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Saturday, 02/09/2013, 12:53 pm

Unwilling To Fight At 135 Pounds, Cris Cyborg Decides To Commit Career Suicide And Ask For UFC Release | UFC NEWS

Lets be honest, Tito Ortiz didn’t really do that great of a job managing his own career as a fighter.

That’s probably why he doesn’t have a flock of guys lining up to sign with his management services. The highest profile athlete on his roster is currently female slugger, Cris Cyborg.

The female phenom, probably at the advice of her manager, is refusing to shed 10 pounds on her already gargantuan frame to keep a place on the UFC’s female roster.

With experts like Mike Dolce willing to help her make the transition, her manager still proclaims that it’s just impossible and as a result would like the UFC to release the former champion from her contract!

Is anybody buying that Cyborg can’t lose the weight?


38 Responses to “Unwilling To Fight At 135 Pounds, Cris Cyborg Decides To Commit Career Suicide And Ask For UFC Release | UFC NEWS”

  1. Hendog831 says:

    Shes got bigorexia!lol she can make the weight, but won’t like what the look in the mirror….refer to Ben Henderson view on ped users.

  2. Robert Fleites says:

    I’m 6ft tall 190 lbs and have hung out with Cris very many times. If you see my pics with her, she looks as big as I am easily. If you’ve never cut weight you shouldn’t talk

    • AJ says:

      Funny, I have met her on numerous occasions and she is nowhere near 190, or looking like someone that is 190. Other fighters have had to cut far more weight than 10 pounds, many times. She could, but she won’t for 2 reasons: 1.) she is afraid of Rousey, though she talks a big game, she won’t shed the minimal 10 lbs. to back up her own claims, and 2.) Tito hates Dana White. As her manager, obviously he will do whatever he can to try and stick it to Dana. Their feud goes WAY back, and is one of the biggest reasons for all of this, if not the biggest reason.

      • Sobby Sapp says:

        It’s not just 10 pounds she has to lose, it’s ANOTHER 10 pounds on what she already has to drop. Either way I don’t care. Cyborg vs Sonnen for the LHW title. Make it happen Dana!

  3. Cyroid says:

    Cyroid sucks and needs to go away and so does tito.

  4. defaince says:

    what is afraid of losing weight or is afraid of losing a fight at 135 from ronda rousey. or is she taking banned substances so that she is not losing weight but gaining it

  5. derp says:

    end of the day she is not the champ and if she cant fight at the champs weight class than she can gtfo out. or let them fight at 140 but it would not be for the belt that would be like cheating

  6. kevin koyl says:

    I don’t like cutting weight either, why is there only 1 weight class for females? They should go all the way up to heavyweight too! Pretty unfair I say!!

  7. DC says:

    men can get down to 3%-5% body fat and still be healthy and function, women need at least 11-12 % body fat before it starts to effect their overall health in a negative way. Women who crash diet can start to have health problems as low as 15 t0 16 % body fat. Cyborg is already at a low percentage of body fat, Cyborg would have to shed alot of that muscle she gained from the use of steroids and I don’t think she wants too because she would loose her advantage.

    • scotty says:

      Very educated post and agree which people need to understand.. Except for the fact that she didnt use a steroid for muscle gaining(may have in the past).. But what she got caught using was a specific steroid thats used by bodybuilders and fighters for help cutting weight easier and helps maintain strength as your muscles deplete from the weight cut..

  8. MrSoloDolo says:

    Wow. Tito is a bad manager! Cyborg signed up knowing that there wasn’t a 145 lbs weight class in the UFC Women’s Division…

    I don’t know where the confusion is, or was?

    Personally, I love Rousey but I think Cyborg would handle her. Cyborg’s striking is on a whole other level.

    What they should do, is a Super Fight!!!! Cyborg Vs. Jose Aldo!!! They weigh the same, and the way that Joe Silva has been handing out Title Shots…. lol!

  9. breodg says:

    the ufc doesnt seem intrested in wmma outside the 135lbs limit. it is getting real old just because cyborg failed for roids people automatically assume “if she quit the roids she can make the weight”. well it isnt that easy. the steroid she failed for is a type that is supposed to help burn fat to help aid in weight cutting. so she clearly was barely making 145, so yes 135 is probably out of reach. i hope they release her so she can go fight in Invicta FC. why hang out the ufc where they have been clear there will be no wmma outside of 135 (protecting rousey imo considering she has already fought and won at 145 but now seems to only fight at 135 hmmm wonder why?) cyborg is off spension, get out of the ufc so she can fight i say, she isnt anything more than a ufc contract right now and that is all she will ever be there imo.

  10. nick says:

    How hard is this to figure out..

