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Sunday, 06/17/2012, 01:33 pm

VIDEO | A Confident Ben Henderson Discusses Edgar Rematch | UFC NEWS

During last week’s UFC 150 pre-fight press conference in Denver Colorado, UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson discussed his upcoming fight with Frankie Edgar.


39 Responses to “VIDEO | A Confident Ben Henderson Discusses Edgar Rematch | UFC NEWS”

  1. stephen riddle says:

    This fight doesnt need to happen but oh well

  2. danielrchargers says:

    I rewatched the fight yesterday from my DVR’d PPV and it was such a close match
    i had it
    1.Edgar- very slightly, he landed more takedowns, kept control in the striking, good counters and movement.

    2. Ben- Frankie outstruck him with his movement but Ben stole the round due to a GNARLY UP KICK that literally changed the entire fight. If not for that upkick at the 30 second mark. that round was frankies as well, due to the same action as in the first round.

    3. Edgar- Kept the pace and landed more strikes and takedowns, made ben miss alot. except for the great right straight he peppered on frankies left eye. ( i think that gave the fight too ben, such a close fight and frankie has more scar tissue than ben. cuts easier)

    4- Frankie- he clearly out struck him with his movement and all ben was able to deploy was 1 SOLID knee and a guillotine attempt at which his hands were not even fully clasped. ( joe rogan tried to say Benson was CLEARLY pressing the fight [wrong] but joe was right about Ben doing more Damage, due to the CLEAR size difference. but still frankie has more scar tissue)

    5- Edgar- Frankie Countered really well in all aspects, he landed some Solid counter strikes and even got a Legit Knock down (watch the fight and see the spastic movement in bensons leg after getting hit by a short left hook, causes him to drop.) and landed a great counter takedown up against the cage, and even had a little ground control.
    Please re watch the fight in HD and tell me Ben really won… no way :[
    WATCH IT WITHOUT JOE ROGAN TALKING he will make you BIAS for ben becuase of the size, watch it on mute.

    If you dont finish the champ, and the fight was this close… you do not really Prove to be the real Champ… just my opinion

    • Jaedr says:

      if that’s your opinion then by your logic frankie never should have won the title you moron

      • danielrchargers says:

        He did it twice son. If Benson does it again than duhhhh so don’t be so rude fool.

        • lex walker says:

          You’re contradicting yourself at first u said u have to finish the champ to win the tittle if the fight is close but now you’re saying if u win two decisions then its ok so…… which 1 is it?

          also you’re scoring for the fight is way off and ben is going to whoop his ass again

        • danielrchargers says:

          Both lex and Jaedr were right, haha sheesh.
          i know i contridicted myself. my bad haha.
          but still i think frank won his first fight with Ben.

        • Quentin says:

          If u watch the fight with BJ he clearly lost first fight and Frankie is a bitch point fighter

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      • Nuitari X says:

        I’d have to disagree, not on this particular fight but if you look at the stats for shogun vs. hendo its total bullshit. That was one of the best back and forth wars I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching and I just don’t believe there’s a chance in hell that shogun out struck hendo by that much. I know people are probably gonna say different but I’m going off of memory alone and I haven’t watched it since the night of the fight. I’d have to watch it again to see for sure but from what I recall it was a close and exciting WAR but I definitely think hendo won.

        • Xaninho says:

          Yeah I wouldn’t mind seeing Shogun and Hendo again! That was Epic! Too close to call really, I wish they both could have gotten a W for that war.

          The fighmetrics for the Edgar-Bendo fight support the overall opinions most people have. Edgar did show alot of heart, but he just fell short. He got outstruck by Bendo in all rounds and Bendo was literally toying with him in the 5th round.

          I don’t see the rematch go any different. And I truly hope it won’t, because that would mean a rubbermatch and I’m tired of the rematches.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          You are not taking into account the mental part of the game that occurs moment by moment which is NEVER the same. Frankie was beating Bendo until that upkick, Completely change the momentum and Bendo could not finish a dazed Edgar. I think Bendo won, but this time Edgar will take him.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          On Hendo and Rua. If that had been a 3 rounder Rua would of had to retire from the beating he took from Hendo. So what does Rua have over Hendo you say: He’s got 11 years on a old man that gassed from beating so much on Rua. Big deal and you think Rua is going to be champ again??? He needs to go to 85 and try he;s done at lhw or hw. It’s called being a gatekeeper……

        • Xaninho says:

          Was that addressed to me? Where did I say Rua would be the champ? I never said he was the better fighter that night either?

    • “If you dont finish the champ, and the fight was this close… you do not really Prove to be the real Champ… just my opinion”

  3. danielrchargers says:

    But benson is such a cool dude… doesnt mean he won!
    you could tell how annoyed he was by the frankie fan boy reporter.

