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Wednesday, 06/13/2012, 09:52 am

VIDEO | BJ Penn Explains Motivation For MacDonald On FUEL TV | UFC NEWS

A quick video of BJ Penn on FUEL TV’s “UFC Tonight,” talking about getting back in the octagon opposite the Tri Star camp on UFC 152.

“Why was Rory the opponent that got you back to the octagon?”  asked Todd Harris

BJ Penn:

“The reason why I came back to fight Rory, after he put that challenge out, is, you know, Rory is a guy with a lot of hype around him. It’s a lot of good hype, ya know? It’s justified. He’s been doing very well.

I wanted to go up against him, Firas, the whole Tri-Star team. The have a real good thing going on up there, and I wanna take a crack at it. I had the fight with them, I think it’s a few years ago now, and I really feel that I could have put on a better performance. I wanna give it another shot, and I wanna walk away, after that, knowing that everything was left in the Octagon.”

Kenny Florian asked the future UFC Hall of Fame inductee “Is this exactly what you needed to get back to the octagon?”

BJ Penn:

“This is exactly what I needed. It’s got everything that interests me, you know?   The Canadian fans, I have a lot of Canadian fans that always come down and tell me “hi” when I’m in Hawaii — stop by my gym and stuff.   But there were also a lot of Canadian fans that were really hard on me because of some of the stuff I said in the ‘Prime Time’ leading up.

Ya know, I said some things about Firas. I said some things about ‘GSP.’ I know that’s the past, but I wanna go up there and show them that, hey, I’m someone to be reckoned with.   When I’m standing across in the Octagon, this is gonna be a tough fight. This isn’t gonna be a walkthrough.  This isn’t gonna be, ‘Let’s go push B.J. Penn up against the fence. Hold him on the fence for a little bit and now we got him.  ‘ You know, I got some ideas going into this camp, and I think it’s gonna be great.   The fans are the ones who are gonna win in the end.”

Florian brings up himself training with Tri-Star and compliments BJ on having a tremendous camp, “Is it a matter of you versus them?  Or is it more like you want to get redemption for yourself from that 1st fight back in UFC 94?”  Florian asks

BJ Penn:

“I definitely wanna get redemption. I think it’s a little of both.   I wanna get redemption for UFC 94.   You know, win, lose or draw, I just wanna let them know who I am.   I just wanna let everyone know who shows up to that arena in Toronto, that night, I wanna let everybody know who the hell B.J. Penn is.  That’s what they’re gonna find out that night.

And yeah, going up against all of them, as a whole, they got a good thing going.   They got many great fighters coming out of that gym, and I know, of course, they’re gonna have Rory prepared.   What I’m gonna use is my inner fire, my inner fight.   That’s what I always was. I always felt that I wasn’t an athlete, I was a fighter.   I’m just gonna go out there, and I’m gonna fight my heart out.”

BJ Penn gets the last words  in asking interviewer, Kenny Florian  “By the way Kenny, any tips for me?”  They all laugh and give their goodbyes.

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26 Responses to “VIDEO | BJ Penn Explains Motivation For MacDonald On FUEL TV | UFC NEWS”

  1. MW says:

    Going to be a great fight! Lets go Penn! Lets go Macdonald!

  2. rondo says:

    Good luck BJ,you got your work cut out for you in this fight,I assume its only gonna be a three rounder since its the co main event,train like its a 5 rounder. If BJ gets his S+C figured out this is gonna be a close fight,if not its gonna be ugly!

  3. Lol says:

    Please take this fight serious bj. If you do this fight is yours for the taken!! A in shape bj can beat any ww or lw!!

  4. Legitimately Motivated says:

    His voice sounded different to me in this video. BJ sounds inspired and anxious to fight Rory. Great words. Now get to camp and train, Hawaiian! Aloha!

  5. Abeyta says:

    This will be an awesome fight!!! People are all ready making predictions like “mcdonald by decision” But I think BJ is ready to shock the world and could go out with a win. He has plenty of motivation.

