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Friday, 01/04/2013, 11:15 am

Undefeated Boxer Calls Velasquez A Midget On Steroids, Wants Fight In Cage Or Ring | UFC NEWS

“Cain Velasquez is a little midget on steds bring it on I’ll fight. Not a man born from his mother can beat me! I challenge u to fight all in in a cage or ring! It could be billed as the man vs midget lets get it on! U small stiff idiot. I’m the new baddest man on the planet I’ll smash @cainmma. Let’s get it on! U all herd it hear first if @cainmma has balls to fight me then lets go!”

Undefeated heavyweight boxer, Tyson Fury, has taken to twitter to challenge the newly crowned UFC heavyweight champion, Cain Velasquez.



0 Responses to “Undefeated Boxer Calls Velasquez A Midget On Steroids, Wants Fight In Cage Or Ring | UFC NEWS”

  1. Al says:

    nice gay pride belt

  2. Nuitari X says:

    Wow, what an idiot! You do realize Mr. Fury that Velasquez just destroyed the best boxer in MMA by taking him down and beating the snot out of him right? WTF makes you think a one dimensional boxer like yourself could stop his takedowns either? You are just looking to get famous and/or make money off of a fight like this. You will get smashed into pieces and back into obscurity.

  3. Sonnenisgod says:

    WTF? who the hell is this guy and where is this coming from. I don’t know this guy but i think his twitter account may been hacked, i mean no one can be that dick right?

  4. Brend0magic says:

    Dude would probably go down faster than James TOney…

    • trolligans says:

      Agreed. Couture showed the boxing world what chance one of its champs has in MMA… none. If JDS couldn’t stop Cain’s takedowns, a straight boxer with ZERO MMA experience sure as hell won’t.

  5. doesntmatter says:

    Like phony Toney did against Couture…

  6. danielrchargers says:

    hahaha this is funny.
    Pulling a Chael when he is no where close to being taken seriously.
    just ignore this clown.

    • Traverse Davies says:

      Just keep in mind, when Chael started pulling a Chael nobody took him seriously either (and rightly so, just watch the second Anderson Silva fight).

  7. billy says:

    how about fight david price who you have been ducking you little fairy

  8. some guy says:

    i use to love boxing, hell i was in it for most my teenage years. but now a days its filled with corruption and assholes like this guy! Cain would destroy this guy in the octagon, now if it were a boxing match with boxing rules yeah im sure this guy would win but to call out the best heavyweight in the MMA game? thats just a stupid move mr. fury!

  9. Drew says:

    Cain wouldn’t, but could honestly probably kill this guy if he wanted to with his bare hands

  10. Blakksheap says:

    He’d get taken down and smashed…

  11. Blakksheap says:

    He’d get taken down and smashed… Boxers can’t beat MMA fighters. Just ask James Toney

  12. Nicz says:

    For people who don’t know who Tyson Fury is he is a undefeated british boxer of irish traveller descent who has won british and commenwealth titles and is well known for his big mouth and stupid comments.
    Bottom line Cain Valazquez would destroy him, drop him on his head and elbow him into a next dimension. He won’t even fight David Price another undefeated british fighter becaucse he knows he will get knocked out.

  13. Noah says:

    The guy knows that James Toney pocketed 200 grand getting his ass smashed by Randy. He wants something like that…Sorry..Uncle dana made it clear it’l never gonna happen agian that busllshit!

  14. Thom says:

    the colors on his belt suit him

  15. BOXING MMA LOVER says:


  16. Tony says:

    Holy shit, can we please see this lol. Couture vs. Toney haha

  17. Nick says:

    *Bell rings*
    *beating of a lifetime*
    Cain wins by tko lol

  18. James says:

    thats cute, velasquez wud destroy his soul

  19. […] Cain Valasquez (UFC Heavyweight Champion) Tyson just signed his own death warrant Undefeated Boxer Calls Velasquez A Midget On Steroids, Wants Fight In Cage Or Ring | UFC NEWS MMA Ne… __________________ […]

  20. gaby says:

    Poor guy, just trying to stay relevant

  21. shaun says:

    wont even fight a world rated boxer u embarrasing urself and dont even realise lol,cain would splatter u in cage u idiot

  22. Joseph says:

    Lol, Cain would rampage all over this guy. Would be an ugly grease spot on mat when it was all said and done.

  23. Jon says:

    Here* not Hear. lol

  24. MJKIVP says:

    Who cares about what this clown says… Take this attention whore back to Cirque Du Soleil were people actually listen to what he has to say…

  25. John Hughes says:

    Tyson Fury’s management need to keep him in check, wouldn’t last 2 rounds against the top guys in MMA, his only advantage is height, chin like Amir Khan & punching power of a guy half his size.