    This woman has a good amount of MUSCLE on her frame, right?

    Lose 5 pounds of muscle. IT’S AS SIMPLE AS THAT. She definitely, positively can do that. Is it hard? Of course. But Tito is simply playing hardball here.. he’s showing the UFC he’s willing to walk away. That’s it. He knows the UFC wants this fight, and he knows if she loses 5 lbs of muscle she will be slower and less powerful. He knows its not impossible to cut the weight.. and no one is saying it needs to come from fat. Cut the muscle. Diet. Mike Dolce. “Impossible” is laughable

    I guarantee she doesn’t get released.

    • Rob says:

      Ur cooked shed 5 pounds of muscle would be detrimental to her abilities moving up and down weight classes can ruin ur natural talent look what happened to Roy jones

  11. Dave says:

    We care. Where’s my snot rag?

  12. Al says:

    Tito is just trying to bluff the UFC. But if the UFC calls his bluff and releases Cris Cyborg they’ll both be SOL.

  13. Bryan says:

    STFU Tito. Bring in an actual nutritionist, not some loudmouth who’s major talent now is making excuses.

  14. Kevin says:

    1st. She is getting the raw end of the deal by listening to Tito, Tito is just trying to use her to get at Dana.
    2nd. If they really piss Dana off he will buy any other organization just so she can’t fight, Dana’s pockets are 100 times deeper then Mr. Ortiz.
    3rd I like Ronda but even at 135 Cyborg would own her, Ronda just does not have the striking and even at 135 Cyborg would be about 150 at the time of the fight and still to strong.

  15. Sal says:

    Its always about Tito..fkn pyscho path!

  16. c says:

    Rare, but I agree with Tito. Personally I think Cyborg is doing her part by saying she’d make 140. Rhonda has fought at 145 multiple times and is a big 135er, 140 wouldn’t be a major disadvantage for her. They are wanting it to be for a championship, but the GSP vs. Anderson will probably be at a catchweight as well. Let them fight at 140, the fans just want to see the fight.

    • you sir,are a moron says:

      The belt is in the 135 pound division…the only female weight class in the UFC .fight in that weight class or go to another organization. end of story

  17. milos says:

    LOL at career suicide,as far as ladies ar concerned all the big names are in invicta,and that is the place that she could have an actual competition while in ufc there is not even 145 division…

    • Tincat says:

      Milos, what do you think is going to happen to the top fighters in Invicta when the UFC decides the 135 woman’s division is a money maker and puts out the recruitment notice?

      Invicta will be a feeder organisation paying it’s fighters 2k to 30k a fight and all the UFC girls will be on that money minimum plus bonuses plus much better sponsorship deals.

      Cyborg will potter out the rest of her career being the best fighter to never make it into the mainstream. It’s a shame.

  18. robert h says:

    She can make the weight if she STOPS JUICING!!!! Fuck that Tito knows damn well she can make the weight she’ll just lose that man strength she has.

  19. BJ Fan says:

    When did Tito become an expert on women cutting weight? Why not use the weight cutting expert(Dolce) who said he could absolutely help Manborg, on the ufc’s dime no less? Unfortunately, Manborg and Tito are both idiots and this fight will never happen for that reason. She commited career suicide the minute she signed with him. She did this to herself by ruining her body with fake chemical enhancement and now she finally realizes the consequence. Too bad for her but it’s time to move on.

  20. Kender says:

    First she said that there is no way she can make 135. Then she can, oh wait not 135 maybe 140. Now back to 145.
    She needs to go where there is a 145 weight class or she could stay with the UFC and have everyone else move up to 145 so she can have people to fight.

  21. 2Guys1Cup says:

    She can lose 10 pounds just by cutting off her balls.

  22. Judge Judy says:

    Tito’s bluffing. Very weak (and detrimental)route to follow. Prove yourself cyborg. and stop being a “tito” Tito

  23. Funkmastabuzz says:

    Tito said after this interview “My performance on Inside MMA, would of been much better, but Iv just had neck surgery, knee surgery, fused disk on t4-t5, and me and Jenna are over cus she wont get help”


  24. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    I don’t see the problem. The only current female weightclass in the UFC is 135 lbs. Can’t make that weight? Then the UFC is not the organization for you….Just shut up and off to Invicta then!

  25. Don Juan says:

    Her balls, cock, and adam’s apple weigh ten pounds so it must be difficult for her/him.

  26. Silk the Shockah says:

    Bas seemed to buy it so I guess I do too

  27. Chuck Palmer says:

    Cyborg is a great lady, snd even better fighter, and it seem unreasonable to make someone with 5% body fat cut 10lbs, when they will just gain it all back in a few hours any how; DO A CATCH WEIGHT!

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