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Tuesday, 03/27/2012, 07:08 am

VIDEO | Anderson Silva's FOX TV Commercial

Anderson Silva In Fox Promo Shoot For UFC on Fox.

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24 Responses to “VIDEO | Anderson Silva's FOX TV Commercial”

  1. Turkeykneck fun chav says:

    that looks shit, fucking fox :/

    • haha says:

      they gotta appeal to the masses… not the greatest i agree. but dahh, its okay as a comedic type commercial.

      • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

        lol i know but this suburban amecian dream type vid. makes me sick.

        • Mike says:

          dude what are they doing?

        • Vulgar says:

          My penis is even ashamed of this, and he’s always sniffin for somethin

        • Mohigan says:

          This isn’t football, nobodies going to sit down and watch UFC with their mother and father.

        • Speak for the Dead says:

          I disagree. i know quite a few families who follow mma together. my whole family does.

        • brian says:

          My kids watch the fights with my wife and I.
          Most of our friends are the same way.
          Of course, we run a gym and all compete together, so maybe we’re a little different, but I reckon this happens quite often.

          This ain’t UFC1 anymore…there’s nothing exclusive about this. MMA is pretty much the same as football and hockey these days.

        • chad says:

          Why? The UFC is super mainstream now. You can’t expect them to try to pretend it’s some cool underground thing anymore. It is the American dream.

          Believe me, i miss the super exclusive club that it used to be. I wish 90% of these new fans would go away, because I preferred it before all these know-it-all kids started posting 1000 posts a day about all the shit they think they know, but those days are long gone.

          I’ve worked with a lot of fighters over the years and typically they are nothing at all like their fans. This commercial is a lot closer to how the average fighter lives than the ultra-cool image most fans have of them. This might make you sick, but they’re all just stoked to be a part of it.

        • Mike says:

          This isn’t a campaign. We don’t need to convince people these guys are normal.
          It doesn’t matter even if they are.
          THIS IS SPARTA!

    • chad says:

      Yeah, too bad they didn’t consult you first before filming this. I’m sure you’d show them what a real mma athlete looks like. Fuck Anderson, what does he know about fighting?

    • CALI says:

      Chaels respnse in 3…2…

  2. the last sport i thought woukd go commerical, but i have mixed feelings about it cause i think these guys deserve the endoursements !?!?

  3. Speak for the Dead says:

    Holy shit his english became understandable over night.

  4. brosef says:

    And of course they neglect to show Chael….

  5. Chael P. Sonnen says:

    I told you this motherfucker could speak English!!

  6. brian says:

    cute commercial.
    i know some of you “tough guys” on here think you’re too cool for this, but you obviously don’t know anderson very well. this is right in his wheel house, as far as his personality is concerned. he was super stoked to film this and had a lot of fun with it.
    i guess that makes you cooler than anderson. whatever.

  7. m says:

    Dam. Sounds like they got Van Damme to do the voiceovers.

  8. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I thought this commercial was cool. I was mainly shocked to hear Anderson speak English in full sentences. Chael was right he does speak English. He speaks it very well I might add.

    I don’t know why you guys are scared of MMA becoming more mainstream because that’s where the growth of the sport is. Sports live and die on their popularity. You guys need to think BIGGER.

  9. Babazoo says:

    did he say Allah ?

  10. mike r says:

    SEE!! Chael was right, this mother fucker speaks perfect english!!

  11. mike r says:

    SEE! Chael was right, this mother fucker speaks perfect english!!

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