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Thursday, 10/17/2013, 09:50 am

Velasquez Unfazed By Junior’s ‘hits like a girl’ Assessment

After their second altercation in the cage, Junior dos Santos came out and stated that the champ, Cain Velasquez, hits like a girl.

An astonishing notion considering the appearance of the Brazilian’s face (pictured) following their 25-minute combat that he handily lost.

The champion, Cain Velasquez got the opportunity to respond to this assessment yesterday during the UFC 166 pre-fight media event.

“With a loss people try to take something positive from it. That was all he could do. I didn’t finish the fight. But it doesn’t get under my skin.”


32 Responses to “Velasquez Unfazed By Junior’s ‘hits like a girl’ Assessment”

  1. lou sasshole says:

    5 rounds of getting tagged and still wouldnt go down….

  2. Big daddy says:

    That’s a pretty vicious girl!

  3. squid says:

    junior’s face looks pregnant here

  4. Sasquatch says:

    LOL… yeah looks like a chick has been beating him alright!

  5. maddkillah says:

    if you want a person to suffer beat them slowly…even worst than a ko…

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