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Tuesday, 07/09/2013, 12:04 pm

VIDEO | Behind The Scenes With GSP & His Stunt Double

Go behind the scenes with UFC legend Georges St-Pierre on the set of a big commercial for FOX Sports 1. Catch the promo during the MLB All-Star Game on FOX 7/16


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  1. Rigotoni says:

    What the f??, Uriah shaved his head. Faber vs. GSP

  2. SASQUATCH says:

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    • primalmasher says:

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      I could care less for his stalling tactics, either. Although you have to respect that he has been a champ for a long time.

      You don’t have to knock on a country you truly know nothing about, unlike myself who has been to America multiple times just to see how bad it truly is.

      It’s so-called “fans” like you that ruin the good nature of this sport, and give it a bad reputation to the rest of society. So please, for the sake of humanity, stfu and gtfo.

      Enjoy your United Spies of Amurica, and your endless debt!

    • Sasquatch says:

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  3. CANADA SUCKS says:

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