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VIDEO | Ben Askren: "Its Hard To Be Humble When Your Perfect"

Ben Askren discusses about being humble in Mixed Martial Arts amongst other things in this recently released interview.


28 Responses to “VIDEO | Ben Askren: "Its Hard To Be Humble When Your Perfect"”

  1. jim says:

    caling the bs factor on this…

    there can be only one chael.

    I kind of like chael, but this is why i don’t fully like him. Others want to be like him and don’t pull it off

  2. parker says:

    Ben askrens is the most boring fighter in mma the only people that even come close are t-wood and fitch

    • CanILive says:


    • DAMN! says:

      lol. GSP, Dont ever forget GSP….

      • rich says:

        GSP has 9 decision wins out of 22.
        NOT boring.

        • Blah says:

          He became boring after the tko loss to Matt Sera. He only has one finish since his rematch to Matt Sera and that was a corner stoppage.

        • AJ says:

          I love you ppl that jump on the “GSP is boring” bandwagon, because you don’t understand the sport, or the true art forms behind MMA. A stoppage doesn’t make a good or entertaining match. Many stoppages or “finsihed” fights, come at the hands of a more experienced/talented fighter in the cage with a someone less experienced/less talented. The ones that go the distance (in the case of GSP and other top level fighters) is because you’re looking at top level competitors who make less mistakes, leave less openings, and have mutual respect for each other’s abilities. To say that the human chess match that is most of GSP’s fights, in which he picks apart his opponents and exposes flaws in people who had not previously shown flaws in their game, is simply ignorance when it comes to MMA.

  3. Xaninho says:

    So he found a BJJ brown belt in his cereal box. Fucking blanket is a disgrace to the sport. Hieron was robbed.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Agreed, he was totally robbed. Really he is the most boring fighter I have ever witnessed. I’m afraid to watch his last fight because I’ve read it was one of the most boring matches ever in the history of MMA.

      Dana will never pursue a fighter like Askren unless he starts KO’ing people like Alverez and Lombard. All that shit talking about drug testing and he thinks that won’t hurt him in the long run. He thinks Dana doesn’t hold grudges. If UFC refuses to sign Fedor or Tim Sylvia both infinitely more exciting than Askren, what makes him think he’s ever going to move over to the UFC? Askren is really dumb.

  4. Dinglenuts Magee says:

    When some fighters say they are going to “put their opponent to sleep” they mean by KO, in the cage….

    Ben puts his opponents to sleep months before the fight even happens…when they watch footage of his fights.

  5. McCombski says:

    BEN ASKREN IS THE MOST ANNOYING FIGHTER EVER!!!!!!! You suck dick the second you get some one who can wreslte as good as you u are gonna be fucked!!!! And where the hell do you get your bjj brown belt in two years? The YMCA or you buy one at the coustume store ! He diden say he wanted to go to ufc casue first off dana hates him and he knows he is to boring to get hired ther and he sucks so bad the would get murdered by almost everyone there

    • Numba1Ghani says:

      straight up I honestly don’t think this pussyass little bitch askren even has a single fanboy he hasn’t even done enough to earn that. all of his wins have been by dryhump, suckfest, or spooning.

      did homie say perfect? he’s the michael cera of mma. fool looks like an autistic kid with a jewfro and a huge asschin and even tho he wrestles looks softer and less muscular than most female fighters. The day he gets a KO will be the day Mark Hunt flying triangles Big Nog.

      Fuck this punkass bitch I hate mma fighters like him, fitch, and phael that know they are talentless but win by suckfest and talk about themselves like they’re legendary. You will never be a legend because you leave no legacy nobody likes watching your fights or you as a person if askren left mma tomorow ppl would throw parties and parades they wouldn’t give a mad fuck. Word to Dana White for not hiring this piece of garbage he knows the damage of having dryhumping spooners in the UFC.

  6. Blanket Askren says:

    I rule over my division which right now is full of six moderately talented guys, so my division is stacked as you know. I believe that I am the best fighter when it comes to putting fans to sleep.

  7. your daddy says:

    Sure he was damn good at wrestling, but i think he needs to stop doing MMA because he honestly doesnt deserve to be the champ. At least GSP used to knock people out lol.

  8. Jim says:

    Hard to be humble when you’re perfect. Easy to be humble when you misspell “you’re”.

  9. benjohnson says:

    no weak points?

  10. stevo the great says:

    Holding the Bellator WW championship is comparable to winning gold in the special Olympics………and not being retarded!!!!!!! LMFAO

  11. Jon Heffner says:

    Sure Askren might not be the misted exciting fighter to watch. However, wrestling and top control are crucial in MMA. He’s a competitor. He’s going to do what he has to to win. Sorry if you guys get bored but how many of you are willing to step into a cage with this guy anyway? I’ve sparred before and when you got a guy on top of you grinding at your will, it sucks. One day Askren will be better, he’s only been doing this sport for a little under 4 years now? “No one’s ever erected a statue in honor of a critic.”

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      I want Ariel Helwani to take Ben Askren up on his offer and step in the cage with him. Striking only though because Askren isn’t even amateur level with his striking. With a month of intense training I bet Helwani can take him.

  12. A Sethi says:

    Ouch! Wrong English in the title. Should be ‘You’re’ and not ‘your’ perfect. Step it up More is expected from you guys. Also someone please bring Ben Askren to UFC.

  13. John M says:

    @AJ truth GSP still has good fights. I was on my toes the entire time he fought Shields

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