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Monday, 12/30/2013, 10:43 am

VIDEO | Bas Rutten Breaks Down Anderson Silva’s Leg-Breaking Mistake In Technique

MMA legend and former UFC champ, Bas Rutten, takes to his personal webspace to breakdown the proper technique of a leg kick and how improper execution can result in a leg break, much like how Anderson Silva broke his last weekend.


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  1. Kettlebell King says:

    Bas was a great fighter with incredible credentials. However, I DO NOT agree with Bas for two main reasons. 1) Silva had reportedly cracked his leg in a previous kick. 2) If Silva had delivered the kick with the “flat” part of his shin, that would mean that he didn’t roll his hip over. Therefore he’d only be kicking with the power of his leg muscles and most likely wouldn’t be able to generate nearly enough power to break a limb. Now if his hip were turned and he threw a full power kick (especially if it was already cracked), and it landed on a hard knee or thicker bone – CRACK! There is goes. Additionally, Weidman had been practicing actually counter-attacking with the block. Give Weidman and his fight camp some credit for watching the replay of the previous fight and implementing a proper fight strategy.

    While preparing for a kickboxing match, I experienced a trilateral break a number of years ago. Apparently I had a previous break that never healed properly. I was 39 at the time. Silva may have a break even before the one that was reported by his corner.

    • sylverdrag says:

      That video of Bas is NOT about Anderson Silva. It’s just a case of BJPenn misrepresenting things as usual. According to Bas, Anderson’s was mostly an accident.

  2. falllinehero says:

    First of all this video from Bas is NOT commentary on Silva’s technique or lack there of. The video was posted on Dec 21. The Silva-Weidman 2 was on Dec 28. Second, if you’re not squeamish and watch the replays you will see that Silva hit Weidman’s knee with the front part of his shin (not the flat side part) which is the proper technique according to experts (including Bas). Bas is the man! Silva is the man! Full Stop. [The title of the post is completely misleading – can do better]

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