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Friday, 10/26/2012, 08:04 am

VIDEO | A Retrospect On Forrest Griffins Career As The Original “Ultimate Fighter” | UFC NEWS

Forrest Griffin may be one of the biggest stars in UFC history, but he comes from the humble beginnings of the original ‘Ultimate Fighter’. Griffin has come a long way since his wild ride on TUF!


4 Responses to “VIDEO | A Retrospect On Forrest Griffins Career As The Original “Ultimate Fighter” | UFC NEWS”

  1. Bastard says:

    How come no one ever gives credit to Diego for also being the original ultimate fighter?

  2. gouldx87 says:

    Cause diego is an idiot that gives people the impression he isnt all there mentally and he has never won a title

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      gouldx87 best come back ever. E V E R Y O N E (EXCEPT) BASTARD KNOWS Forrest vs Bonnar was the fight that launched the UFC into mainstream cable T.V. Dana white talks about that fight all the time as does Rogan and any other UFC announcer. NOONE cares about Deigo vs Kenny Florian which was one sided beatdown mismatch. Florian had no business fighting anyone his own natural weight. Why do you think Kenny has the record for dropping the most weight classes and having his head seemingly growing or geting bigger the more weight he lost. Whats even more funny is Kenny didn’thave an ounce of fa on him at 185lbs. Same thing happen to Fitch wen he fought at his natural weight r within 10-15lbs of it Fitch was cutting weight when he fought at 205lbs and was then destroyed again at 185 lbs. The fighers who fight uch bigger guys are the fighters that I think are the TRUE p4p best like BJ Penn, Dan Hendersen, Edgar, Couture, A. Silva, Cormier, Fedor, Royce Gracie, Nick Diaz

  3. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Forrest IMO is what I call a first ballot shoe in for UFC Hall of Fame. Anyone who doean’t respect what Forrest has done for UFC and accomplished must have their head in sand. Forrest is one cool dude. He don’t act or treat people any different from when he started MMA broke and sleeping on his buddies couch. The man is a millionaire and still drives that stupid looking cube car or van whatever it is that he won on TUF years and years ago. The man has a great life with wife and child and that is his focus these days so some people hate on him for that. I hope Forrest retires soon as he has nothing else to prove.

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