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Friday, 11/11/2011, 06:30 am

VIDEO: Alistair Overeem's UFC on Fox Prediction


10 Responses to “VIDEO: Alistair Overeem's UFC on Fox Prediction”

  1. Fightclub says:

    Whhhoooo! I love this fucking sport man! Saturday night epic fight!

  2. Bob Newhart says:

    Alistair I put on 50 lbs of muscle natural Overeem.

    • LanceArmstrong says:

      most top athletes in this sport have done PEDs at one time or another. who gives a shit? they need to recover faster and it makes for more aggressive fighters.

      • MMFT says:

        people who don’t need performance enhancers give a shit. dumbass. let’s just have all our fighters take whatever cocktail of drugs they can because other fighters have done it before, and they were more aggressive. dumbass.

    • BJpennrules says:

      Doesnt matter..all the heavyweights at this level have done it
      so its the battle of the roid fighters.. lol

    • Xaninho says:

      It took him years to develop that, and he’s never been a small guy. I’ve seen bigger guys at the gym that are also purely natural. Just live right, eat right and train hard.

  3. judojerk says:

    hes never failed a ped test, ever, and passed this time ..until then keep hating

  4. Chartmonster says:

    Great minds think a like ..Cain is the more well rounded fighter period! The Reem will dominate the best striker in mma throw the hammers!

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