  4. copreal says:

    Basically, I need more information in the areas I’ve stated.

  5. A.James says:

    Benson was too much for Frankie. All it takes is a big hit to slow anyone down. Once Frankie was hurt Ben took advantage of him every time and stole a round. If you want to slow down someone you’ve got to hurt him. Edgar is great because of his agility and reflexes that back up everything he does. Take that away from him and he’s in trouble.

    • WrestlingRules says:

      I would say that is not completely true with Frankie, Maynard had him in worse trouble TWICE and Frankie came back and ko’d Maynard in their last fight. Frankie was throwing Bendo around and beating him until that upkick and it change the momentum. Bendo couldn’t finish a dazed Edgar, does ANYBODY??? I think barring a lucky kick like that upkick, Frankie controls Bendo and beats him rather easily in their next fight. Bendo is good and tough but Frankie is just better in all aspects of the game, especially the mental game.

  6. 9lives304 says:

    I must chime in once again to settle this once and for all!!! Hahaha j/k….anyway….Ben is too much for Frankie & most other LWs except maybe Anthony Pettis….but anyway….Ben has more of everything on Frankie except HEART…the kid does NOT give up EVER!! Fight 2 will be more of the same. Ben is NOT Gray Maynard..don’t forget that. And to which ever person said Ben didn’t finish Frankie….well who the fuck has? Riddle me that Batman! The kid’s been on the verge of being KO’d how many times but then Boo-Yah…pulls out the victory from the jaws of defeat….but it will NOT happen against Ben Henderson….he’s got too much skill & the speed/athleticism of Clay Quida!!! How the fuck do u stop that? Showtime kick(Pettis)that’s how!! Now, Shogun vs Hendo….what a fuckin battle!!! I was sooo excited when Dana announced Shogun was comin to the UFC….then he fought Forest Griffin & got fuckin embarrased!!! Hendo is THE MAN….the real deal! I wanna see a rematch of THAT fight!! Hendo beats the FUCK outta Shogun for 3 RDs but loses? How? Why? Who’s the blind, dyslexic kid scorin these fuckin fights? Geesh……..that is all for now!!!

    • Duh! says:

      First off..Pettis lost to Guida, which Henderson won. Pettis may have beaten Henderson a long time ago, but now he would never win. And with the Edgar rematch…Edgar deserves it. And he will probably win the second fight because he would have learned from his mistake. No, Bj didn’t beat Edgar! Edgar beat him twice and it’s just all those Bj fans who beleive he won! Face it! He didn’t!

      • 9lives304 says:

        I never said a word about BJ…notta, zilch, zero!! I’m just saying Ben is on a different level right now than the other LWs, and I gave Frankie a lot of props too….he’s no slouch either, but he WILL NOT beat Benson Henderson!!!!! Right now, Ben is untouchable….it’ll be a GREAT fight there’s no doubt about it!! I’m not downing anybody except judges….maybe ur another dyslexic kid…I don’t know nor do I care! I call this shit like I see it EVERY time!! I don’t pick favorites & I’m rarely wrong…that’s just facts! If u WANT Frankie to win, then good for u….but he gave it his all in the 1st fight and came up short, and that’s what will happen again! Like it or not! The only person in MMA I just DO NOT like is Chael Sonnen but if I thought he’d beat somebody, whether I like them or not, I’m gonna say I think he’ll win cuz I use what I’ve seen & what I know to form my win/lose opinions of these fights & as I’ve said I AM RARELY WRONG!! I even put it in big letters for u ok? So…whether u like it or not that’s the way it is….an educated, unbiased opinion based on facts & knowledge! I’m not gonna call someone a nut-hugger cuz they WANT somebody to win a fight. Ur a fan, good for u….these guys want/need fans! And BTW, the only reason I even brought up Pettis is cuz he’s the last person I “can remember” beating/stopping Benson Henderson!!! That is all for now.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Beside your pure MMA genius, don’t forget your unequaled humility. So I am wondering all-knowing and seeing mma guru…What is your analysis of Sonnen-Silva???

        • 9lives304 says:

          Hahahaha..(Bow to the audience)well, I see Sonnen taking Silva down @ will again! He’s a very dynamic wrestler/grappler & a great athlete TRT or not there’s no doubt. However, Silva always finds a way to win! He’s been a GREAT champion!! Whether u love him or hate him, he’s fun to watch. I mean who foreseen him doing that to Vitor? I figured he’d win but not like that! He is truly spectacular! Only Silva & Fedor ever held a belt for 5 str8 yrs in all of MMA history!! Whether he pulls off another submission, or kicks Chael’s brains out(which I personally would love to see)Anderson will find a way to win one way or another! Silva though, will NOT have an answer for Chael’s superior wrestling….but Chael had him on his back 4 1/2 RDs last time & could not finish him or even hurt him…it just seemed Silva waited for Chael to make a mistake so he could capitalize on it….and well…he did!!! Silva has brought in some of the best wrestlers/grapplers in the world to train for this fight….who could Chael possibly get to replicate Silva….NOBODY!!!!

