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Wednesday, 08/07/2013, 05:24 pm

Union Attempts to Block Licensing of Chael Sonnen in Boston; Hearing Set For Thursday

In the weeks leading up to UFC Fight Night 26: Shogun vs. Sonnen, which is set to launch FOX Sports 1 on August 17th at the TD Bank Grand Garden, several concerns have arisen that may have New Englander’s on edge as time draws closer to the event.

First there was licensing issues regarding all the foreign fighters on the card like Mauricio “Shogun” Rua and Alistair Overeem. The Massachusetts State Boxing Comission typically does not license fighters without social security numbers, and combatants hailing from other countries sometimes do not have a SSN. The issue was quickly resolved and all was well for the time being.

Then just this week FOX Sports 1 reported that unions were attempting to ban minors from the event, but the latest drama in this sequence of events involves one of main event athletes, Chael Sonnen. MMAJunkie reported earlier today that another union is attempting to block the licensing of “The American Gangster” less than two weeks before fight night.

MMAJunkie reports that Unite Here, a New York and Washington D.C. based union, has issued a complaint surrounding Sonnen’s felony conviction of money laundering from 2011, citing “moral turpitude” surrounding his conviction. It appears Chael Sonnen’s fate will be determined behind closed doors tomorrow in a meeting with the MSBC. MMAJunkie spoke with Terrel Harris, a Department of Public Saftey representative who told the site, “The commissioners will sit in and they’ll hammer out the issue. When they’ve made a final decision, they’ll let everybody know what that decision was. Bottom line is that they have to do it relatively soon, because the fight’s a week from Saturday.”

MMAJunkie also received an official statement from Unite Here which reads as follows: “A dozen UNITE HERE activists will voice their objection to the issuance of a license to Mr. Sonnen at a public meeting Thursday of the State Athletic Commission, and will hand-deliver the complaint to Public Safety Secretary Andrea Cabral, who oversees the Athletic Commission. The union activists will deliver the same information to the Boston offices of Eaton Vance Management, an investment management firm that has invested in the debt of Zuffa, LLC, the Las Vegas-based parent of the UFC.”

While we all must sit with intense anticipation as we wait for the final verdict, Bostonian’s and New Englander’s alike should pray to the MMA gods to help keep Mr. Sonnen on the card. Whether you love or hate Sonnen, chances are if he is removed from the fight it will be difficult for the UFC to find a last-minute replacement for Shogun Rua.

UFC Fight Night 26 goes down live from the TD Bank Grand Garden Arena, August 17th on FOX Sports 1!

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0 Responses to “Union Attempts to Block Licensing of Chael Sonnen in Boston; Hearing Set For Thursday”

  1. doc says:

    Obama’s murika…

  2. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    That’s Funny!!!…Union Scumbags citing “moral turpitude” to block this fight!!! LMAO…that’s irony….Let’s outlaw unions for “moral turpitude” They are the most immoral communistic entities in the world…scumbag unions, scumbag activists..I bet they are all weeders.

    • Sasquatch says:

      LOL… Weeders!?.. doubt it, bet they’re alcoholic.. probably driving around loser pissed right now.

    • doc says:

      Exactly. If America had no unions then we would be better off.

      This country has become soft because of bullshit like this. Our troops don’t appreciate this shit. Not after getting blown the fuck up and scooping there best friend’s up with a shovel into fucking body bags.

      Obama and the libtards give no shits about anybody. Not like they try to make it seem.

      Don’t even try to have a different opinion than them.

  3. K2 says:

    And scumbag Troll Wrasslin!

    • GOT RID OF FITCH (forever) thank god says:

      I think its funny that KARMA is finally catching up with the scumbag FELON ROID CHEAT.

      Dana white will pull what ever strings necessary to get Sonnen licensed regardless of cost.

      Maybe if Sonnen would (FINALLY) own up to his CLASS A FEDERALL FRAUD FELONY CONVICTION his bad KARMA wouldn’t be so bad

      The feds could have prosecuted him for committing another FEDERAL FELONY when he was still on PAROLE for the bank ROBBERY which was his obtaining massive amounts of TESTOSTERONE from 2 different doctors at the same time which is a major major FELONY because testosterone is a controlled substance and the commissions should have turned the case over to the DEA. My doctor told me she would have cut Sonnen off from his TRT and called the DEA the day he tested with the insanely never heard of before 3400 testosterone level of 17 men when he fought Silva.

