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Monday, 03/05/2012, 04:47 pm

VIDEO | BJ Penn, Chuck Liddell And Other Discuss "The Ultimate Fighter Live: Cruz vs. Faber"

Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber kick off their coaching gigs this Friday on “The Ultimate Fighter Live” on FX this Friday.

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6 Responses to “VIDEO | BJ Penn, Chuck Liddell And Other Discuss "The Ultimate Fighter Live: Cruz vs. Faber"”

  1. daveeeeee says:

    i hope that nigger king mo never makes it to ufc…im not racist..rampage aint a bad guy hes a good black man,,,but king mo iss pure trashh nigger…and tate is sexy,…if bj was not lazy he could have cut to 145 and smashed aldo…there was so much more cool shit for bj to do in his career why did he have retire

    • Hilo Mike says:

      WTF, this forum is not for racist comments like this, stop it.

    • Taylor says:

      What the hell dude? It’s 2012 and only racist fucks like yourselves call black people by that word. Good thing you’re behind a computer screen cuz you wouldn’t have the balls to say that in public.

  2. Mo’s comments were as insightful as anyone that was interviewed. It’s too bad not everyone on here feels that way and find it necessary to use choice language in expressing their opinion. I’m all for free speech, but in this case, I think you should moderate that comment.

  3. peeeeeeeeeep says:

    yooooo daveee, i meen king mo wouldnt hve a problem smashing u in the cage or ne where. an bj wasnt lazy he proved him self already so wat if he didnt wnt to fight aldo. he one of the biggest names in ufc, nufffff said

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