        • WrestlingRules says:

          FAIL….Silva had NO answer for Sonnen last time. The only reason he won was NOT because of ANYTHING he did. HE WAS trying to submit Sonnen ALL FIGHT, you don’t think Sonnen knew that during the fight??? No guru, the reason Sonnen LOST that fight was because of SONNEN not the clown Silva. So your analysis fails. Sonnen’s stupidity lost that fight. So now we know your insight’s are all post fight bs. To prove me wrong , I challenge you to list before the fight card by card who wins. Then after the summer of fights are over, we’ll see if your abilities to pick winners is more than 50%. I doubt it. So you up for the challenge guru???

        • rondo says:

          Damn 9lives304……your good…real good!! But your WRONG this time Frankies got this….for sho!

        • 9lives304 says:

          The kid’s got the heart of a lion but I just don’t see Frankie pullin it off

  7. Blah says:

    I don’t see Bendo being Champ for long, even if he beats frankie again diaz will finish him.

    • 9lives304 says:

      Nick Diaz vs Bendo will be a GREAT fight!!! It’s hard to prepare for either of those guys stylistically speaking, so that’s a hard call for me! Can’t wait to see it though AFTER Bendo beats Frankie AGAIN!!!

  8. 9lives304 says:

    Of course I’m up for it! AND what I said was Silva waited for Sonnen to make a mistake and capitalized on it….which is EXACTLY what happened!!! Sonned talked shit about Silva’s BJJ blackbelt from the Nogeira Bros. And Silva said he’d submit Sonnen…..& he did!!!! As soon as Sonnen made that critical mistake…BOOM..triangle choke….TAPOUT!!!! I didn’t say Silva did anything but choke out Chael….is that not what I said? But yes I’ll take ur challenge. FOR SURE!!! Bet I’m at least 85% @ the end of the year

  9. 9lives304 says:

    Matter of fact I’ll start now: Silva beats Sonnen, Bendo beats Edgar, Jones beats Hendo, GSP beats Condit(if GSP can’t fight then Kampman beats Condit), Quida beats Maynard, V. Silva beats Franklin(hard call but who cares who wins that anyway). Lemme review the UFC fight cards and I’ll predict them all right now for u……….will that satisfy u?

    • WrestlingRules says:

      Yes…keep track through the year and I’ll keep mine….Yes??
      Sonnen beats Silva
      Edgar beats Bendo
      Jones beat Hendo
      GSP beats Condit (or Kampmann beats GSP)(Kampmann beats Hendricks)
      Maynard beats Guida
      Franklin beats Silva

      These are my picks and I expect to be around 50%. I’m not claiming like you are to be right most of the time. Matter of fact if you are NOT at 85%, your standard, then I would expect a mea culpa from you. If you are at 85% or above then I will mea culpa that you are right. Agreed??

      Please don’t predict the future cards as you know they will change. Just predict the day before the card is good enough….cool???

      • 9lives304 says:

        Deal……friday it’s on brotha man…..if I don’t know dick about a certain fighter(s) in a match do I still have to predict, or just the fighters I know? Cuz there’s a lot of newcomers in the game I just haven’t seen before or seen enough of to make a fair prediction! Or u wanna do the whole main card unless there’s well known fighters in an undercard fight? What do u think? If ur right more than I am, I MOST certainly will give u props for it!!! I bet $$$ on a lot of fights with my friends and honestly I am 85% on’em…..I’m not talkin outta my ass on that!!!

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Hey however you wan to do it. If you pass on a fight that;s cool. just make sure your prediction is out pre-fight. Also, I’m NOT saying I am going to beat you. I am saying I will be around 50% and you said you were at 85%. So this is about you and your ability to call 85% of the fights right…Is that cool??? I hope you do win 85% and win money form your friends, I just want to see you call 85% or more of fights right.

        • 9lives304 says:

          No problem…..we’ll work the rest of the details out tomorrow

        • 9lives304 says:

          UFC 147(if cards remain the same). My winners are: Wanderlei Silva, Fabricio Werdum, & even though I have no fuckin clue who the guy is he’s fighting…”Mutante”….other than that I don’t know who any of the other fighters are! Brazilian locals I’m guessin!

        • 9lives304 says:

          I’m basing a lot on the fact it’s in Brasil, but this is one card that I could easily be wrong on all 3…I haven’t seen Rich fight in a while, Werdum beat Fedor & beat Arlovski(though the judges called it for Arlovski) & I can’t place who the fuck Mike Russo is….so that’s who I chose & why! I will explain why I chose a certain fighter to win as well before every fight

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