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Tuesday, 10/02/2012, 10:31 am

VIDEO | A Day in NYC with Rampage Jackson | UFC NEWS

Rampage Jackson revisits Ariel Helwani, this time for an afternoon in New York City.


5 Responses to “VIDEO | A Day in NYC with Rampage Jackson | UFC NEWS”

  1. Shatta says:

    Gotta love rampage…real funny guy .. lol he just dont give a fudgee

  2. Jack-O says:

    RAMPAGE, is down to Earth and just a real guy who expresses himself like he feels he should. Good flick!

  3. This is why Ariel Helwani is the #1 p4p MMA reporter.

  4. punchkick says:

    rampage should get his own show, or be a field reporter for some news network.

  5. ya herd says:

    what has bisping took? the way rampage is talking about him… i think rampage is jealous that bisping left his camp and is doing alot better!

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