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Tuesday, 03/12/2013, 10:29 am

VIDEO | Benson Henderson Earns Gold At High Level Grappling Tournament | UFC NEWS

Watch the UFC Lightweight champion competing in the 8th Arizona Open Jiu-Jitsu International. Bendo is a brown belt and faces local talent Christian Broadnax.


22 Responses to “VIDEO | Benson Henderson Earns Gold At High Level Grappling Tournament | UFC NEWS”

  1. fortyb4five says:

    his opponent looked like a white belt..

    • PJ Benn says:

      Christian Broadnax__Team NOVA UNIAO___GDJIUJITSU.COM>>>>

    • UFC 84 Forever says:

      I think that’s honestly more of a statement on Benderson’s game than Broadnax’s, most guys from any branch of Nova Uniao are really top notch, and to be fair while pure Gracie Jiu-Jitsu is far different than MMA Jiu-Jitsu, Benson is 155lb champ for a reason!

      But yeah he got handled

  2. BJJ says:

    lol @ white belt. Christian is a stud and a brown belt at 19 years old. He is competing against a UFC world champion and lost a very close and competitive match. fourtyb4five post a video of yourself competing against a world class competitor

  3. Dee says:

    Where’s the Jiu Jitsu?

  4. doc says:

    Not sure if that guy could have done a whole lot to Henderson if this match would have had more than a few seconds of grappling anyway. Would have been great for him to get some experience in with an obviously larger and stronger, and faster world champion, who has decent wrestling.

  5. The natural says:

    Good to see him putting in the work. But Judges suck just because the guy runs to the start line faster and gets up quicker at the end of fight doesn’t mean u won. The guy had ten more attempts at any transition while bendo just defended got one takedown while the guy pulled guard every time to get bendo to even grapple with him while he was trying to make it a wrestling match then he disrespects his opponent at end of grappling match real world class hero.

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