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Thursday, 03/22/2012, 08:40 am

VIDEO | Alexander Gustafsson Says He Will Not Lose To Disrespectful Thiago Silva

He comes from Sweden and is known as “The Mauler”. Meet rising light heavyweight star Alexander Gustafsson as he prepares for the biggest fight of his career at UFC on FUEL TV in his hometown of Stockholm.

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19 Responses to “VIDEO | Alexander Gustafsson Says He Will Not Lose To Disrespectful Thiago Silva”

  1. Dick Diaz says:

    i really hope he beats thiago silva… the LHW division needs some contenders brewing.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      I would pay anything to see Thiago Silva back in cage with rashad. Silva was beating the shit out Rashad when he ran out of time. 30 seconds more rashad was on stanky legs and going down saved by the bell. After rashad loses to Jones any bets we won’t get to see Machida vs Rashad again. stanky legs Rashad was one of the best moments ever in MMA, right up there with Hendo’s H-Bomb KO of Spitbing

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Too bad this fight isn’t in Brazil because I see it playing out much same as Hamill vs Bisping. Everyone including UFC an d judges all wanted Bisping to win to help sell MMA in britain evn though hamill kicked Bispings ass the entire fight and beat his face bloody the judges screwed hamill. If Thiago doesn’t finsih this swede no matter how bad he beats him up he will never win a decision in sweden or anywhere in Europe for that matter. I hope Thiago’s corner realizes this. One thing i like about both these guys is they both are REAL FIGHTERS who unlike 80% of UFC fighters don’t look to eeeeeek out decisions and fight just not to lose GSP, Bisping and Frankie Edger style and (now you can add Condit to that list) thanks to Greg jackson

    • Calvin says:

      i forgot vera and the mauler train together so u know theres some revenge in this fight i hope gustafsson becomes champion he’s so good and humble

  2. I have better stand-up than Mayhem Miller says:

    Damn Thiago Silva looked scary when they started to show him.
    The dude looks like a murderer.

  3. Tug Magroin says:

    Thiago needs another machida style beatdown and Alexander might just do it!

  4. Justen says:

    Alexander is a monster. So is Thiago, but I see Alexander being champ some day.

  5. Big J says:

    Seems like a good dude, I hope he beats Thiago.

  6. the original steve says:

    i mean its nice to say that. its another thing to do it. protect or chin

  7. Magoo says:

    Im sure Thiago has other plans, Thiago for the win!

  8. danielrchargers says:

    Alex is prob my fav LHW right now. saw that fight live against whom i thought was jarred, where he caught him with a beautiful right straight, and i said to myself damn were gonna be seeing alot more of this kid… and now hes Headlining…. im so proud of him. hahahah

  9. rambo says:

    this dude is gonna be raped!!

  10. Errm says:

    Knock Thiago Silva out.. :)

  11. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Though I am looking forward to this fight. I feel like Matushenko gave him that victory when he transformed himself into a turtle….

  12. Nick says:

    I like Alex, I’ve never like Thiago. I hope The Mauler mauls him.

  13. Donnybrook says:

    Hope he lays a medieval ass whopping on Silva.

  14. Jujitsu Player says:

    I hope (and think) Gustafsson knocks Thiago out…One of the rising stars in the UFC and future contender/threat to Jon Jones reign.

  15. yo yo says:

    maaaan Thiago is gonna go all gangsta on this kid just wait

    and dont call it a comeback

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