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Saturday, 09/03/2011, 07:56 am

Velasquez Happy To Introduce The FOX Audience To The UFC

“The (UFC) took care of (the loss of pay-per-view income). They’re telling us we’re going to make so much out of it. It’s all working out, so we’re happy. … I’m happy that they chose our fight. It’s perfect timing. I want everybody on Fox to see my fighting style, to really become a fan of the sport. The way that I throw and the types of fights that Dos Santos has, it’s going to do that. We’re going to be guys that people are going to be looking to.”

UFC heavyweight champion, Cain Velasquez, talks to USA Today about the UFC’s decision to put him in the headlining slot for the first ever UFC on Fox this November.


48 Responses to “Velasquez Happy To Introduce The FOX Audience To The UFC”

  1. PimpnHard says:

    What a f**king fight!! Can’t f**king wait for this one especially since it’s on free TV now!

  2. allmightysandman says:

    gonna be sick…free is nice. Don’ t even know if I can (or want to) pick a winner…could go either way.

  3. bdizz says:

    Cain in round 2

  4. Danny says:

    Cain by Dominating Decision

  5. Xaninho says:

    It’ll be a KO, TKO or a submission, but impossible to predict who will be victorious in this one. I can’t wait to see it. I like both fighters, both are humble and respectful guys outside the cage and bring it inside….

  6. Scott says:

    This is definitely gonna be a slobberknocker

  7. OakCliffTopdog says:

    Cain in rd 3. Brown Pride!!!

  8. hah sure hes happy now but ask him if hes happy after the fight.

  9. Russ Cronin says:

    Junior Dos Santos is going to bring a completely different level of striking to the game.. and if Cain cant! keep Dos santos down he will be tagged and will be taken out with precise and picked shots.. if you really think hes going to dominate Dos Santos i feel bad for you who has cain dominated brock? people people brock isnt a fighter hes a wrestler No striking no chin nothin! and quite frankly after the big nog destruction of heavy handed schaub i have to throw in my two cents and say who knows what a rematch would ever look like.. oh yeah jake o brian laugh all the previous guys cain fought were stepping stones.. junior has knocked out or out struck and dropped and dominated EVERY oppenet he has ever faced! In the UFC.. just take a quick second and explain to me why cains going to win this but before you do take out the words brock lesnar from your minds big nog and the word beast!

    • Fox Hound JD says:

      ok jackass tell me why JDS will win and dont use the words striking, take down defense, and Shane Carwin… your a fuckin idiot bro. people throw the phrase “fuckin idiot” around online a lot but i think it applies here. both fighters are awesome and aren’t undefeated for nothin. fuckin clown.

      • Ryan says:

        well junior has better hands but cain has better standup all around. but junior covers distance faster. junior has fought better fighters except brock and brocks tough to beat hes athletic as hell. i dont really think there will be much ground fighting even though cain is a hell of a wrestler but dos santos is hard to get down and keep down but dos santos has been submitted, so i think itll go either way and a battle the whole time.

        • is junior harder to takedown more so then Brock..doubt it, is brock stronger then junior ..yeah, and who control brock’s strength and wrestling..Cain Did! Junior is tough ..but will not have enuf for the The Latin Emperor..period!

        • Russ Cronin says:

          first off it was a sloppy takedown cain got on brock and didnt hold him there for longer then 15 seconds and he already landed some decent shots on brock he may be big but his chin sucks and brock isnt a fighter.. you will all see just because cain look so great against brock is because brock has no stand up if you put gold next to shit of course gold will shine more there is going to be a new champion mark my words and latin emperor the regular emperror in general had a a career bent on keeping him fighting against fights they know he could win or at least make it through to decision no offense but if theres an emperror its anderson silva

        • Fortyb4five says:

          lol shut the fuk up Ross. Your words are shit.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          junior is way harder to take down than brock. ive never seen anyone take junior down i saw cain and mir take brock down – mir by kneebar that counts as a takedown.

