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Tuesday, 06/12/2012, 09:49 am

VIDEO | An Inside Look At The Training Of Fedor | MMA NEWS

VIDEO | An Inside Look At The Training Of Fedor | MMA NEWS

Quick Video of Fedor “The Last Emperor” Emelianenko’s rigorous training for his upcoming bout against former UFC Heavyweight Pedro Rizzo, scheduled for June 21, 2012 at the Ice Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia

Watch “The Last Emperor” as he trains outdoors at the Vital Skills training camp in the Netherlands with Peter Teijsse, Maxim Leijdekker, Ernesto Hoost, Jerrel Venetiaan, Marco de Wit and others.

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27 Responses to “VIDEO | An Inside Look At The Training Of Fedor | MMA NEWS”

  1. Fail Sonnen says:

    …..And not a fuck was given this day

  2. DP713 says:

    As much as he has fallen as a fighter, I can only hope I am still in decent enough shape at his age to do half of what he is doing.

    His biggest downfall as a fighter was his management.

  3. Akid says:

    I can’t say I followed Fedor throughout his career but to bag him out and say nobody cares? That’s rediculous! Please tell me, who are you and what have you done for your chosen profession? Have you become one of the best in the world at anything? Seriously guys, have a look in the mirror and have a long hard think…. WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE??? Fucking donuts……

    • T.DADDY says:

      He was never the best in the world cuz he was never in the ufc.. and he ain’t the best cuz he fought bums his last fights of his career.. till he ran into Bigfoot and Hendo… This guy is the most over rated fighter in mma history… So shut the fukk up

      • Akid says:

        Did I say he was the best in the world you illiterate fucking loser???

        • T.DADDY says:

          Yeah you implied that he was the best when u said have I been the best in the world at anything.. you dumb gaydor dick rider.. get gaydors nut sac out ur face and reread ur post shit for brains

        • Akid says:

          ‘Have you become one of the best in the world at anything?’

          Let me repeat – You illiterate fucking loser!!!

        • Akid says:

          Now…. Who has the shit for brains?

      • Powerdbl87 says:

        Stop being ignorant with your comments the UFC is the best promotion but just because somebody isn’t in it doesn’t mean they aren’t top notch and second Fedor was the pride heavyweight champ and dominated UFC champs in his prime go watch wwe you dumb fuck

        • jones says:

          @power idiot…what ufc champs did fedor dominate in his prime???? silvia who shi his pants an was soo boring they sent a lhw to tak his belt?? or arlovski who was champ 1 time at theweakest ponit in ufc hw history…the only names he ever fought or beat in pride were big nog and always was razor close and went decision and cro cop (also ver close) and look at wha happen to them when they got into ufc…ohh an mark sterioid coleman….fedor was champ of pride who had no fighers really….,llok his fukin slave camp workout which has women doingthe same exercise as him..this workout is just another bullshit M-1 fukin advertisement money grab ..its llike a cardio class… i dont understand why such i tough man would let M-1 fuk his career and ruin his name really..fedor walk around at the same weigh as anderson silva wals around..if fedo just cut to 205 he could be amazing..anderson is older then fedor and he goes frmo near 230 to 185… aleks emilinenko would have been even better then fedor if he was able to keep fighting an trained serious..he had great hands.he was a real proospect…but jail house needles is what beat him

  4. Zack says:

    Fuckin haters. The guy loses a couple fights and all his fans turn on him. But if he were to come to the UFC and win one fight everyone would be on his dick

    • Akid says:

      So true man…. I guess these people hold their primary school ‘participation’ ribbons in high regard! Either that or they’re living a lifetime of non-achievement with coupled with extreme jealousy!

    • T.DADDY says:

      If he came to the ufc he would get his ass handed to him.. big country, carwin, mir, shit pat berry wud prolly kick his ass.. he can’t hang in the ufc and gaydor and m-1 knew that that’s why he never came to ufc… He’s a joke

      • Powerdbl87 says:

        I’m tired of hearing people who have never trained or had any ammy or pro Mma fights talk shit if he is a joke that means you would fight him? If you love him or hate him Fedor at least deserves the respect because he has done something you have never and will never do

      • Levi says:

        C’mon man, The UFC was not around in Pride days Pride was what UFC is today UFC the best fight organization of its time. Fedor was the Pride champion for 10 years undefeated! I do not believe Fedor could hand with the top tier athletes of today but some of them yes I think fedor could beat big country easily he could beat Mir easily and another match with Big Nog would be great, although fedor would most likely dominate him for the third time. I don’t understand why people can’t see that there are fighters in the UFC today that Fedor dominated them in their Prime! Big Nog Cro Cop although recently retired. Mark Hunt who everyone was trying to get him a ridiculous ass title shot. Sure the end of his career hasn’t looked great but how could it name one great heavyweight fighter outside the of the UFC?? He didn’t fail to get into the UFC because he sucks he failed because of negotiation. Why would Dana White try to sign him if he wasn’t UFC caliber? Fedor could compete in UFC and I think he could still suprise some people. Do I think he could dominate in UFC? No. But if he did pull off a title shot I wouldn’t be suprised.

        • jones says:

          @levi..i can see u never actuallly watched pride cuz when u talk about fedor dominating big nog fora 3rd tim its clear u doint know shit…..fedor never eer ever dominated big nog they had a close fight and the other was stopped idiot a nc

        • I said if fedor was to fight big nog in the ufc today he would dominate him a 3rd time yes i know their second fight was a nc but the first fight fedor dominated and the second fight being the actual 3rd fight he dominated him so yes technically it would be fedor big nog 4 but i wasnt counting the nc fight yes i do pay attention to pride and if you think that nog was even close to winning those fights you need to educate your self in mma and re watch those fights

  5. Clay says:

    Good luck fedor

  6. Ghazi says:

    This dude was AWESOME in Warrior (2011).
    Him and his brother and the Nog twins are the originals.

  7. Twein says:

    Fighting aside, i’d like to see anyone who bashes on fedor to try that workout, hot damn thats intense.

  8. Trevor says:

    Good for Fedor. That looks tough. He must eat like shit cuz he should be shedding some lbs

  9. Dr Dre says:

    Fedor was the best of his time…Pride most definately had the best heavyweights and he beat them and the ufc guys of that time…nobody from that era could beat him…new heavyweights who came up after that era are better then him but would they be without him??? mma fans are retarded

  10. EmperorFedor says:

    Silly little boys and girls…

    Fedor was an ANIMAL in the early days of MMA. You have to remember how many years have passed since then. Who still fights 12 years later and dominates? Fighters have a shelf life. When Fedor was in his prime, he was incredible. His legacy will always live on. If he had come to the UFC when the UFC swallowed Pride, none of you would be saying this crap because he would have dominated just like he did…and then he would have fallen off, just like he did.

    What stopped him from coming into the UFC w/ the Pride merger? His management. End of story.

    Fedor will always be a true legend in the sport. Go watch Randleman pick him up and slam him on his straight on his dome, then Fedor gets up and wins the fight. Show me how many other fighters can come back like that.

    Fedor has more heart than any two fighters put together in my opinion. And to hate on him just shows how truly ignorant you are to MMA and the history of the sport.

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