  26. Lester says:

    I say he takes the fight just to shut him up lol what a joke Cain will destroy dude so fast…..

  27. stephen taylor says:

    what an idiot tyson fury really is,,,this really made me laugh,,,boxers cant compete with mma fighters,,,cain would seriously hurt the guy,,

  28. Salvatore Cottone says:

    Great all we need is another Bisbing wanna be! At least M.B backs it, he earned his right to pop.Who is this drunk?

  29. MMA Fan718 says:

    This guy must have gotten hit in the head way too many times….. learn how to spell…

  30. tanglung1976 says:

    This dumb boxer is mad becuz nobody knows his name,so he’s gonna start shit to get ppl to notice him,he should be pissed @ the boxing promoters for not properly promoting boxing anymore.

  31. FACTS says:

    average muay thai fighters > world class boxers

    average jiu jitsu/wrestler fighters > world class muay thai fighters

    average MMA fighter > world class jiu jitsu/wrestler fighter

    ^^^ It’s as simple as that, boxers are the lowest on the food chain… this dude wouldn’t even last 30 seconds vs any UFC fighter


  32. Paul H. says:

    This guy is just silly with statements like that. Clearly seeking attention. You’ve got to earn your way up to a fight with Cain… If he wants to fight Cain let him work his way up. Ass hat.

  33. mistabutts says:

    Watch the video of this guy uperrcutting himself in the face on YouTube :-)

  34. Mitchell says:

    Couture vs Toney all over again.

    Cain will take him down instantly and rain down a godly firestorm on him.

  35. Tom says:

    Sounds like this windbag needs a cage beat down! Cain will take this fools arms and chin. No big puffy gloves!

  36. ronin_jay instagram says:

    Ladies and Gentleman i present you… the next James Toney!

  37. orlando says:

    He’s playing the Muhammad Ali card. Challenging anybody on top. He knows MMA is one of the fastest growing sports so he wants a piece if the action but unless he’s been training MMA secretly for years he doesn’t stand a chance reconsidering he (cain) disfigured the greatest boxer in the UFC.

  38. LOCO_T says:

    Lol, thats what am thinking about…. LOL

  39. Time To Wrestle says:

    In the Ring, Fury kills Cain
    In the Cage, Cain kills Fury

    • nowayout says:

      i have to disagree with fury killing cain in the ring. fury may have a bit of advantage in boxing make it kickboxing it’ll be a different story. and of course i agree that cain would kill the guy in the octagon/cage/backyard/streets, etc.

      • Time To Wrestle says:

        I can tell by your response that you have never boxed before. Cain is a terrible striker if he can’t get in close. In the ring being unable to take him down and control the distance, Fury would pepper him with a jab from the outside and knock his ass out by the third.
        In kickboxing, Cain would last a little longer but would still knocked the f*** out!!
        Boxers rule in the ring, don’t be fooled. It;s the top of the food chain.

  40. jdog says:

    OMFG get some new editors!!!!!!!!!!!!! hear means to listen, here means a place OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Dean says:

    Let him fight someone like Roy Nelson then see what happens

  42. Jake says:

    Cain would ruin this joke

  43. mateo says:

    What a joke……he probably wants some five minutes of fame but what he’ll actually get is 5 min of pain. This guy got hit too much in the head

  44. archangelmma says:

    if this prissy boxer hasn’t noticed, most people who take up boxing is to go into mma, tyson fairy has noo chance of victory, he will be the first man to die in the octagon!

  45. Tony says:

    Boxer vs. MMA hmmm, just remember fellow boxers, there are no 10 seconds recovery when you hit the canvas.

  46. jakster mccray says:

    I think Cain otta make him eat his words.and swallow his teeth. It’s hard to box on your back with some one squeezing your neck…. What a blow hard!

  47. hendoooo says:

    If this guy thinks hes all that then he should fight the klitchsko brothers, lets see him run his mouth then…

  48. Who are you again? says:

    Dear Whatever your name is,

    You should really think before you open your mouth…lest a UFC fighter put a fist/foot/elbow/knee in it.

    James Toney

  49. UncleBooBoo says:

    He’s such a baddass in boxing that he’s willing to go MMA, with no MMA experience, to earn the minimum wage. Couture was so afraid to stand with Toney we stared choking Toney. Toney vs a puncher like Liddell or JDS would have been more realistic. Iron Mike not this clown, vs JDS.

