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Tuesday, 10/25/2011, 07:06 am

VIDEO: "Anderson Silva is a huge superstar now in Brazil", says Soares


15 Responses to “VIDEO: "Anderson Silva is a huge superstar now in Brazil", says Soares”

  1. El Charlie says:

    Of course he is, I mean he’s only the number 1 p4p fighter in the world. No big deal, and oh yeah he made that rambling roided idiot blockhead Chael Sonnen tap. Nothing out of the ordinary just another day at the office for Anderson.

  2. rayed says:

    He’s only that big because there are no computers in Brazil. They don’t know of anybody else.
    Huhaha! Lol

    Prob same way we feel about Jones, hendo. Or the way Russia feels about fedor.

  3. I’m from Chile, and i can tell for sure that Anderson Silva is a big superstar all around the globe, not only in Brazil or Southamerica… I expect the rematch with Sonnen so Anderson prove everybody he is unbeatable…

  4. Xaninho says:

    Soares is just paving the way to negotiate a big fighting purse for Silva..Silva is recovering from the injury and then will be more than ready for Sonnen.

    Don’t expect the same kind of fight though. Silva will beat Sonnen up standing next time, cause he already proved his point about the BJJ after making Sonnen tap.

    • MMA-ster says:

      I agree. Silva is a much better and more intelligent fighter than Sonnen. He’s walked through dudes that Sonnen, has & would continue to lose to. He’ll make the adjustments in training, come out 100% (with no broken rib), face an opponent who isn’t on roids (but still a douche) and slap the shit out of him. Can’t wait!

  5. Nat says:

    I think Silva is a big star now…finally.. I’m in Canada and almost every other day I see someone wearing an Anderson Silva shirt, where as last year they were few and far between

    • e says:

      how many people wearing gsp shirts in canada?

      • MMA-ster says:

        Pretty much all of Quebec. I’m not French Canadian, I’m a few provinces over, but admit I have been a big fan of GSP’s. Lately though I think he needs to get the Mr. Perfect stick out of his ass. I think he’s got it all & what it takes to be great – just needs to start throwing down and finishing fights. If he does that against strong opponents his next few fights…for sure I’d buy a GSP shirt.

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