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Wednesday, 10/05/2011, 07:00 am

VIDEO: Behinds the scenes of Aldo training for Florian


10 Responses to “VIDEO: Behinds the scenes of Aldo training for Florian”

  1. zack says:

    It must suck to be kenny florian

  2. Ninjaman says:

    Kenny just pooped himself!!

  3. Kalaeboi! says:

    Whoop florians ass! U better not run outta steam cause Florian has ten times the ground game of Hominick!

    • Joe says:

      1. i think aldo took it easy on hominick after seeing that hematoma, he didn’t wanna kill the kid in his home state.
      2. Kenny needs to start calling out ppl of his own caliber, better yet stay in a weight class and work for the title, if he loses he better not switch a weight class
      3. kenny’s gonna get WORKED

      • effyocouch says:

        No way. Aldo did not take it easy on Hominick at all. He gassed in the later rounds, causing him to slow down. You gotta give Hominick the credit he deserves for coming back with a vengeance at the end of the fight, knowing that even if he wasn’t gonna win the fight, he was gonna have one damn good ending to it.

        • Joe says:

          but seriously you’re in the kids home town, as soon as i saw his head blow up id be scared to hit it again…. you want to be the first person to kill someone due to a blow to the head?
          i mean im not a doctor but that thing was huge lol

  4. OakCliffTopdog says:

    War Aldo! Destroy Kenflo just like BJ did…

  5. MFbrian88 says:

    ” I want BJ’s BELT!” BJ beat him up.
    “I want Aldo’s BELT!” Aldo will beat him up.

  6. AJR80 says:

    Kenny Florian is in for ANOTHER embarrassing night, Aldo is one badass Brazilian!

  7. Raja says:

    Kenflo’s gotta a chance if Aldo fights like he did against Hominick..that wasn’t his best performance..however if he fights like were used to seeing him he should be able to walk through kenflo…interestingly enough kenny doesn’t appear to be much bigger than Aldo..i thought the difference would’ve been more noticable..but i guess we’ll find out fight night when the weight is back on

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