      • Russ Cronin says:

        I can perfectly explain why he will win because Junior believes in himself and not just his abilitys and im an idiot lol clearly i am because im the one who got my nerves struck enough to throw f bombs at some random person obviously someones a cain fan but trying to not say directly or be disrespectful of the other fighter

        • Russ Cronin says:

          this is going to be a perfect heavyweight fight better then any in a long time but im just breaking it down.. and how is cains standup better jds just out struck the most heavy handed guy in shane carwin.. cain is a ground and pounder thats how hes one just about all of his fights in the ufc and past he wanted nothing to do with striking when it came to the kongo fight which is why he DIDNTstand with kongo juniors a way better striker then kongo so thats ridiculous. the only reason why people think cains stand up is superior is because of the tko of lesnar and lesnar has NO striking Period and is a nobody when lesnar beat carwin shane going into that 2nd round with brock it was basicly like fighting a bear with no arms legs or body which incase you havent put that together is just a head which isnt that scary.. all you did was call me an idiot and say its a great fight i broke the two down Your welcome!

        • Justa Thought says:

          Wouldn’t exactly agree with everything RC but Thanx for making good points. I believe Cain has a few more tools. JDS? Well He’s just JDS and I love to watch him fight. I believe if Cain doesn’t smother JDS early, those tools of Cains may not make it out of the box.

        • Lobo Draco says:

          “JDS is gonna win cause hw believes in himself” hahaha! Dude are u like 5? The other dude was right you are kindof an idiot! Lol! Cain will destroy JDS, period! Have u ever even seen Cain fight out of the UFC? Fuckn’ mma newbies!

    • dontbescaredhomie says:

      What happened too big nog? He got put out with a sick combo! Who has jds put out with a crisp clean combo like that? Wait….. That’s right nobody you’re a moron too think jds is some striking god and is a 2000 times better than cain at striking you’re so wrong. Cain can mix all his shots up kicks, punches and take him down not just throw punches like junior. Plus if you’re going too talk about the list of people junior has has fought it’s not much better. He’s only beat two good fighters being carwin and werdum.

      • Heath says:

        True… Jds is a very good striker but he’s fighting a more complete fighter from the ground up.. Not to mention Cain’s endurance level.. Cain will be able to dictate where this fight takes place. JDS needs to knock out Cain or be manhandled on the ground and possibly finished or submitted and I dont think he will have much luck on the feet either, Cain is just to much fighter.. Brown Pride , round 2 tko..

      • Russ Cronin says:

        I think everyone should no by now it doesnt matter what you do anywhere else but the OCTAGON its a different level of competition so cains fights outside the UFC dont mean to much to me junior has tasted a submission defeat everyone needs a lrgitimate loss before they can become the most complete fighter there able to and cain well he hasnt lost already and for you saying werdum as a top fighter well im not even going to comment that .. and yeah he believes in himself and not just his power or abilites like carwin did… newbie thats funny when ever i make a decent argument theres always someone like you who says nothing back besides im an idiot or a newbie or people like you make the sport look foolish bla bla bla ive heard them all before you just dont have anything to bring back to me your just a fan of the oppisite fighter so its ok to get angry But God Bless You anyway!

      • Jmad says:

        thank you! and for the comment up above about JDS believing in himself and that’s why he’s gonna win. That was funny but I’m pretty sure Cain feels the same way, so… ya…..

  10. Troy says:

    This will be a good fight that will end before the last round. JDS!

  11. Lobo Draco says:

    Of Cain comes back 100% healed and well conditioned and trained (at the level he was at) he will DESTROY Junior. Period!

  12. T.DADDY says:

    Fight of the year! two Beasts!

    junkie is a lil biznitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  13. BobbO says:

    I am sure somebody will be crying about the brown pride tattoo. ~BobbO

  14. Johnny says:

    Cain is gonna win, if jds cant knock out roy nelson well he sure has hell wont knock out Cain. cain will win by take downs and ground and pound plus heart

  15. Jacob G says:

    Cain has the best cardio for any HW but he it will be almost 14 months since his last fight! Hard to say what’s gonna happen. Gonna be some fireworks though!

  16. africanamericanshadowboxing says:
  17. Dana Black says:

    Cain all day, every day, even on holidays!

  18. mmadred says:

    sweet! “slobberknocker” good ol’ jr

  19. SVUSO3 says:

    I’m a fan of both fighters but pulling for JDS. Both fighters are pretty evenly matched(my opinion) except and what I think is gonna decide the fight is cardio. Cain of course has the best cardio in the HW division but if JDS trains hard in building his cardio and take down defense, it will be a tough night for both fighters and a great fight for the fans.

  20. Get real people, JDS is gonna knock the f*ck out Cain… If Kongo drop him, JDS is gonna get him to sleep badly…

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