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Thursday, 08/02/2012, 03:29 am

Video | Anderson's Manager Jorge Guimaraes Says No To Weidman Bout But Would Like GSP Or Rashad Evans | UFC News

Anderson Silva’s manager Jorge Guimaraes talks about the UFC champion’s possible opponents, why they’re not interested in a fight with Chris Weidman, when Silva might fight again and more with MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani.

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38 Responses to “Video | Anderson's Manager Jorge Guimaraes Says No To Weidman Bout But Would Like GSP Or Rashad Evans | UFC News”

  1. Wrestler66 says:

    Andersons team are dodging Weidman it’s so obvious ….. Weidman is a bad match for Silva and he knows it !!!

    • chris says:

      Weidman is a bad match but Rashad isn’t?

      • Zack says:

        Exactly. People are stupid as fuck. Rashad would smash Weidman

        • Wrestler66 says:

          Rashad is a Blackbelt in BJJ yes has explosive TD’S but has never attempted a submission in his UFC career ……. Weidman is a strong wrestler a lot more sussesful wrestler than Rashad and has very dangerous chokes and submissions !

          Basically Rashad might get theTD but will not do anything with it whereas Weidman would submit Anderson !

          You might want to learn a bit more about the sport you follow bro !

        • everything that guy just said is bullshit says:

          you’re a moron.

          Rashad has been fightng the cream of the crop and winning for years.

          Weidman looks good, sure, but he has in no way shown that he can consistently perform against top guys like Rashad has. You really think Rashad wouldn’t wipe the fucking floor with the guys that Weidman has faced?

          Weidman’s hype train is in full gear, but he is still a newbie with a lot to prove. Silva’s team wants a money fight, and there’s no money in fighting a guy that no one has even heard of. If weidman wants a shot he’s got to get to the point where a casual mma fan doesn’t say “who?” when his name is mentioned, and he is not there yet.

        • Bob says:

          OMFG.. GTF off weidmans nuts.. He beat a weak ass over rated Mark Munoz and all of a sudden you faggots think hes God…

          Chael Sonnen would demolish Weidmans ass and they have almost the same kind of style yet Chael is better… The last 5 fucking years all you faggots keep saying Silva will lose Silva will lose Silva will lose and never has..

          All you guys hating on Silva just because he beat all your favorite fighters.. hahahaha

          RASHAD and GSP would smash Weidman.. Silva doesnt have that much time as he is 37 years old… Why waste that little time he has on scrubs that never even been chapion in the UFC like Weidman??

          GSP is a champion and Rashad was a Champion that fought in Heavyweight and LHW… You think Silva’s scared of this faggot?? hahahaha

          You guys all thought Fedor was a God because he beat up on bums and came to America and went 3-2….

          Now you guys think Weidmans a God because he beat an over rated weak ass Mark Munoz.. hahahaha

          Silva would smash everyone and if you think otherwise your a fucking idiot who shouldnt talk.

        • bunkylomax says:

          wrestler66 you’re delusional ..maybe you need to learn more about mma..rashad has the highest takedown percentage all time in the UFC..look it up…his credentials in the ring by far exceed weidman..AS isn’t dodging many years has he been champ now? uhh yeah thought so! These guys get a good portion of their money from endorsements and ppv buys..AS will probably retire soon so why fight a guy nobody mainstream knows about who only has two good wins as far as names go..get bent “bro” and go wrestle weidmans nuts in your mouth.

        • tobes says:

          I agree… people think that there is a ‘hype train’ behind Weidman – but the truth is that there are certain wrestlers who transition EXTREMELY well to MMA and Weidman and Rashad are two of the best. I don’t think that Weidman or Rashad would be able to outwrestle each other (it would be null IMO) but although Rashad might have the more dynamic and explosive striking, Weidman is more technical and precise. I like Weidman’s chances against Silva, and I think his wrestling style (less reliant on power) is better for MMA than Rashad’s. I think Rashad is a tough match up for Anderson as well, but Weidman is more dynamic on the ground than Suga.

  2. shawn says:

    Anderson is ridiculous. I find it extremely arrogant that he just wont fight certain people. He is the best fighter in the world but he shouldnt be able to choose who to fight. Weidman is on a roll right now and its a logical opponent, maybe anderson is just scared because wrestlers are the closest thing to his achilles heel.

