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Thursday, 09/20/2012, 09:21 am

VIDEO | Bisping Picking Vitor, Explains Why He Kicked Fan Out Of Media Workouts | UFC NEWS

At the UFC 152 open workouts, Michael Bisping talks about his upcoming fight with Brian Stann, his feud with Joseph Benavidez and much more.


13 Responses to “VIDEO | Bisping Picking Vitor, Explains Why He Kicked Fan Out Of Media Workouts | UFC NEWS”

  1. ballsackface says:

    lol hes the new company boy.

  2. KIDD433 says:

    Something finally comes out of this dickheads mouth that makes sense.

  3. 123 says:

    ur the dickhead, u slaggg

  4. Bisping has always been says:

    a great talker and promoter of the UFC. He just fell into the villian role during TUF against Hendo, when he constantly came up with one liners against Hendo and Hendo had no response. Hendo is not that type of person to throw zings like that, so it made Hendo seem like a victim of a bully. And the American fan chose to side with the American.
    But Bisping did cross the line against Rivera with the illegal knee. The spitting wasn’t so bad, but the knee was so blatant and intentional. That’s when hatred for Bisping was really justified.

  5. Sael Chonnen says:

    haha Bisping is a legend.

  6. AngryPirate says:

    This has got to be the best interview that Bisping has done. Not being a tool, just being real.

  7. HondaHousey says:

    How about when he was gifted a win over Hammil and then told him to “go back to wrestling?”

  8. Dan Rod says:

    Bisping is winning me over more and more.

  9. Not You says:

    Class interview by Bisping. Good on him.

  10. Jo Benavidez says:

    He is really insecure about how hard he can punch. I think i can hit harder then him

  11. Jpeech says:

    God damn it !!!! I am reallt starting to like Bisping……

    He still lost to Sonnen though…

  12. effyocouch says:

    Twitter is going to cause the next world war.


    This guy Ariel Helwani needs to be fired, everyone hates him, and some fighters refuse to even be interviewed by him. Seems as if he’s got a beef with nearly everyone, and I can see why, just watching an interview makes me want to punch him in the face. To make matters worse he doesn’t really know much about fighting and always asks the personal querstions as opposed to propper questions about the fight.

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