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Wednesday, 05/15/2013, 01:21 pm

VIDEO | Anderson Silva Tells How The Nogueira Brothers Kept Him Fighting

Anderson “The Spider” Silva, the UFC Middleweight Champion, opened up to Karyn Bryant on FUEL TV’s “From All Angles”. Silva explains how the Nogueira brothers convinced him to keep fighting, his warrior spirit and his family.

“The Nogueira brothers are part of my family. I love these buys because me stay together with my dream, because one day I talked to Rogerio and Rodrigo and say I no more fight bro… Ya, the time Rogerio and Rodrigo talk to me, I no have nothing. My dream was lost, Rodrigo talked to me and said ‘hey come to my house, I will help you. Don’t worry. Come to hear, we will train together.’ I finished my contract with Pride. The guys tell me not to fight in Pride anymore. I said ‘what? I fight in Pride, I’m good in Pride. I had no problem with Pride, but Rodrigo help me for better fights. I love Rodrigo. I love Rogerio. This is my family.”


7 Responses to “VIDEO | Anderson Silva Tells How The Nogueira Brothers Kept Him Fighting”

  1. Brasilero says:

    How do people not like this guy?

  2. KIDD433 says:

    +1.His skill is amazing.Rediculous how people still hate on him.

  3. Ddddddd says:

    I don’t think people hate on Anderson. It has bothered me in the past that he has had very pompous showings in some of his defenses. It’s also bothered me he will choose fighters that are Brazilian to support,over guys that have class. He chooses to have a home in America but sometimes it seems to me doesn’t have much respect for our culture. That’s the angle Chael was trying to sell. No matter he is the Greatest.

  4. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    I don’t like his character and I don’t think his skills are all that good. He does know how to time his hard hits and is good at figuring out his opponents rhythms. He is a douchebag human being and its time his luck runs out. Weidman will put this guy away.

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