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Friday, 03/30/2012, 08:56 am

The Ultimate Fighter Live on FX: Cruz vs. Faber Episode 4 Discussion Thread

Tonight plays host to the latest installment of the UFC’s new season of “The Ultimate Fighter” series.

With the new “Live” format on FX there will be much to watch and discuss about this evenings show.

This week Team Cruz will try to extend their win streak to three when Al Iaquinta Vs. Myles Jury goes down live!

Discuss, share thoughts or debate the action as it unfolds with your fellow BJPENN.COM community.

The show starts tonight at 10:00pm live on the east and tape-delayed on the west coast.

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8 Responses to “The Ultimate Fighter Live on FX: Cruz vs. Faber Episode 4 Discussion Thread”

  1. Zack says:

    Prolly gunna be a boring fight. Hope I’m wrong

  2. Gomi says:

    Did it start the same time last week? Feels an hour later than usuall, but maybe its just my stoned mind playing tricks…

    • Joe "High Kick" Rogan says:

      There’s no wording or way for me to say this without sounding like a total pot head but….Whoa man, trippy. I was just thinking the same thing and I’m a frequent smoker and currently lifted individual. So I’m sitting here like “man, didn’t this shit start around an hour earlier the last couple episodes?”. This brings me to why I’m even here on this post and it was to double check the time. Then I get to looking at the comments and you stole my brain.

  3. pretty good season so far i’d say

  4. #teamcruz says:

    Loved his comment at the beginning of this episode: “Thats 2-0 for team Cruz, 3-0 if you count me beating Faber…” I lol’d.

    Man… Cruz is just racking up the trash talk. I am surprised bc Faber has always CONSTANTLY hated on Dom through interviews and youtube, and he never really responded other than the pre-fight interviews.

  5. what do ya’ll think of this season?

  6. THOM BJJ says:

    Stop banning members Pedro!

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