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Tuesday, 07/31/2012, 02:00 am

Vera Admits He Previously Thought He Could Win On Reputation Alone But Now Is Prepared For Shogun | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Dana White announced that the winner of the UFC on Fox 4 main event will get the next crack at the Light-Heavyweight Title.

Brandon Vera who is set to face Shogun in the main event comments on the opportunity given to him by the UFC while appearing on ‘Inside MMA’.

“It gives me goose bumps, man. This is America. This is the place that dreams were built on. Dreams were built here in America. I’m with the UFC, man. They gave me a huge opportunity, in ¬†itself, fighting ‘Shogun’ in the main event on FOX. On top of that, they just threw another bonus, today, that if I go out there and perform and beat ‘Shogun,’ I’ll get a second shot at Jon Jones. It’s almost overwhelming, but the way that I’ve been dealing with the pressure is just to go train hard like we started camp yesterday.”

Vera has gone (1-2-1) in his last four bouts in his last bout defeated Eliot Marshall at UFC 137. Vera comments on his preparation for the Shogun bout and states that he has stepped up his training and improved his attitude towards it.

“I brought back in all my Muay Thai coaches. I brought back in all my training partners, all across the country and the world. Alexander Gustafsson came in on a sparring day and gave me some. Everybody has been here and is showing up to support me in this. Everyone understands how big this opportunity is, what this could mean for myself, my career and for the UFC and the history of MMA. Everybody’s been supporting me — 100-percent. What has changed the most is my attitude toward training, things I should’ve been doing since day one.”

When asked about the things that he ‘should’ve been doing since day one’ Vera admitted he simply did not care enough about his fighting career.

“I should have been caring, man. I should’ve understood that I fight in the UFC, where the greatest fighters from around the world congregate to compete for the number one spot. And I didn’t treat it like that for a long time. I didn’t treat it like that at all. So, I understand where I’m at now. I understand.”

Vera also states that he has learned from his mistakes and admitted he was not putting the work in and thought he could win on reputation alone.

“After a while, I probably stated that people should just lose because my name was Brandon Vera. My name was ‘The Truth.’ You lose because of who I was, not because of what I was doing or putting into the sport. Not what I was putting into the bank, how hard I was training or the hours I was putting in.”

What’s your take on the Shogun vs. Vera fight will it be a Cinderella story for ‘The Truth’ or will he simply take a savage beating at the hands of Shogun Rua ?

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17 Responses to “Vera Admits He Previously Thought He Could Win On Reputation Alone But Now Is Prepared For Shogun | UFC News”

  1. Wrestler66 says:

    Savage beating for sure !!!

  2. Elite says:

    Shogun never loses twice in a row..

  3. DMAC says:

    I swear I think Vera been living under a rock for the past 5 yrs. irrelevant to say the least. After he turtled up from strikes I never looked at him the same. The dude talks a good game, gets you all interested in his fight then he puts on a weak performance. Has that all changed in his new found love for the sport, possibly, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

  4. Gabi says:

    Savage beating w/o a doubt be real and honest. He is not the fighter he used to be. I do like Vera well more like still do but not as much as I used to w/ the old Vera. When he and his lady were kicking ass. When he actually fought and used his brutal Muy Thai. But for the past few years he has not been the same. I forget what fight it was but that loss changed him forever. I hope he make a comeback but I highly doubt he’s getting past Rua. You know Rua wants a shot again at that belt. And a possessed Rua is a demon waiting to be set free to cause havoc. Lol. Maybe Vera’s next fight he will win and start a run. But honestly I don’t see it starting here. He has a chance but it is slight due to the simple fact he hasn’t been who he was years ago. Those knees were a thing of beauty and devestation as well as elbows. Like the guy just not in this one. Rua is getting better and Vera has one win after a loosing streak, being cut but brought back due to a dirty test (luck if I’ve seen any) of his opponent. Please Vera fight a tought fight and if you lose at least lose in a not worthy fashion. Sucks I like the old Vera more then Rua honestly. Love his style of fighting. But should be a good one. At least I hope it is.

    • Gabi says:

      Muay Thai my bad

      Also when I went to fix the typo it showed a different persons name and email address wrf is that. I hope that doesn’t happen to me. I DO NOT want people just getting my email address you know

  5. M says:

    I hope that Vera at least puts up a good fight. There’s always a chance but they’re pretty slim against an accomplished striker w a lot of heart and a solid chin.

    Shogun by KO round2

  6. Mike says:

    Even if you won I don’t think you should fight Jon Jones. It should be alexander gustafsson he beat Thiago Silva undefeated in UFC. Brandon Vera got dominated by Thiago Silva, even though he messed with his urine. Alexander has a legitimate chance to beat Jon Jones.

    • Devilock138 says:

      Neither Gustaffson nor Thiago were undefeated in the UFC when they fought each other. Lyoto Machida KOd Thiago to break his undefeated record. I think Gustaffson got choked out in one of his first few fights in the UFC. Thinking on physical attributes, Gustaffson has a chance and he has a pretty solid record, but I would like to see him fight one of these 4 guys before he gets a shot at a title.

  7. punchkick says:

    title shot is handed to shogun on a silver platter. war shogun!

  8. Drew says:

    Honestly It wasn’t until the couture fight did I really start to respect his game However i don’t see Vera giving shogun some troubles
    For sure because he sounds as fired up and determined as he was against randy and I believe did drop randy or almost did a bunch of times but randy has one of those china that u have to hit it perfectly on the button for him to go down dudes captain America for a reason so it will be good to see shogun for Vera but neither of them can best jones… Jones broke Veras orbital and shogun was going to tap on his last drop to the ground. I’m not disrespecting either because I really like shoguns humility yet he is a killer in the cage. Shogun is a true fucking war like bj taking damage but going forward the whole time

  9. Pijan says:

    Who is MMACRAVER and why are they popping up on my email and name? Anyways, why in the fuck would Vera think his reputation would get him a win, lmfao. Against Rua, this guy is a comedian, he’s in the wrong game. Lol, he lost to Jardine, he hasn’t been relevant since the HW division, and he still lost to Sylvia. This guy is a joke, hopefully Rua dispatches him early. I think a more motivated Rua could stand a chance against Bones, specially if he can get close enough. Not to discredit or doubt Hendo, but let’s be real. This isn’t STRIKEFORCE and to be fair, he beat Fedor after he’d fallen off.

  10. Koshchek sucks says:

    Rua will stomp this fool. Where does Dana get off bringing Vera out of the woodworks for a potential title shot. Vera should have to fight Forest Griffin first.

  11. T.DADDY says:

    I hope the vera that beat mir shows up.. he was a beast when he first came on the scene… I’m going for vera on this one

  12. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Very got owned by Elliot Marshall and now he thinks he can beat Shogun. Vera not even in same league as Shogun

  13. Dick Diaz says:

    this guy use to be a fighter i really supported but he’s never grown up… he sounded like such an immature child on the UFC on FOX preflight show. even in defeat this guy doesn’t show any humility….

  14. Clay says:

    Vera has size on shogun. Theyll both have about the same stamina. I think shogun will when because Vera will have ring rust. But Vera is going to bring it forsure

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