  50. Mike says:

    He handed in his commonwealth belt to David Price because he wouldn’t fight him. And you think your going to man up to Cain??? Yea right Coward.

  51. JoeMama says:

    This clown deserves the Fool of The Year award! Doh!

  52. demolition says:

    if they meet in the ring: boxing rules: lets say cain will have a very slight disadvantage. kickboxing rules: cain will do just fine. but in the cage. mma rules: we all know what the answer is.

  53. garry frampton says:

    i like both boxing and mma,but the two shouldn’t mix.tyson fury is a promising fighter and this post from him seems very out-of-character.for a start he is a fanatical christian so any quote that doesn’t mention jesus is very suspicious.sounds like his promotor making hype to me….

  54. butch says:

    Hey uh fury … shut up stupid!

  55. Dafak says:

    Cain will beat this fool’s ass in boxing as well.
    The time where boxers were better strikers with their hands is long over.
    Boxing is just a small part of MMA and it’s a part that today most MMA fighters know as good as boxers or not better in some instances (Anderson Silva).

  56. Danny77 says:

    Heyy at least this guy calls him out , how many other people in heavyweight have ?? Like everyone should be , I think Chael sonnen is only one to do it and he got it because he asked for it and personally to , sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do . Plus it makes it more Interesting rather than waiting who’s next in for fighting a champ u gotta want it fair enough you gotta earn it but want it too make it happen u can’t just hope for the best .

  57. The Joker says:

    like with 90% of athletes his size he probably gets over on his size to compensate for a lack of skill. Cain would tap that big dummy out in less than 30 seconds.

  58. Shane says:

    Your kidding yourself if you think Cain velasque would beat himm either in the ring or a standup street fight where only punches are used. The head movement, striking and footwork of a boxer will win hands down anyday. Sure, ufc rules or wrestling will beat plain boxing but. We all seen James toney.

    • Dafak says:

      I’d beg to differ. Maybe in the days of the Don Fryes and the Chuck Liddells the boxers were better strikers in a pure boxing game but not any more. MMA guys today are more then capable of doing boxing as good as a boxer, yet be faster and better conditioned. The aggression factor also plays a tune, because most of the boxers today are falling asleep during the fight. This is not the “Days of Dan Severn” vs the “Days of Mike Tyson”. This is the era of the fast and conditioned Cain, JDS and Overeem vs slow old Klitschko brothers.

      • Dan Jenkins says:

        I always thought Brad Pickett had better hands than Manny Paqcuiao… Come on dont be silly boxers train BOXING period a mma fighter has so much else to train so I really doubt that your average mma fighters hands are better than your average boxers that’s just ignorant mate

        • Dafak says:

          In general, the boxer SHOULD have the advantage in boxing. But look at today’s boxers, especially the heavyweights – some out of shape, slow eastern Europeans that have no unique fighting style what so ever, training and using the most basic style of boxing. And that’s just the heavyweights. Aside from a couple of guys, most of the boxers are going to get outclassed by a keen MMA Striker in a boxing match based on cardio, aggression and the decline of boxing in general. And like it or not – that’s the future of ALL combat sports. Just take a look at Jon Jones, Anderson Silva and Jose Aldo.

        • Dan Jenkins says:

          Everyone’s entitled to their opinion but your outting the weakest division in boxing (heavyweight) and outting the absolute best in mma (Anderson, Jose etc) but at the gym i go the guys training mma are all over the gym whereas the guys learning boxing stay at one area and have a guess who’s got the better hands you may also be forgetting that Anderson Silva has boxed professionally and trained under dorea (jds and Brazil’s national boxing coach) and If I remember right Anderson lost by refusing to answer the round bell in his last boxing match against an unheard of Brazilian. I love mma there’s so many ways to win or lose but I have to be honest how would Anderson go in a BOXING match against Froch, Ward, Bute or Kessler for starters i would hope he keeps his hands up not by his side just a thought.

  59. Shane says:

    boxers will smash any mma guy in the ring or in a street fight where punching is just involved.

  60. kim kok says:

    Tyson fury is a fucking tosser like to see cain Velasques beat the snot out of him!!
    MMA is the Best!!

  61. Nick Bui says:

    He would probably KO himself in the first fuckin round, just look at this video of him punching himself.

  62. Isleyy_N says:

    hahahahah so funny!! a boxer with only 2 hands as weapons. this guy really has no brains. he will not get out of the cage alive so please do not let this fight happen, it will be murder.