      Face it Sonnen nuthuggers your boy is a habitual FELON

  4. 757 says:

    Truth is that in this case the unions involvement seems to be a bit misguided, but to lump all unions into your comments is severely misguided. I am not a part of the unionized workforce because the company that I work for is not unionized but you need to do some homework friend. In actuality you can go as far back in American history as you want but after every major event in this country to include the wars that our country fought, it was the creation of the unions that helped everyday people have decent paying jobs and lives. That in turn helped the economy because those people could purchase homes, cars, and just about anything you can think of. That in turn drove up demand, which drove up the supply, and finally jobs had to be created to provide both. It’s a cycle. The result of all of that supply and demand was America producing it’s own goods and exporting them around the world, not what we have been relegated to the last 20 years. Do some homework DOC before you shoot off your mouth. You are looking dumber with every uneducated comment you make….Gargoyle, smarten up here. Agreeing with a stupid ass doesn’t make him any smarter but makes you look not so smart.

    • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

      We do not see eye to eye on many things, but in all fairness that was an intelligent substantiated comment.

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        Dutchman, don’t be so butthurt and sensitive because I called you out on your rationalization about being a thief. Who cares if the corporations are corrupt, it still doesn’t make it right you are thief. Those two are separate issues. Your lack of knowledge and hatred bias towards corporations is just away for you feel ok about stealing. Like I said, don’t whine when you get stolen from by somebody who has less. Plus 757 is full of shit on this one, therefore, UNSUBSTANTIATED…

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        Hey Dutchmen, Listen I am wise enough to know that the monied people that control the world’s economies have a certain level of corruption that is inevitable. But these people are the ones that create opportunities for others and so are better than most governments. It just isn’t a justification for your or me in our personal decisions. Be they corrupt or not. Look at you, you are an employer. You provide opportunity for others to make a living, You are no different than the global money lords only on a smaller scale. You DO KNOW that you are seen as an enemy by your employees?

        • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

          I don’t see why I have to feel guilty about getting my hands on money they stole from me and the rest of the people in the first place.
          Whatever the blue collar people take from the big corporations isn’t stealing because the big corporations stole it from them in the first place. We’re just taking back what was ours in the first place.
          And no I’m not hated by my employees. I have a very informal way of managing and I pay them extremely well. They love their job and their team so much they come in sick to work when they should be at home resting.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          Ok then you agree you are a thief and you will be just fine when others steal from you. You ain’t no blue-collar dude, you are a business owner!! Guaranteed that your employees don’t like you. They may think you are a nice guy and they may think you pay them fairly, but you are still their boss and that makes you NOT one of them!!

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      757 there will always be a tension between Capital and Labor. That’s how things get done. To your point, the unions have perhaps helped out at times when Capital was too corrupt and greedy as it perhaps was in the past during industrialization. The unions in themselves are probably ok , but its the tactics and corruption that creeps in that is the problem as it is on the capital side. Today though, unions are the most corrupt entity perhaps only second to government. Their time is up they served their purposes and they are in need of dying out. Which actually is what is happening. They only care about their group and could care less about anybody else. It’s why most city, state and federal governments are in dire economic positions, including Europe. Can you say with a straight face to me today that unions are a benefit to society at large?
      With all due respect, I believe your ignorant in the makeup of unions and their goals as they are today. At their core they are communistic and fascist. They want a ruling class and everybody else to be a peon all the while they live the high life off of union members dues and hard work. Do you own property? Have you ever looked at your property taxes? The lion’s share goes to school districts which are all unionized. What are we getting for our money? These teachers unions are bullies and they are now a problem in most states. I could go in further, but not the right forum here. 757 even though I agree with you from time to time, you seem to live in the past often and not really seeing what is going on NOW. Unions today are like schoolyard bullies and they need to go away. I live in the real world today and look to see where we are going NOT where we have been. I can be very provocative and that can lead others to assume what I mean and that’s cool, but if you wish to help others then I believe a little less judgmental and contemplation and questioning may be in order before you make some of your comments. They can be suspect at times sir.

      • doc says:

        And I just payed my property taxes and you are exactly fucking right.

      • 757 says:

        Nice comment Gargoyle. I don’t agree but that was very well thought out. Your description however seems to cover not only unions, but big business corporations, banks, lenders, and our politicians and government as a whole. Unfortunately this country will always be the greatest in my heart is indeed in desperate times. As far as my comments go please check yourself as well. You and I and just about everyone on here get a bit ridiculous at times. I will accept that criticism but please don’t exclude yourself or anyone else here. Unfortunately this site permits us all to act a little stupid. Finally Gargoyle believe it or not I do live in the real world every single day. Work, pay bills, vote etc etc. Please don’t assume that I don’t. That is a bit judgmental….sir. I accept your spin on it all but just remember to read your own comments before you chastise mine. Thank you we can leave it at that and move on.

