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Thursday, 09/20/2012, 01:50 pm

VIDEO | Bisping & Stann Get Intense During Today's Staredowns | UFC NEWS

In typical UFC fashion, media and fans in attendance at today’s UFC 152 pre-fight press conference got a chance to see the main card fighters square off for the first time.

In this video Michael Bisping and Brian Stann heated things up and got intense.


32 Responses to “VIDEO | Bisping & Stann Get Intense During Today's Staredowns | UFC NEWS”

  1. yeahrightman says:

    God bisping cracks me up..


    I want to see bisbing fight Anderson just to see what happens at the weigh in

  3. Noel says:

    Well u can tell Vitor’s making the most of fighting bones with them sponsor logo’s lol, gud on him tho just hope he ko’s jbj n hasn’t been concentrating 2 much on a quick $!

  4. Not You says:

    I get no sound :(

  5. magoo says:

    Way to stand your ground Brian, knock this douches block off!

  6. 123 says:

    thats a fight, cant wait.

  7. Ripshot de la Culebra says:

    Hell yeah. I love both these guys. As a Marine though I have to go with Stann.

  8. Mike b says:

    Jones tryin to grow that beard now huh!Lol…..ur gonna need as much cushion as possible when vitor hits it.that beard is not gonna help.LOL….arlovski did the same thing when he fought Tim for the third time or second time I’m not sure which one it was.and pat militech was saying they wanted Andre to shave it off cause it helps absorb the punches a little bit.beard or no beard if vitor connects its over.

  9. magoo says:

    Gotta say that belt draped over JBJ shoulder sure looks good on him.

  10. Wrestlingdoesntrule says:

    He always grows a beard and shaves before the fight. Where have you guys been?

  11. GTFO my UFC, Brits says:

    I’m praying that Bisping loses, but he’s probably gonna win unfortunately. And it pisses me off that him and Hardy are never gonna get fired. EVER. Just because they’re British and they’re Zuffa’s key to gaining fame in Europe.

    There is absolutely no reason why Dan Hardy should not have been fired, he lost FOUR FIGHTS IN A ROW. So of course they gave him some no name to finally get a win.

    And while I don’t exactly feel like Bisping should be fired (he’s won 4 of his last 5), it just pisses me off that he’ll be around forever because he beats low level guys and then loses to competition. Basically he’s the Jon Fitch of MW now, he’ll soon be called “the gatekeeper”.

  12. 123 says:

    listen u u little slag, british fighters dont wrestle & thats the biggest thing in MMA, they fight everytime they get in there & like every other fighter they are getting better & better.

  13. State Constable says:

    For all you dinks typing about Bones and his beard, this is about Bisping and Stann!! Go to the Belfort-Bones staredown to talk about this stupid shit!! War Bisping!!!

  14. Xaninho says:

    They’re just hyping the fight. No real bad blood between these two.

  15. DMAC says:

    This is a great match up. I think Stann delievers this time stepping up in competition.

  16. Hektik fan says:

    Bisping is value!! Benavidez is looking homo as usual, and while belfort is busy smiling at the cameras and sucking up to fertitta boys, bones is preparing a serious ass whooping!

  17. 123 says:

    ur spot on there.

  18. Chris says:

    Bisping trying to intimidate Stann? Dude, he’s a combat veteran, who seen some serious combat. Your gloved, regulated fist fight isn’t going to rattle his cage…

  19. 757 says:

    NOT …Vitor is definitely going to knock out jones. The beard is also staying. I watched the interview and JBJ is keeping it. He is trying to pad his face . He will get knocked out. See you guys Sunday !!

  20. GRT 3000 says:

    I love Vitor and Jones has been annoying me lately…but I still gotta say, Vitor is going to get spanked this Saturday.

  21. Ddddddd says:

    The worst thing about this fight is Stan won’t
    follow Bisping to the ground and comatose
    his a$$ like Dan. Stan’s a classy guy but he will finish that punk.

  22. Supe says:

    Why is Bisping alway trying to make out with his opponents? It’s not intimidating, its just really gay.

  23. Murphy says:

    I really want to watch bisping get knocked out again hopefully Stan can pull it off

  24. Zack says:

    I would’ve bitch slapped bisping right there. He thinks he’s so fucking tuff. What a tool.

    • Dan Jenkins says:

      Yeah I’m sure you would have first you gotta make it to the UFC Bisping would tear you a new one. Your just some clown on a computer talking **** show some respect

  25. ya herd says:

    Bisping is funny lol the ufc would be boring without him

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