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Wednesday, 09/12/2012, 10:23 am

VIDEO | Belfort Surrounds Himself With Lions, Ready To go To Jungle With Jones | UFC NEWS

UFC middleweight turned light-heavyweight fighter, Vitor Belfort tells the UFC pre-fight hype machine that he is ready to test Jon Jones at UFC 152.


11 Responses to “VIDEO | Belfort Surrounds Himself With Lions, Ready To go To Jungle With Jones | UFC NEWS”

  1. Ben says:

    Lions live in the savanna just saying

  2. Bob says:

    One thing that gets me is that Vitor is very religious and he prays all the time for peace and all. I wonder what his prayers are like before the fight.. “Dear God, Please let me hurt this guy in the name of Peace, Amen”.

    Makes no damn sense.. Religious people crack me up. They claim to be good all the time yet are the most fked up people around.. fk church.. hahaha.. By the way I believe in treating others the way you want to be treated..

    • Come On Bro says:

      He prays that he doesn’t hurt his opponent, if he does, he prays that his opponent will have a speedy recovery. He prays for his safety and the safety of his opponent. He prays for the strength and spirit to help protect him during the battle. It is also his job to fight, but you can be religious and still do your job.

    • primalmasher says:

      Yeah? And Jones is a bible sucker too.

      • bjj BB says:

        The sucker is actually YOU on your boyfriends dick. First its Jones is an a**hole because he tells the truth about each and every situation. Somehow him stating the FACTS gets you haters to talk shit but in reality you are just loosers who wish you had half of Jones quality. Now he expresses his right to religion and you haters are gonna talk shit about that? You should start praying that you have even 1 tenth of what he’s accomplished compared to you no title holding looser faggots. You haven’t earned the rite to sayshit about a TRUE CHAMPION when none of you’ve done shit. You’ll keep on hating him bacause you don’t have the education needed to appreciate what the BEST in the world is!!!Suck a dick if you can’t deal with reality…

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