    • shawn says:

      I did not read the whole article i take back the scared part haha because if he is willing to fight rashad or gsp than he is not afraid of wrestlers. However i dont think GSP should have to go up to 185.

      • Xcape68 says:

        Anderson Silva said they’d fight catch weight in the middle at 178. You have to remember that Silva has fought at 170 before. This guy is the GOAT having wins in all 3 weight classes. Weidman just needs to wait for his turn, and make a bigger name for himself if he wants a giant.

  3. DMAC says:

    Leave it up to the Random ass clowns on BJPENN.COM as always talking bout The Best Fighter of All Time being scared, kids cant be serious…Weidman should’ve taken that fight with Vitor, now he’s ass’d out a fight because all the contenders have matches made. He really fucked himself on this one! It’s a lose lose for Anderson, would you put your career in a lose lose situation just to please the person trying to take your position….

  4. Truth. It is what is for dinner. says:

    Anderson seems to be afraid of Wiedman. Looking for the easy fights. GSP would get smashed with a few jabs because he cannot take a hit. Rashad is a little better at 185. At least he might be harder to hit and has some wrestling. But I still see him getting KTFO in the second round as well.

    C’mon Anderson, don’t be scared homie. You don’t get to pick and choose…


      You so fuckin stupid if you think Anderson’s afraid of Wiedman. Anderson is in the fight business “homie”! Anderson aint afraid of shit! So go suck on Wiedmans cock you stupid piece of shit.

  5. Ryan says:

    Silva is the greatest fighter to EVER live! And I understand where Jorge is coming from with this not being a promotable fight, however Anderson got his tittle fight after one fight in the UFC! I don’t thing chris has a chance against silva, but let the fighter do their talking in the octagon! People are going to look at this interveiw and think silva is dodging him, why discredit silvas name, let him go in their and show him they don’t even belong in the same league

  6. EP says:

    UFC should strip Anderson from his belt and have GSP and Weidman fight for it.

  7. Ryan says:

    Anderson is the greatest fighter ever! And I do understand what Jorge is saying about it not being a promotable fight. However anderson got his tittle shot after his 1st fight in the UFC! Let the fighters do the talking in the octagon. People are going to sit their and say Anderson is dodging the fight, so why discredit his name? Let Anderson show everyone that weidmen doesn’t even belong in the same league!

    • Bob'O says:

      He’s not the best until he beats Bones Jones, which he won’t. He is not gonna just walk through Rashad Evans either. That could be a fight he ends up wishing he never asked for.

      Oh and uh, I think his friend Lyoto Machida could beat him. LMAO! That’s for those of you who are always bouncing up and down on Silva’s nutsack. Get off his hog. ~Bob’O

  8. Ryan says:

    Anderson Silva is the greatest fighter to ever live! And i do understand what jorge is saying about it not being a “big enough” fight, However, Silva got his tittle shot after only one fight in the UFC. I might not think that Weidman has a chance against the champ, but let the fighters proove that in the octagon. People are going to say that Silva is dodging this fight (which he would never do) so why discredit his name? Let Anderson show the world that Weidman doesn’t even belong in the same organisation

    • jay creww says:

      Silva was already ranked in the top ten for years when he came to the UFC. It is not the same situation.

      Weidman is not a big enough name to fight the best in the business. Anderson needs to get paid and no one knows who the fuck weidman is. (except hardcore fans that post on forums)

  9. Jay says:

    Gsp just needs to man up and accept the fight with silva.everybody knows gsp tries to dodge the question every time the media asks him,it’s so obvious.ever since he lost to Matt sera at UFC shoot out he hasent been the same fighter.the only match up that would make sense right now for silva is gsp or Jon jones,even tho silva said he wouldn’t fight jones.the UFC need to start making super fights with these undefeated champions cause there are no more challengers for these guys,there wiping out there respective divisions.

