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Tuesday, 04/17/2012, 01:56 pm

Valentijn Overeem unaware of brothers TRT needs

By Lewis Mckeever:
Alistair’s brother and fellow MMA fighter, Valentijn Overeem, is bewildered by The Reem’s elevated levels of testosterone. With the recent gossip of Alistair obtaining a TRT exemption from the docs, in an effort to justify his sea biscuit heights of testosterone, brother Valentijn is oblivious to any medical condition his brother may suffer from:

“Because I know him so well that I think I should be aware of something like that,” Valentijn Overeem today told “If that was the case, I think I would know. I would be surprised.”

The former Strikeforce fighter then proceeds to declare that his brother is already likely to have higher natural levels of testosterone:

“There are different reasons why someone could have high testosterone,” Valentijn Overeem said. “Taking steroids is one of them. Some people have natural testosterone at a high level anyway. I’m not saying my brother is one of those people, but there’s more possibilities. If the [athletic commission] tests the sample again, just to make sure there were no mistakes, I think that would be a good start.”

Valentijn seems convinced that his brother’s random test came back with unreliable data and that another examination would rectify those mistakes:

“There are certain rules, and athletes have to abide by the rules,” Valentijn Overeem said. “If there would be a second opinion or a second test, I’m sure that would change the result. The bottom line is, I think everybody just wants to know the truth. So by being transparent and double checking it, that won’t harm anyone.”

“You’re innocent until proven guilty, and I think that’s the way it should be,” he said. “Look at Lance Armstrong; they’ve been talking about him taking stuff forever. Because you’re a very good athlete and winning a lot of events doesn’t necessarily mean that (you take performance-enhancing drugs). That just means that you’re very dedicated and talented. I think that’s the case with Alistair.

“There are always going to be people that say, ‘I knew this. I knew that.’ But then again, let [the commission] do whatever they have to do, and we’ll see the result in the end when things are final. I think it’s a bit early to jump to conclusions.”

The very notion of Overeem wriggling his way free of a failed drug test reporting a 14:1 testosterone ratio seems absurd, but given the fact that Dana White has shut down the rally for Mark Hunt and signalled the green light for the Mir/Velasquez bout, it appears as though the bosses behind the scenes know something we don’t. What possible trick could The Reem have hidden up his sleeve, if not for TRT exemption? Next Tuesday’s NSAC commission hearing couldn’t be further away.


18 Responses to “Valentijn Overeem unaware of brothers TRT needs”

  1. EBM FTW says:

    I don’t know about this. But to me, he is innocent till proven guilty.

  2. jbeamazing says:

    take Alistair Overeem minus the roids and he is Valentijn Overeem

    • bestcommentiveread says:

      Best comment i have read after a year of visiting this website

    • Mat says:

      Except that Valentijn tapped out to Chad Griggs stirkes… Maybe Alistair would look like him, but he is way tougher and more dedicated. I’m sure the testosterone helped AO, but it didn’t do the work for him. He’s still one hundred percent more dedicated than his brother, who could have been great but never was.

  3. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Cats out of the bag. I thought Lance got caught but I guess they couldn’t prove it.

  4. BengalTiger says:

    Good grief, everyone knows that he’s juicing BIG TIME! As a former national competitor bodybuilder, I can tell you first hand that he’s definitely taken HGH, (huge forehead, like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s), and he’s obviously taken/taking large amounts of anabolic steroids, evident from the increased muscle mass he’s put on in recently.

    • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

      well with that comment i very much doubt you were a competitor bodybuilder.
      its mainly the chin with HGH and not the forehead.
      if someone over abuses steroids they get pegnancy belly as steriods affect organ/vein growth as well as muscles.
      This is not over a short time, hes been getting massive since he left pride which was back in 2007. over a course of 5 years hes put on weight and he was a very muscular middleweight before that for k1 and pride.

      Im not saying he might not have used anything recently, he may well have and its very likely.

      Im just pointing out that you are chatting shit and know nothing about his progression to heavyweight.

      also Bas rutten would be the first to call him out since there is a massive fued with golden glory who managed him from when he started

  5. gib says:

    If you can’t tell the Reem has/is taking test you are an idiot. Cool the commission finally popped him with a urine test for what’s visible to the eye. And Arnold used D-Bol and used year long. Hgh might be something Arny is fucking with now, but not when he was winning Mr. Universes’.

    Innocent til proven guilty? Umm, he was innocent before his urine came back as 14:1. That my friend is as sure of a way to tell if a kid in school is doing his homework with a pop quiz. The Reem failed, hard.

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  7. youngmma-er says:

    All the hype leading to the biggest fight of the year, and pretty close to one of the best fights of all time. I don’t know what to believe in, but I kind of hope he does fight. I really want to see this, and even though I like him I hope he looses so no one calls him a cheat. Then he can slowly build himself back up “clean” i really do hope this happens.

  8. Diogo says:

    Mark my words, Overeem will fight JDS.
    He will pull out, i don’t know how, but he will.
    I dont agree with this, but it’s a fight i wanna see, and hope JDS makes a hole in Uber’s face

  9. Din mamma är begagnad says:

    I want to see the fight so give JDS Some horsemeat to!

  10. Gabriel says:

    I hope he’s cleared to fight, and he absolutely stays clear of roids going forward.

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