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Monday, 07/23/2012, 02:12 pm

VIDEO | A Day in the Life of UFC Flyweight Joseph Benavidez | UFC NEWS

Team Edge member Joe Benavidez takes you inside a typical day in the life of the UFC title contender. Volleyball, bike riding, arm wrestling, Taboo, water slides and more await!


8 Responses to “VIDEO | A Day in the Life of UFC Flyweight Joseph Benavidez | UFC NEWS”

  1. MMApersonalJesus says:

    E.T looking mfer

  2. ASDF says:

    Forget E.T., dude runs like a homo, skips rope like a homo, nothing against homo’s, but seriously I think…. he’s homo….

  3. adsf says:

    Where r my comments…

  4. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    All those midgets at TEAM ALPHA MIDGET are known for running around naked with each other. Mendes even did it with one of his butt buddies on filming of TUF. Sorry if that is not gay not sure what is. Having said that EVERYONE at TEAM Alpha midget is more exciting in one round than Spitsbing has been his entire career. Bisping has never even beaten a top 10 fighter in his weight class yet he talks shit about Benevidez. Bisping isa legend in his own mind and a total DOUCHEBAG that only a bunch of buttertooth Brits could root for.

  5. Mike says:

    “De plane boss, de plane…” (Midget from Fantasy Island)

  6. jbeamazing says:

    he is trying to joke but I guess like on this site mma fans are slow with no since of humor

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