  63. Danny says:

    Tyson fury.. the guy so thick in boxing he actually punches himself (you tube proof.
    I’m English and the majority of UK fans/fighters al agree he is a bell end, so please accept this challenge, and destroy the, punch and break, punch and break etc… idiot.
    Tyson fury.. Say hello to ground and pound bitch!

  64. donny says:

    yes of course if it was just boxing involved,but a fight is not just fists asshole,cain would destroy any boxer in the world with no rules.

  65. Invincible says:

    tyson, why dont you first challenge Ronda Rousey??? or chris cyborg?? lol

  66. Duane says:

    Cain would dominate u jus like couture did tiny. its all talk cain would destroy u

  67. killaj671 says:

    so basically 100% of all the people commenting, knows Cain will destroy this poser…

  68. Ryan nohokai kelly says:

    Idk y these boxers dummy’s even say anything anymore 1. Cain is a really nice dude so why would u sy some slick shit like this 2. I just watched a boxing video on this guy and cabins stand up is far superior all the guy really has is a jab 3. Cain just beat the shit out of jds who in my opinion has way better stand up than this bum .. 4. This donk has probably never wresteled in his life so I wonder what makes him think he’s going to stop the take downs of Cain Velasquez nice try on the publicity stunt pal but you will other serviced ! I been doing Jiu Jitsu for about 6 years and have had a lot of boxers say I will never get
    Other down and I will be knocked out first punch thrown which always resulted in an instant choke or arm bar so this is really funny to me boxers always think no one can ever take them down . Anyways that’s my thoughts on the whole boxers vs mma (single handed) martial art vs (all martial arts) here’s a suggestion shut up already and quit talking shit about mma and don’t be mad cuz we r taking over the fight game we do it all u do 1 thing .prediction for the fight ? Cain first round tko or submission me personally being a Jiu Jitsu guy I would love to c a sub nothing like it !!! Haha

    • DC says:

      Ryan nohokai kelly it could just be the guy is talking out of his ass but sometimes, they put shit out their just to see if fans well bit. I think some people would pay to see it just to see the boxer get schooled and others would love to see Cain Get knocked out.Again.

  69. Raven Blaze says:

    Mr Fury have you been drinking the James Tony/Kimbo Slice juice? Cain would fuck you up in a heart beat.

  70. not impressed with a gypsy says:

    so your manager gave you the bum club to feather your nest, and now you think that rainbow belt means anything to real fight fans? You’re a novelty show fury, not an athlete.

  71. dc says:

    I’m pretty sure Cain would win a fight like that unless of course Cain gets caught again, even his trainer admitted to being concerned about the possibilities of that happening in an interview after the recent fight. Its only a matter of time before Cain “Glass Jaw” Velasquez gets caught again.

  72. davee says:

    what a silly man, fake jab take down and ground and pound .., he just wants popularity .

  73. IrishGrimReaper says:

    didnt we see a boxer come in already and try this and get smashed oh yea thanks for bringing us back a couple yrs stay in the ring dont come to the cage

  74. Trevor says:

    LOL what a dumb dumb these boxers still have no clue Cain would slam him on his head over and over…did he see coture and james tony?

  75. @GetEducatedMMA says:

    Randy Couture could come out of retirement, and at heavyweight, beat this guy. He’s only shown boxers can’t compete in MMA. There’s one element to boxing:hands. In MMA there’s the 8 points/limbs to striking of muay thai (both shins, kness, wlbows, and hands) as well as wrestling, which involves both takedown offense and defense. Theres jits, which has transitions, submissions, and more. MMA is a masterpeice, with hundreds of elements. No boxer will ever beat a top MMA fighter without years of MMA training

  76. Robbie Byrne says:

    If you have seen this clown fight you would know what a joke this all is. He won’t even win a boxing world title, how the hell is he surposed to beat an MMA world champ. Cain would even give him a run for his money in the ring, a true clown if I have ever seen one.
    I would be embarresed to be from the UK

  77. tom Doyle says:

    Tyson fury actually punched himself in a fight. YouTube it you will find it lol

  78. Sencala says:

    He’d step into a cage, get taken down, then flail around like James Tony did. We already saw what happens if a Boxer just jumps into the cage with little full MMA training. They get destroyed. The fight starts on the feet so there’s a puncher’s chance but anyone who thinks they can just jump from one sport into MMA and expect to beat a UFC champion.

  79. 11thhour says:

    c’mon now lil boi don’t get cut because boxing’s shit and you’re not making any coin these days and that no one has the slightest idea who the fuck you are.. Your mother should wash your mouth out with soap for calling out Cain like that.. silly little boy.

  80. ClayHero says:

    If Cain is on steroids, he needs better steroids.

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