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Thursday, 10/27/2011, 11:33 am

VIDEO: BJ Penn Pre-Fight Interview


13 Responses to “VIDEO: BJ Penn Pre-Fight Interview”

  1. Jay Kay says:

    Unlike Diaz, BJ is a TRUE professional and takes this as business. Nick on the other hand needs to stop smoking the chronic because it’s obviously affecting his career in a negative light. If you do need to smoke Nick then try some natural Jamaican shit rather than a genetically engineered marijuana plant.

    • Duane says:

      easy on diaz man, he’s a great fighter. Just because he doesn’t speak well in front of media doesn’t mean he should be fight bashed. So what he puffs, you think BJ dont?

    • JGrenke says:

      For the record:

      This comment actually says that Nick Diaz “needs to stop smoking the chronic” then immediately recommends the use of “some natural Jamaican shit”.

      Just so we’re clear. . . that’s a “don’t do this” then immediately “actually no . . . do it . . but worse”

      Unlike Jay Kay, I am a true professional and I “takes” this as commenting. Jay Kay (on the other hand) needs to stop pretending like BJ has never smoked weed. Because it’s obviously affecting his postings. (negative light? . . really?) If you do need to post, try some natural human common sense rather than spewing out ridiculous garbage just for the excuse to talk about marijuana you’ve probably never smoked.

      Kay, Jay? (get it?)

      Drugs are bad, kids.

      • Aaron says:

        100% agree with JGrenke. Genetically engineered? Because they can grow that with state of the art technology? You are making assumptions Jay Kay. They don’t add articial things tk the weed they grow in a lab. They use technology to capitalize on it’s growing potential. Besides all that, California law allows Nick to grow his own shit. That would hardly be genetically engineered. Negative light? Why? Because he doesn’t cater to the dog and pony show? Because he doesn’t care about the fame? Because he doesn’t do what society (you) says he should do to entertain them? He’s a fighter, gets paid to fight, and always shows up. That’s professional when referring to his profession. Jay Kay, you are a class act, close minded, hypocritical critic, who obviously isn’t mature enough to do any research before you open your mouth.

        BJ and Diaz, two of my favorites. Damn, either one of them could take it. If styles make fights, this will be one of all time greats. I just can’t decide on who’s gonna win though. Almost wish these two weren’t fighting each other, cuz I wanna see them both win, and neither lose. Hey, maybe it’ll be a draw! Haha!

  2. TheBraveReply says:

    Cesar is a snake!

  3. steven horgan says:

    thats because bj sees whats infront of him, hes not caught up with all different other things, hes mentaly in a great place..i think he knows he haas the talent and has a chance at a shot at gsp if he wins impressively…hes happy and calm about it because he feels he can get the job done and fulfill his goals in his career warrr bj

  4. Dev_NY says:

    BJ keepin it real. If only it was Cesar in there this weekend and not Nick!! Would love to see BJ shut that guy up!!

  5. Jeff says:

    BJ is a class act man!

  6. Chris says:

    When BJ is out of shape he tends to show it in his face. He looks pretty fit here.

  7. RHendO says:

    Ohhh, Shenanigans make for a great fight. lets go BJ Penn Nation !!!

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