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Friday, 04/13/2012, 04:30 pm

Ultimate Fighter (TUF) on FX Live Tonight Discussion Thread


By Micah Hinchliffe:
5 weeks have passed and we’re now in to our 6th fight of the first round. With James Vick, Justin Lawrence, Al Iaquinta and Mike Cheisa all advancing into the quarterfinals the pressure is now on for the remaining fighters.

Last week following Cheisa’s dominating victory over Jeremy Larsen, Urijah Faber chose Team Faber’s own Joe Proctor to step into the TUF live octagon for the second time against Team Cruz’s John Tickle. Not much footage has been covered of “Jurassic” Joe Proctor, as his team mates have dubbed him. Yet we will get to see whether or not Proctor will make an impression in the house tonight on FX.

Self-taught Tickle claims that after being at odds with previous MMA gyms in his career, that he is solely responsible for his learning of kick boxing and jiu jitsu. His issues with authority has been made apparent all season long as Coach Dominick Cruz has continued to push Tickle not to slack off during training. Tonight we get to see whether Cruz’s efforts have paid off and whether or not Tickle will advancing into the quarterfinals. In a video from Tickle gives his opinion on his fight with Proctor

“I think Proctor’s going to try to close the distance on me and take me down. My speed, my hands you know, I’ll keep my distance. He’s a great match-up, I figured they would pick him against me. We’ll see what happens.”

So there it is folks, the fight is set for tonight on FX, 10 pm ET. Join our community of followers on and discuss tonight’s fight as it happens live!


8 Responses to “Ultimate Fighter (TUF) on FX Live Tonight Discussion Thread”

  1. peepee says:

    man justin is starting to look like a real prick on this episode

  2. justin says:

    i really want to see this fight – they should Just SCRAp

  3. plains says:

    Tickle can come off as such a putz but than cooks everyone dinner.. WTF?

  4. Blake hernias chewy says:

    tickle gonna get whooped!!

  5. plains says:

    what was he eating? looked like a raisin bagel

  6. Blake hernias chewy says:

    haha, it was something but he came in two pounds under

  7. UFC VIDEOS says:

    how are the ratings this season?

  8. Yuza says:

    i hate tickle man, his attitude stinks, he says he wants shit so bad and then trains half heartedly and the guy has ego problems, i hope he leaves soon lol

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