    • Bob'O says:

      No, GSP coming off a knee injury doesn’t need to do jack shit bro. If anyone needs to man up, it’s your herO Anderson Silva, by fighting Bones Jones. Why should GSP add anything to his legacy by tarnishing his own resume? He’s the smaller fighter, though I believe if GSP took him down he could win. Standing up, Silva knocks GSP out. If you’re the best, then prove it by fighting Bones Jones. ~Bob’O

      • Bob ho says:

        Ur an idiot bob ho,I’m just agreeing with Silvia’s manager dick face.thats the only fight that makes sense right stop sucking gsp’s cock the motherfucker is boring to watch anyway,and silva would wreck gsp.and why should silva add anything to his legacy by tarnishing his resume.jones hasent done enough in the sport yet to fight silva he’s been champ for only a year and a half,silva and gsp been champions since 2006 and 2008-gsp lost it in 2006 then regained it in that fight would make more sense u fucking the fans have been asking for that fight for years now bob ho

        • Bob ho says:

          I agree i mean even the fight community and everybody and their mommas been asking for that fight.and gsp is a big welterweight and those guys are the top 2 fighters in the world,makes sense to me.jones has to be more dominant in the years to come to get a big opportunity like silva.

        • Bob'O says:

          Shut it wrestlingDork. Wipe your nose off brah, it’s brown from being shoved up your boyfriend here’s ass. Jones would smash Silva. Nobody wants to watch Silva KO GSP. Remove head from poop tube and learn something about MMA match ups. Jeezus, Matt Serra knocked out GSP. What do uou think SIlva would do you dumb shit you? Talk about stuck
          On dumb dumb bro. LMAO! Smoke a pole brah! ~Bob’O

        • Bob'O says:

          Remove Silva’s penis from your mouth worm boy on a keyboard. I would play soccer with your fucking head dicklip. ~BobO

  10. Bob says:

    Silva is a bitch. Nuff said!

  11. Ryan says:

    Silva’s a bitch? really BOB? then you fight him, nuff said!

  12. The Truth says:

    Anderson only has so many fights left in him and I personally would like to see him fight gsp or jones. if wiedman wants to make a name than fight chael and people will start taking him serious

  13. The Truth says:

    funny how people like bob have nothing credible to say so they get tough behind a keyboard

  14. TRUTH says:

    Anderson Silva is afraid of Chris Weidman. I’m tired of Silva Trying to hand pick his opponents, just look at what Sonnen had to do to get him to fight him the first and second time. Weidman is the only MW that comes close to Sonnens’ wrestling skills, he also has in my opinion, Has much better striking than Sonnen and he’s a fuckin finisher. I’m not saying he would win or lose but he poses the biggest threat to Sliva and deserves a title shot. A True Champ fights the best… Since he refuses to move from MW he should fight the top guy and right now thats Chris Weidman.. Oh yeah! for all of you Sliva fanboys that was bitchin about Sonnen’s TRT, Do you really believe that Silva isn’t on TRT at his age? PFFFTTTT GET REAL! The UFC makes the fights BTW, Not the fucking managers…. Make him fight Weidman or strip his ass of the belt…

  15. Whatever says:

    I like Anderson don’t get me wrong but if your not going to fight the number 1 contender. Then move up move down but don’t hold the belt for the fights you want. It’s your job to fight who the UFC sees as next in line. If he’s done with the MW div then move on.

  16. HelicopterNut. says:

    Anderson will fight who they put in front of him. I believe he is afraid of getting Chael’d by Weidman.

    He will get paid big no matter WHO he fights.

    Rashad is easier on the ground than Weidman. Silva can get up easier and submit Rashad easier than Weidman. Stand up is obvious.

    Rashad may be able to beat Weidman, but Rashad is still an easier fight for Silva.

    There are many opinions on this. And its pretty funny to see all the Silva nuthuggers getting mad at people who disagree with them. Grow up.

  17. Dee says:

    Some people are idiots. Anderson is 37. He’s looking for 2 maybe 3 big fights to end his career. He has already proved himself and he’s already paid his dues. They want big meaningful fights to end his career. Weidman is the one who is picking his opponents refusing to fight Bisping, or Belcher claiming to be the best opponent for Anderson. They want marquee names. Weidman headlined one event and that was on Fuel tv. Some of you guys don’t know anything about the fight industry whatsoever it’s like some of ya just started watching this stuff.

  18. Mike McMack says:

    Read between the lines people, Anderson and his camp want BIG MONEY fights to finish off Anderson’s career. Jones and Anderson ain’t happening because neither side wants it so hopefully the UFC can set up a big time match up for Anderson soon. I’d personally like to see Silva vs Belfort 2, that would generate a lot of hype but Vitor is still climbing his way back into the title picture.

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