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Saturday, 05/26/2012, 10:41 pm

Velasquez vs. JDS II? | UFC President "Likes The Idea" | UFC NEWS

With Overeem getting suspended for having an elevated T/E ratio, former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir filled the main event void tonight against Junior dos Santos and failed.

The once stacked heavyweight division has thinned out in contender depth and one man stood out amongst the rest tonight. That man was former champion Cain Velasquez.

Just one fight removed from his original showdown against Junior dos Santos, Cain was able to put himself right back in line for a title shot with his one-sided pounding of Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva this evening in the UFC 146 co-main event.

During the post-fight press conference UFC president Dana White shared the sentiment of many MMA fans and conceded that Cain Velasquez has likely earned his rematch against Junior dos Santos.

Will the fight get booked? It appears likely at this point, not only because Cain is deserving, but because there is no one else really worthy of throwing in there with the champ.


52 Responses to “Velasquez vs. JDS II? | UFC President "Likes The Idea" | UFC NEWS”

  1. rlm says:

    How about Hunt?

  2. Fett says:

    Cain vs JDS II sounds great. I would love to see Josh Barnett vs Frank Mir. Mark Hunt vs Roy Nelson. Struve vs Tim Sylvia. Dan Hardy vs BJ Penn. Jamie Varner vs Diego Sanchez. Just throwing out some oddball undercards that seem entertaining.

    • The outlaw says:

      Your a fcking moron. None of those fights make sense.. Go back to watching strikeforce and bellator because you don’t know shit!!

      • UFC : Ultimate Fighter Corporation says:

        and you do?? lolz. How about you go back to the rock you crawled out from under. It misses you.

        • keep fitch (forever) says:

          Outlaw shut the fuck up u ugly looking pile of shit. Those were great match ups. Exciting fights if ur an MMA fan and dont enjoy this then go die u fucking piece of shit.

      • cntybollax says:

        surely as an mma fan you would watch all of these anyway????

  3. Zach says:

    ^^^ I actually like those fights

  4. DAMN! says:

    Holy shit Cain was on beast mode tonight. The way he demolished Big Foot was more brutal than how he demolished Brock. I laughed so hard after the pre-fight video of Big Foot saying He’s a better striker, ground fighter and wrestler.

    • Clay says:

      Cain has always been unreal. He got caught by the champ. He would have beat Mir too

      • norcal santa cruz says:

        raising cain!
        that was a mayan bloodletting ritual.
        i thought he was going to pull bigfoots heart out of his chest!
        he was so pumped, he looked like he was in a trance when the ref stopped the fight.
        total destruction.
        you’re right, he would have done the same thing to mir.
        blood bath.

    • E says:

      that shit reminded me of bj vs joe stevenson. the ground and pound was beautiful. if cain took bigfoots back and rnc’d i would definitely say that he looks like bj penn fighting.

    • Mc says:

      Cain got KO’d in 60 seconds by JDS an tonight he was dominate but a little short elbow made it look much much worse than it really was. If it wasn’t for the blood it woulda taken him longer to finish Bigfoot. Bigfoot sucks I don’t see how beating him gets u a rematch w/ someone that fn destroyed ya.

  5. warrior808 says:

    I wanna see hapa fight either mir, Nelson, hunt, or carwin next. He beats any 2 of those guys then I say hes next in line for a title shot after Cain.

  6. #1 Haole says:

    Hunt will never be the champ. And Cain will be the next one for the belt. Even though he has a gang tattoo across his chest

  7. #1 Haole says:

    Hunt will never be the champ. And Cain will be the next one for the belt. Even though he has a gang tattoo across his chest.

  8. #1 Haole says:

    Hunt will never be the champ. And Cain will be the next one for the belt. Even though he has a gang tattoo across his chest. So I guess I’ve been blocked from this site

  9. stephen Riddle says:

    Jds is keeping that belt get used to it and bk vs hunt would be a great fight!

  10. Hugh says:

    Apparently ESPN is saying either Velasquez or Cormier should be JDS’s next fight.

  11. Jujitsu Player says:

    Cain was brutal last night, and it’s hard to argue against a rematch with JDS. I would like to see JDS fight someone else in between, wish Overroid wasn’t such a douche because that would be great…..

  12. Christopher D says:

    Cormier should get a shot. It would be interesting to see him in the UFC.

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      I want to see Cormier in the UFC but I think he should have one fight before he gets a shot, maybe against Big Country or Cain with the winner getting a shot. I personally think Werdum should to be next in line for JDS.

  13. Dude says:

    I agree but if Cormier were to win it would put two teammates against each other, who train and learn from each other.

  14. 11bangbang says:

    Strike force guys don’t seem to do well in the UFC it’s crazy.

  15. lol says:

    Mir must be feeling pretty good right about now about facing junior instead of cain even though he got knocked out, Cain is just a scary dude but very humble and respectable just like dos santos. It was crazy how cain manhandled a guy 30 pounds heavier than him it was just pure domination, silva’s hands were as big as cains head.

  16. Broman145 says:

    Hardy vs Rory Mac!

  17. maurice says:

    man fuck this fight. cain aint ready for jds yet. cain needs to fight atleast 1 or 2 more top dogs. it wasnt even that long ago when jds knocked his ass out. cain fucked big foot up in dramatic fashion. but thats the same old cain vs bigfoot slow ass with his weak chin.

    • 11bangbang says:

      Who are the 1 or 2 top dogs that you feel are ahead of Cain in the rankings? Overroid is out for a year mind you. Cormier and Barnet aren’t signed to UFC yet. In my opinion Cain is the top contender.

  18. Brend0magic says:

    whoever said Tim Sylvia vs….anyone, is stupid. Tim Sylvia sucks and shoulda retired before he tarnished what rep he had left.

  19. MAR says:

    Does Big County not want a shot at the title?

  20. 11thhour says:

    I can’t wait for Cain to fight JDS again and take him down and turn him into a bitch. Fuck brazil they have enough titles as it is.

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