets taken down every round after and loses badly. The Diaz fight, BJ again wins the first round, gets pummelled in the second and loses the fight.

    I have never seen BJ lose a first round. That being said, cardio , conditioning, and strengthening has always been his weakness in the fights he has lost. I believe he could be undefeated if he had just take his cardio as seriously as he did in the Sanchez, Shierk and Florian fights. He destroyed these guys and had energy to spare.

    If you come back BJ and I hope you do, please focus on these areas. I know you can beat GSP, but you have to be trained to fight all 3 or 5 rounds. You have to be in better shape. This to me is the only reason you have lost against some of these guys, simply put, they were in better shape. I believe you have the betters skills set, but without cardio… you can’t last past a round or so…come back strong if you do come back, please.

    I think Diaz can beat GSP, i hope he destroys him.

  28. C91 says:

    I’d hate to say it but as much as a fan I am of Nick’s and as much as I want to see him beat GSP, I don’t see him winning this fight. What people fail to understand is that GSP is a perfectionist. Certainly not my favorite fighter to watch (or anyone’s for that matter) but he’s made it pretty clear in the past that he can expose anyone’s weakness at will.

    Nick being a very well rounded fighter has the attributes to trouble GSP in the octagon, but at the end of the day we know Georges’ favorite recipe to make it out with the W. I do believe however it’ll be his toughest test to date and if GSP doesn’t have his head on right don’t expect Nick to just allow him to wrestle him all night. Nick is more than capable of submittiing him or even overwhelming GSP with his strikes. However Georges isn’t stupid enough to stand their and jab him all night. He’ll throw a few combinations here and there wait for Nick to counter and go for the take down. From there he’ll do his regular routine and attempt to grind out a victory.

    I’m not completely ruling Nick out of this one, but his takedown defense better be the best it’s ever been. Otherwise fans of Nick like I and many others are in for one disappointing night. A night that has been repeating itself for the last 4 years.

  29. Craig says:

    Well I guess BJ isnt going to join the Gracie Team

  30. Mike says:

    They’ve never been close friends. They’ve trained together, and are somewhat “friends.” But that doesn’t mean he should just lie and say, “I think Diaz is going to knock GSP out in one punch.”

    He’s analyzing the fight as any professional would. And the sad fact is, Diaz has very little chance, and definitely no bigger than GSP’s last opponents.(Though I would say Alves and Koscheck are two that I gave bigger chances than Diaz)

  31. Fortyb4five says:

    Yup Gsp will put a hurtin on Nick.

  32. KingGareth says:

    I like Diaz, and think he’s an awesome fighter, but if he fights Gsp the same way he faught Penn, he will lose.

  33. Bryan says:

    Gsp wins by hugging for 5 rounds…stupid ass gsp

  34. Jay Unidos says:

    Nick kind of called it, BJ sounds a little bitter maybe. Tough loss. Hopefully some time away will get him refocused and passionate again, and if not, then that’s okay too.

  35. learntoread says:

    Seriously, why would BJ Penn state that the man who basically humiliated him inside the octagon no more than a week and a half ago will become the new WW Champion (defeating a man who beat BJ on two occasions).

    Truth is, Georges and BJ have ‘buried the hatchet’, so to say, over the past couple years since their last fight. Penn doesn’t have that same sort of animosity towards GSP anymore. With Diaz, the wounds are very fresh. People who can’t grasp that are being short-sighted.

    Of course Penn is going to state that GSP will defeat Nick Diaz, no surprise in that what so ever.

    Just like Nick’s past couple big fights, the log-line still stands true: “Expect the Unexpected”.

  36. Nick says:

    I really don’t think Bj was disrespectful towards Nick in that. That’s what every one is gonna say

  37. mally says:

    ha ha diaz needs subtitles

  38. Chris says:

    I LOL’d hard at BJ’s Wolverine comment.

  39. Ezyride says:

    nick “BJ Penn is Bitter.. Blah blah blah blah you know punches… blah on back” WTF is he trying to say?? Translator please!! Anyone speak stockton?? .. Hey Stockton bitch just for the record we can all understand GSP and english is not his first language.

    I still love u nick.. Keep Fighting the way you do.. and good luck with chessmaster GSP

    PS BJ take your time clear your mind and come back to rock 155 or ??145??

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