    • doc says:

      I believe that unions were started with good intentions. But unions today are terrible. Just like the welfare system.

      Where I work the 9 out of 10 employees i talk to who want unions are lazy people. They do not want to earn their money. They have a huge sense of entitlement.

      They like to throw little jabs at me for being a “ass kisser” or “goody goody”. Why? No other reason then I do my job and don’t question the people who PAY ME TO DO A JOB.

      And then they complain when they are not offered any opportunities for advancement. They spout garbage like “I have been here for 8 years and he has only been here for 2. Why does he get that position. Why does he get paid more!?”

      Maybe because I am worth more because I push myself to learn more and DO more?

      Unions are out for themselves.

      People complain too much and get angry when they don’t have what another person has. Even if that other person has busted their ass to get it.

      Sense of entitlement… ruining the country. Thank the unions for that.

      • 757 says:

        Repeat of Gargoyles statement just not as well put.

        • doc says:

          You are pretentious. You think that by doing “research” that that will change the way these unions are.

          You call me a stupid ass because my opinion differs from your opinion. But you are obviously intimidated by Gargoyle because he and I share the same opinion, you don’t lower yourself to grade school name calling with him. Is it his fancy avatar that has you skittish?

          I obviously don’t think you to be stupid, or unintelligent; but when people get their panties in a bunch when they don’t agree with somebody, and resort to name calling how when they try to act like they are so incredibly well thought out and smart it makes me laugh.

          You gauge my intelligence on how much history I know on the subject. And because I know less facts and history about it than you do you believe yourself superior. Yet everything I have said about unions is accurate as of today.

          That does not make me a “stupid ass”.

          You did succeed, however, in making yourself out to be a pompous ass.

    • doc says:

      And calling me a stupid ass doesn’t make you look as smart as you are trying make yourself out to be.

      I do just fine with the intelligence that I have and have gotten along quite well.

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        You laid out better than I could about unions. I have to agree with you. Just keep working hard and doing good, the WORLD needs people like you more than these whiney, entitled weasels who are wasting their lives. You will someday soon be their boss, I’m sure.

      • 757 says:

        Doc we all agreed to move on…..btw you called me a ponpous ass after you just got done having a fit about me calling you stupid………

      • 757 says:

        Intimidated? By words on the computer? IDK about you but I’m not routinely scared of words on a computer…….what are you stupid or something ha ha

  5. bald1 says:

    unions have helped the american worker alot through the course of history. but now with all the labor laws (probably thanks to unions) they are not as needed. they just add to the govt bs we deal with everyday.
    they is a carpenters union here that started holding signs out in front of buisnesses that remodeled their buildings but didnt use union contractors…their reasoning was that these buisnesses were exploiting workers by not paying them union wages (which after you remove all the union bs…is no higher than non-union wages) and benefits (which union workers pay for themselve…paid vacation, insurance, ect ect…im non-union and my boss pays my “paid vacation”) in the end it came out that this union was using not only non-union workers, but illegal immegrant to hold their signs…hypocrytical, bullying thugs…MOST unions in a nutshell.

  6. KIDD433 says:

    Politics and MMA don’t mix,I know this topic is related but all this political relentless ranting is ruining this site.

  7. 757 says:

    I for one agree with you KIDD433 and take full responsibility for myself and for being involved with it and all the other verbal bashing that we all get into. I would be happy to stop that and clean it up. I am more than willing to participate on what matters most on this site which is the actual sport. Not only politics contaminates this site but all of the other personal attacks suck the life out of the site. For my part in all of that I apologize and will take an active step to govern myself. I cannot however control what other people are doing and saying. If everyone would try and do that we may be able to stay to the important topics I.E the fighters and the sport.

    • Nate "THE CHEAT" Marquardt (roid cheat like Sonnen) says:

      Doesn’t change the fact Sonnen is nothing a scumbag Federally convicted Felon FRAUD and any other company would have fired his ass after he not only robbed a bank butr he also lied under oath to the athletic commission and showed up to a title figt JUICED out of his mind on steroids. Real good role model. Sonnen is scum and anyone with any morals know its true

  8. Calvin says:

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