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Friday, 05/03/2013, 08:48 am

VIDEO | Anthony Pettis Responds To BJPENN.COM RADIO’s Nate Diaz Interview

A couple of weeks ago Anthony Pettis sent out a tweet proclaiming himself as the best 155 pound fighter in the world.

When we had Nate Diaz on BJPENN.COM RADIO last week, he took issue with that statement and threw out a challenge to the Duke Rufus fighter.

The video above is the response from Pettis and below is the Nate Diaz Interview.


44 Responses to “VIDEO | Anthony Pettis Responds To BJPENN.COM RADIO’s Nate Diaz Interview”

  1. Big Daddy says:

    I think Diaz would give Pettis a good fight. Styles make fights and Pettis isn’t one to back peddle. They need to do something about counter fighters. If they’re not in there to fight, then they should find another sport.

  2. sidekickz says:

    Its not counter strikers thats the problem there are good counter strikers that put ppl away. But these point fighters are bull shit ufc needs yellow cards for stalling you should come to fight.

  3. GET RID OF NATE "The Cheat" says:

    Come on Pettis compare who you have fought in last few years and add in th fact you have been out injured with shoulder surgery. I have yet to meet anyone that comes out 100% after shoulder surgery. Let’s see Pettis barely scraped by Jeremy Stephens in aclose split decision and Stephens barely ranked in top 30. Pettis got completely shutdown and embarrassed by LAY Guida in a CLEAR LOSS which should have sent Pettis to back line. Then Pettis beats a Donald Cerrone who is a shadow of his old self after being destroyed by Nate Diaz. Ok so you have Pettis on a 3 fight win streak with a HUGE loss to guida and he thinks he is the best LW in world. Sorry other than his lucky headkick on Bendo2-3 years ago look who Bendo has beaten since then Bocek, Miller, Guida, Edgar twice, nate Diaz, gilbert Melendez and most of those fights have been 5 rounders. NO WAY Pettis can stay healthy and keep up with Hendersen’s success. WOW 3 fight win streak against 2 fighters that are not even top 10 fighters and Pettis says eh is better than Bendo who has a 7 fight win streak against all the TRUE top 5 and top 10 LW in the world

  4. Angel Jennifer says:

    Diaz would Stomp Pettis,,and I like Pettis but its just a fact. I agree also that these stalling fighters and point fighters make for a shitty boring fight and rules need to be changed Best Example: Nick Diaz v. Condit…

    • Steven Thurman says:

      Are you kidding? Diaz just got knocked out by a head kick, and looked like shit because their kicking defense sucks, And Pettis is one of the very Top kickers in the game. Now, Diaz looked like a complete Amateur against Benson Henderson, Who Pettis has beaten already. The Diaz brothers are flawed and the top fighters are showing the world that, Plus.. Condit vs. Diaz? Really? How bout Guida vs. Maynard, that would make more sense, seeing as in the Condit vs Diaz fight, Condit beat the hell out of Diaz while “Running.” Condit is shown to be one of the best strikers in the game (See Condit vs GSP) then watch Diaz vs GSP. Im getting so sick of Diaz fans and I actually like the Brothers..

  5. KIDD433 says:

    So let me get this straight,ur calling Pettis a point fighter???

  6. Ddddddd says:

    I’m usually one of the defenders of the Diaz bros but not on this one. Pettis suffered a defeat at the boring ass hands of Guida but Guida pretty much destroyed his career with bullshit opertunistic Gregg Jackson type shit. I recognized the anxiety Pettis had in the Stevens fight and think it was his way at getting back at the game to win in that fashion,but he won and could not afford to take a chance on Stevens nuking him. Each win has brought more confidence and he shows it with his performance. Lozaun is crafty and hard to finish but Pettis left a mushroom cloud on that one and if you try and take his win from Cerone you just aren’t a savvy enough viewer to get the dynamics of Pettis. I don’t think it’s in Pettis’
    best interest to talk shit but if you say nothing nowadays you don’t get matchups with fighters like Aldo. I really appreciate how hard Pettis has to work and how creative his thinking is to come up with some of the crazy ass stunt double type shit this guy does. Go Pettis You funkin Ninja

  7. bob says:

    i agree with Ddddddd…

    Pettis is a ninja, he learned from his loss and won 3 fights in a row, 2 in devastating fashion. haters will hate. pettis is legit.

  8. bob says:


    pettis would MANHANDLE diaz

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