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Monday, 02/10/2014, 05:45 pm

VIDEO | 10 Never Before Seen Gracie Challenge Fights That Pre-Date The UFC

At the birth place of the UFC, the Torrance California Gracie Academy played host to Mixed Bouts we now call, ‘Gracie Challenges’.

In an attempt to prove that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was the best martial art, they would open up their doors in Torrance and take on all-comers.

Recently the new generation of Gracies have released these tapes for the first time and we have them for your viewing pleasure.

Take a seat, watch some fights and brush up on your MMA history.



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  1. Michael marra says:

    If the blonde surfer guy had been trained in my that he would have destroyed his grace opponent. He had him locked up and could have rained knees for days. He didn’t throw a punch when he took down a grace in a guard either. I thought the lack of respect shown to him was subclass too.

    • trn450 says:

      He was definitely athletically gifted. His base, IMO, suggested he probably wrestled or something before. I think he didn’t throw punches or knees because he couldn’t. When they were clinched, his outside leg was reasonably well controlled most of the time so he needed his other leg for base. In guard, at least IME, you don’t throw punches easily unless you know how to work out of guard. It’s hard to maintain base against someone who knows how to play guard, and letting your arms fly free is asking for an arm lock or to get your back taken. I do agree though, I do wish the Gracies were more cordial. Only Rorion seems to go out of his way to play nice.

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