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Monday, 07/15/2013, 10:05 am

VIDEO | Anderson Silva Confirms To Fans ‘He’s Back’

UFC President Dana White announced on Sports Center that he has booked Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman II For UFC 168 in December.

As part of the coverage of this announcement, ESPN released this video of Anderson Silva confirming to his fans that he is back. “I back, trust me, I back”, confirmed the former middleweight champion.


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  1. silver spider says:

    He’s not “back”, he never left! He gave Weidman the ufc title and the spider is getting his belt back at UFC 168!

    • POPORING says:

      just to let y’all Chris Weidman Fan out there Silva has no to prove no more he has defeat 7 greatest UFC fighter in 8 fucking year ”Destroy” all those wants to take his belt, well… he just got to cocky about it cuz mybe his bored of being UFC champion on 8 years and Weidman just really determine to knock him out and he got it in one lucky left hook shot. So battle has just began true Silva is coming on UFC 168 show who real the king and take back the throne on him.. Weidman c’mon.. saying Silva is piece of shit?? well we’ll see you’ll never prove anything but only the title we’ll see whos piece of shit on December…

  2. Keoni says:

    Plus that was an early stoppage by a horrible referee! Silva was not even close to being knocked out! Look at his face not even a scratch! Silva was toying with weidman and the ref didn’t even know it. Look at how silva was joking grabbing Herbs leg! Come on! Give me a break that weak dude weidman has no power for sure!

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      @Keoni …I salute you sir….You are the poster child for what it TRULY means to be a Silva fan…You sir ARE incredible and all the other Silva fans should be green with jealousy. With your deft ability to see what is exactly happening in the Silva world. You sir are an Incredible and all the other Silva fans need to bow down to you!!! WOW

    • Dddddddd says:

      This isn’t real. Is it? Your funkin with me. Are you funkin with me?

    • brownlettuce says:

      i’m a silva fan, and i think he will come back and win the second fight, but he was clearly knocked out cold

      • Shawn says:

        ^Agreed. He f’d around too much and got caught. Slow-mo shows him get clipped, eyes rolled back, and body go limp. He got KO’d. Not cuz Weidman was better, but because Silva left himself wide open with overdoing his antics. It happens to the best of them that aren’t focused on the fight. He can’t do what he was doing with Maia back in 2010, with someone like Weidman.

    • animals says:

      You have down syndrome what fight were you watching

  3. 757 says:

    It should be a rule that you have to speak perfect English to fight in the ufc. I hate when I can’t understand what the fighters are talking about.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      With the UFC’s goal of becoming the largest sports organization in the world, that makes absolutely perfect sense o_O

    • 757ish says:

      Sorry, 757, your ethnocentric attitude needs to be put away. You are not the center of the universe and neither is your country!!

    • POPORING says:

      well you just a racist motherf@cker… America has freedom of speech Discretion to all people so stop being fat neird or I slap yoh Racist mouth

    • 757 says:

      Nice try asshole whoever you are using my name. If you want to make stupid comments like ^^^that just use your own name. Don’t be a pussy and take the backlash of negative returns you get but stop using others name loser.

  4. Keoni says:

    @gargoyle – mahalo, a’ole pilikia!

  5. Jake Rowe says:

    I predict Silva wins Via Knockout 1st round.

  6. Keoni says:

    I’ve watched the fight over 20 times and I am sure that silva was not ko’d! He was luring weidman in and joking around! Herb stoped the fight to early herb should be fired. He was grabbing herbs leg to make fun of weidmans no power punches! I even watched the fight in slow motion so I have proof! Plus weidmans corner told him to punch a hole in Silvia’s chest lol u have to hit silva in the chin not the chest! Even weidmans corner are horrible!

  7. Jim says:

    The Spider is going to get his belt back!!!

  8. PaleRider says:

    @Keoni – HaHa Anderson was clearly Knocked out! I’m a huge Anderson fan. I’ve followed him throughout his “Televised” career. I’m not a fan boy by any means, but I honestly think you are blind or maybe have some shitty ass tv that couldnt see his eyes closed with Wiedman standing over him punching him in the face whilst Anderson laying there unconscious with his arms to his side, but anyways!!! With regards to this topic, I strongly believe Anderson will KO CHris Wiedman in the rematch. I’m sure Anderson will take a more “Serious” approach this go around!

  9. Keoni says:

    Silva was pretending he was ko to make fun of weidmans no power! He was just rolling his eyes at weidman! He grabbed herbs leg as a joke… He did this joking the entire fight… Early stoppage! Silva was sitting on the ground thinking ” I can’t believe this stupid ref called the fight, couldn’t he tell I was clowning?” in the rematch weidman will prob make an excuse to not fight because he is scared and knows he can’t hurt silva!!! Take that to the bank u stupid weidman fanboys! War silva! Silva for eternity!

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