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Monday, 11/11/2013, 10:31 am


VIDEO | Bisping & Kennedy Trade Barbs On Inside MMA

UFC middleweights Tim Kennedy and Michael Bisping have set themselves up on a collision course to face off inside the eight-sided cage.

Recent stints on Inside MMA only fueled this budding rivalry even further.


19 Comments to VIDEO | Bisping & Kennedy Trade Barbs On Inside MMA

  1. 757 says:

    I’m even a veteran so for me to make the following statement is a big deal. I hope Bisping wins. This is the first time that I’m not bashing Bisping. I usaully can’t stand the guy but I actually hope he pounds the shit out of Kennedy. That guy is a big mouth asshole. Go Bisping! I will be rooting for Bisping in this one. TK is an asshole.

  2. Dolce says:

    Yeah your accent isn’t great either pal. Numpty

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