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Thursday, 11/15/2012, 07:29 am

Update: Shane Carwin Will Not Require Surgery; Looking to Return in February


Yesterday it was reported that former UFC Interim Heavyweight Champion Shane Carwin had blown out his knee and was forced out of his December 15th bout with fellow Ultimate Fighter coach Roy Nelson.

Carwin’s manager confirmed with BJPenn.Com this morning that the injury will not require surgery and that Carwin is shooting for a February return to the Octagon.

Carwin and Nelson were scheduled to main event the TUF 16 Finale after coaching opposite one another on The Ultimate Fighter this season. There is certainly no love loss between the two and Carwin will more than likely look to fight Nelson once he is cleared to return to action.

Carwin has been out of action since June of 2011 where he lost via unanimous decision to Junior Dos Santos in a number one contenders bout. He has had surgeries on his back and neck over the past few years which has limited him to just three fights since March of 2010.

Carwin will be a guest on BJPenn.Com Radio next week where he will discuss his injury, his TUF team and his future.


7 Responses to “Update: Shane Carwin Will Not Require Surgery; Looking to Return in February”

  1. TheTude says:

    Bump Bigfoot, lets see Carwin and Overeem, that would be a great one. Huge test for Overeems chin and also we can see how he stands up to a great UFC competitor when he is clean.

    • +1 says:

      awesome idea. Carwin has one hell of a chin to take that many strikes from dos santos and overeem doesnt. chuck liddell and shogun koed overeem so i think that carwin can

  2. BRYANT says:


  3. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Yep thats exactly what i was going to say. Its obvious he was being alot more careful because of the publicity of TUF finale and i’m POSITIVE he was tipped off about random test (even though state athletic commission testing is a joke at best)
    carwin refused VADA testing which tests fro HGH, EPO’s, designer steroids (Conte special) so he was probably off to make sure in case he was forced to do VADA and now he’s not ready. You could just tell he was looking shrivled up and weak on TUF during fights. There is a good reason Carwin only fights every 2.5 years. Sherk was on same schedule and prob still is. same behavior by all the bigtime JUICERS

    • A. Chung says:

      I couldn’t agree more with what you said. How does a blown knee one day becomes a sprang the next day? Doctors are not the incompetent that they would be that wishy washy about their diagnosis.

  4. dr kildare says:

    he should Hang it up, he is an injury waiting to happen, again. Steroids does that to a man.

  5. Devilock138 says:

    Let him fight overeem and both be juiced to the max.

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