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Tuesday, 07/02/2013, 10:28 am

VIDEO | Anderson Silva on Weidman’s wrestling “This is no wrestling, this is MMA”

From Rick J Lee:
Anderson Silva answers the question every one has been asking. “Does Chris Weidman’s Wrestling concern you”?


12 Responses to “VIDEO | Anderson Silva on Weidman’s wrestling “This is no wrestling, this is MMA””

  1. Dana White says:

    The UFC hype machine has officially gotten me concerned about Silva losing. I know they are just hyping the fight so people buy PPVs, but I am deeply concerned about what will happen once Weidman takes Silva down. His BJJ is no joke. His wrestling is no joke. Silva has never been submitted in the UFC but this could change on saturday. I want Silva to win but I fear Weidman might finish him within 3 rounds.

  2. Sergio says:


    Demian Maia fight if this 2 guys, and clear weidman have the same speed than Maia not Silva.

    Dan H. is olympic wrestling fighter and still tape out for Silva.

    The only way to Silva loose the match is weidman lay and pray, just like boring St. Pierre.

  3. Curt grasty says:

    I agree with Sergio,, A.S has beaten everyone with every skill set so this is nothing new to the G.O.A.T!!!

  4. jdog says:

    The only problem you all forget is that Weidman has the COMBINED skill sets of DH and Mia. Mia would flop to the ground because he could NOT take AS down Henderson does have good JJ but who is to say it is as good, worse, or better than Wiedman? I still think AS will win easily and that Wiedman is not a threat at all but when you start to compare make sure your comparisons are accurate because trying to compare Mia and Wiedman based on JJ and Wrestling is impossible as Wiedman has WAY better wrestling and Mia has WAY better JJ, then Henderson has WAY better wrestling than Wiedman but how can we compare their JJ I would probably give the edge to Henderson mainly because of his experience as he is one of the best well rounded fighters out there (generally speaking as he is on the downside of his career)

  5. jdog says:

    One more thing Anderson has beaten every skill set he has faced, but the best combination of skill set he has faced was in Vitor and Dan Henderson, Vitor has great JJ and striking while Henderson has great wrestling and striking. I don’t want to say Wiedman has great striking, wrestling and JJ because anyone that is decent can blow through lesser opponent. Also just because a person doesn’t faced “known” opponents doesn’t mean they are not legit, look at Anderson Silva himself! 2 fights in the UFC and he was champion, look who he fought Leban and Franklin, if you look at who they fought and have fought since neither one of them has beaten really highly ranked fighters accept for Franklin with a few top names, but look who has also beaten him since then….. I still think AS will roll through Weidman

  6. calabama says:

    He has a watered down version of their talents, never an olympian and not a 4th degree black belt in BJJ. I’m not saying he isn’t a beast but he isn’t a power ranger of MMA.

  7. Ddddddd says:

    To me it only makes sense to compare their strong points offensively and defensively. Weidman has finished 6 of his 9 opponents to defend his finishing rate. He finished Hall in the first round and although he surely isn’t Anderson,it at least should be considered.

  8. WWE sonnen says:

    The only people weidman has beaten and that are worth noting are Munoz and Maia. Maia in a decision and Munoz pretty much ran into his elbow. The guy had elbow surgery and hasn’t fought for more than a year. He is facing the best fighter MMA has ever seen. I’m just amazed how people are byuing into the hype?? Dana definitely did a good job. Weidman stand up is awful, slow, no knock out power. Silva will anihilate him it’s gonna be funny, I see him playing with weidman the same way he did with bonnar and then when he chooses to knock his head off. Then maybe we can see a real interesting fight with Jones

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