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Friday, 08/03/2012, 09:24 am

VIDEO | Benson Henderson Talks Frankie Edgar Rematch | UFC NEWS

UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson wants to prove his win over Frankie Edgar in Japan was no fluke by defeating Edgar in emphatic fashion at UFC 150.


29 Responses to “VIDEO | Benson Henderson Talks Frankie Edgar Rematch | UFC NEWS”

  1. Xaninho says:

    Frankie Edgar is getting his belt back next week for sure. Frankie kick this dudes ass like you did to BJ twice!

  2. Jerseyinthisbitch says:

    Frankie is bringing that belt back to jersey u fuckface.

  3. 808 says:

    Going to give Edgar the nod for this one. It’s good to cheer for the smaller guy.

  4. Xaninho says:

    Benson is going to knock Frankie ‘The Rematch’ Edgar out. 2nd round KO.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Frankie is going to end his career in afew years with brain damagebut at least he will be able to remember all 5 of his opponents in 35 fights

      Perfect name Xaninho “frankie rematch Edgar”

  5. Gefco says:

    Bens going to win by ko

  6. What? says:

    Frankie will most likely lose due to the fact that the only reason he had the belt in the first place was to make up for the fact that everybody in jersey is as fucking retarded as the jersey shore cast. However jersey shore has one more season then they will all be irrelevant to anybody with any fucking common sense just as Frankie’s career will be over being irrelevant as the tiniest lightweight after bendo knocks him back to Guido land bwahahaha

    • Yonkers says:

      U are a fucking idiot I swear……

    • bostoninthisbitch says:

      That’s correct u are fucking retarded,that made no tired of people sleeping on Frankie.just prove all these idiots wrong Frankie.just cause he lost the first fight everybody’s saying he’s gonna lose this one.ingnorant ass people I swear.

  7. Not You says:

    The look on Bendos face when Buffer was calling out the winner says it all. He knew he’d beaten Frankie Edgar. And he will do it again.

  8. slacker says:

    Edgar gets the belt back.

    • kenshiro says:

      The only belt Frankie is getting is the belt Bendo is gonna land on his eye before he knocks him the fuck out…. Frankie doesn’t stand a chance… Bendo is too much for lil dude..

      • Jerseyinthisbitch says:

        People sleep on Frankie I don’t know why?he has the heart of a fucking lion which most of u guys don’t have.i like benson too he’s exciting to watch but Frankie’s winning mark my words u mudafuckas u…..

  9. 757 says:

    Frankie will win. Benson is a good fighter but Frankie is the man. I respect them both but Frankie will win.

  10. A.James says:

    I love both fighters and I think Edgar is the best P4P beating huger opponents unlike Jones, GSP, and Silva. Benson is just too much for Edgar. Smooth is a savage.

  11. slacker says:

    Edgar will be more cautious this time. No upkick and he will win.

  12. GuyMez says:

    Smooth has no chin, if Edgar touches him he can finish him. Problem is, Edgar has no reach, when his ribs aren’t kicks, his face ate foot. Edgar needs to risk being submitted by going for takedowns not holding the leg while trying to punch, that only works if your arms a long and the other guys legs are short. Edgar doesn’t have to risk going to sleep by trying to out reach a guys strengths with his own weakness, let him stand and try to get on the inside and letting your handspeed work for you. Smooth needs to keep it at a distance, and avoid Edgar’s boxing.

    • Kenshiro says:

      Smooth has no chin? Benson has NEVER been knocked out or been close to being KO/TKO’d before… unlike Edgar. Benson’s gonna RAPE Edgar and finish him is style this time….

  13. Jason Fattorusso says:

    I love watching both theses guys fight. But anyone who says this is going to be easy for Bendo is crazy. Bendo had just as much of a hard time with Frankie, as Frankie had with him. It was a very close fight, and think the next one will be the same. Frankie in his rematches, seems to always comeback better and stronger. If Frankie would of capitalized on something’s he did in the 1st fright, it could of been a different outcome. I think he will do that in the next fight, and win a very close fight. This is one of the fights I believe will be up for fight of the year when it’s over.

  14. 757 says:

    Frankie will win but if he doesn’t he still has proven to be a warrior. People forget that he beat BJ twice….because they made him give BJ a rematch. He beat GRAY by KNOCKING HIM OUT in a rematch because Gray cried so much and is still crying about a rematch. Frankie is a top shelf fighter….big respect. Now for guys like IRIE NATION A KENSHIRO leave your Guido comments and your other racist no knowledge bullshit out of the fight conversations. Go play street fighter or whatever other comic book bullshit games you play. You two act and talk like you do because you don’t know shit and are probably 15 years old or just act like it…..I know come back with your smart mouth now because you know you can because nobody knows who you are….that’s how little pussies do it…shut up and stick to the commenting on the fights.

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