  6. God bless America says:

    I know from a good source that BJ has hired Mike Lafrance to train him on kabutan striking and conditioning. If thas the case he will be ready to pound out a victory.

    • Matt says:

      If that’s true, We need Mike Lafrance to do with BJ what nobody has done since Robby Garcia or the Marinovich’s. Best wishes to BJ and Mike in their training.

  7. TranceAngel says:

    I hate to say it but if BJ had trained at Tri-Star gym his whole career of even for the Edgar-Diaz fights he’d still be LW and possibly WW champ.

  8. mike cocchiere says:

    No disrespect to Bj but the only reason ghe took this fight was for the money

    • omgaghost says:

      If you are trying to say BJ is broke, then you sir are an idiot.

      If you are trying to say that professional fighters fight for money, then “thank you captain obvious” (which kind of makes you an idiot anyway)

      Ah hell you’re an idiot for pulling the whole “no disrespect” (insert disrespectful comment)

    • Lol says:

      Bj fighting for money? You dumb fuck he comes from a wealthy family. He was born a baller. He never had to fight. Their family including bj owns businesses and are sponsered by alot of organizations. Fighting for money? Your a dumb fuck. Slap yourself. I think you made everyone on this website that much dumber for reading your dumb ass comment.

      • Don says:

        “Slap yourself” too funny. I think Rory is too slow. I agree with BJ in his interview with his interview with the Pulver brothers, Rory is not going to see his punches, takedowns, and not be able to stop his subs. Speed is always king in a fight, unless, he gets GSP’d (smothered) and dry humped on the fence.

  9. CanILive says:

    Bj should train at Greg Jackson’s for a bit jut to get the conditioning in, it could probably be a great experience

    • Zack says:

      Greg Jackson is a little rat. Bj would never stoop so low to train with him

    • Joe Bidden says:

      Greg Jackson would tell him to stop using his hands and his submissions and squeeze out a decision.

      I’d rather see BJ get first round KO’d than stoop to Jackson Point Fighting. At least then he wouldn’t look like a pansy.

      Jackson is a cancer to the entertainment of the sport.

  10. Clay says:

    If bj can keep it a striking game he has a chance. But anything else rory will dominate. The kids a beast

  11. stephen riddle says:

    If he is training hard this man is unmovable! Go BJ!

  12. Cali Girl says:

    Love You BJ!!! It’s so exciting to see you Excited!!! I can’t wait to see your hand raised at the end of the fight. God Bless!

  13. Fap says:

    Rorys good but lets look at the facts. Bj is faster and a better striker. Bjs ground is better. Rorys only way to win is wrestling and tiring out bj with clinch and takedown ground and pound. So if bj comes in at top shape and manage to stuff rorys takedowns then its game over for rory. So we shall see. Cant wait. Lets go bj!

  14. JB3 says:

    I already booked a flight and reserved a hotel. Anyone know when ticket go on sale?

    • Jeff says:

      Good luck!! You will have about a 10 minute window once they go no sale to buy tickets and make sure you buy the first ones that they offer you as you won’t get another chance if you turn it down. My wife bought the ufc memebership to get first crack at tickets when UFC 129 was in town and they were gone in 20 minutes only had 1 offer for seats in the 500 deck. With about a week out they opened up more seats and I was able to go so i got luckey but its a crock of crap what they do. Sell on ticket master then let all the scalpers but up all the good tickets then fans have to pay a nice mark up to go.

      If prices are anything like the last time at the ACC look to pay at least $300 – $400 for a lower level seat. At the rogers centre $300 got you on the floor.

  15. ARGHHH!! says:

    Can anyone find a video link of this that works outside of US? :(

  16. slacker says:

    I think B.J. should try to knock him out in the 1st round. Get inside, rock him. Throw some feints and be ready with the knees when Rory goes for the take – down. It’s very possible he will finish Rory in the 1st.

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