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Tuesday, 09/11/2012, 08:26 am

UK Promotion Planning First Ever Wheelchair MMA Fights | MMA NEWS

In a interesting story coming out of the UK it would appear as if The Wheeled Warriors Group has come to terms with Cage Fighting Championships (CFC) to put on the first ever wheelchair MMA fights, and this doesn’t seem to be a one-off event, but rather a long-term division for handicapped fighters.

FightersOnly Magazine has the story:



A UK promotion is to stage MMA fights between wheelchair-bound fighters for, as far as we know, the first time anywhere in the world.

“The Wheeled Warriors group and the Ultimate Cage Fighting Championships have joined forces to put on a series of bouts with fighters in wheelchairs and also amputees under MMA rules. It will take place later this year in South Yorkshire,” Fighters Only was informed today by Colin Woods, head of Wheeled Warriors.

“We have come together to bring both amputees and wheeled fighters into the ring to compete just like any other.”

“It is clear this concept is well-received and ahead of its time as very few would expect something of its kind to come to fruition so soon. To conclude, this is a great collaboration which surely will improve sports and will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. Both sides are gaining opportunities.”

The fighters will compete on specially-made wheelchairs that are adaptable to various sports such as basketball, football or even as an off-road vehicle for activities such as mountain-biking. Designed by SporTech DSC, they can also be used for both MMA and boxing.




One Response to “UK Promotion Planning First Ever Wheelchair MMA Fights | MMA NEWS”

  1. shane collins says:

    what an absolute f—– load of crap…..i have to live with these f— idiots…..they have gone parapalegig f—- mad here….with the olympics now this s–t
    you cannot have an mma fighter with no arms….you cant have wheelcahis sports….iots rediculous …its just ends up being a farce…..nothing but crashes….and the rugby is like the basketballl f—– absolute rubbish

    • Borg says:

      At least “these f— idiots” are trying, don’t hate.

    • amber trichome says:

      you’re the type of person that would off themselves if you got a spinal cord injury. you are a coward. a bitch made keyboard warrior. go the fuck back to your inbred mamma’s / sister’s basement and spank it some more to your favorite gay porn.
      people like you don’t understand what it’s like to suffer real loss, not just your lunch money. warrior spirit is within more people than those we see on TV or at events. some of these dudes are war vets that could kill you with one hand.
      if you don’t like it, don’t watch.

    • Aaron says:

      Can’t have an mma fighter without arms ? i have a friend who is a fighter with a prosthetic leg and doesnt have both hands, he has arms but not very long, amazing grappler, and striker, won his last fight by knockout, trust me you wouldnt want to be hit by him

  2. shane collins says:

    why not call it wheelchair boxing….cos that is all it is isnt it…..and its sh– whatever you call it…..come on people get real….dont be led by tv or the media scum

  3. punchkick says:

    demolution derby! 😀

  4. bigfan says:

    imagine kneebaring a paraplegic

  5. roger says:

    Oh my God how far is mma going to go! This is a joke ! Whats next gorillas and elephents comon people ! Dont have anything against people in wheelchairs but this is redicules

  6. Kyle818 says:

    I’d just knock the other guys wheelchair over lol

  7. mahz says:

    Your always gonna get haters, critics and idiots that say stupid isshh. If promoters are gonna push this then Awesome gives us para’s another outlet to be some what normal again and there are some who were once good fighters on their that couldve banged up a few of you homos with big mouths but so called normal cunts with 2 functional legs and a mouth that needs a few jabs and missing teeth…should keep there fucken idiotic pussy ass opinions to themselves, cook me some eggs bitch haha…once were warriors styles


  8. salem says:

    This is so wrong

  9. Alfie says:

    I live In the uk and to be honest this can only be a bad thing for the general respect of
    Martial arts and mixed martial
    Arts world wide imagine how easy it’s
    Going to be to brutalise the name of mma by just showing to
    Wheelchair bound people cage fighting i
    Mean big ups for the people who want to
    Take part but I just think its a step to far and
    Way tooooo ahead of
    It’s time

  10. Tom says:

    Friday, really… Think they would have learned from last season.

  11. boring says:

    Tell u what I’d rather watch this than women’s MMa. LOL

  12. I wanna see the flyweight championship of Timmy vs jimmy. Cripple fight!

  13. stephen pento says:

    Im a L-1para and have competed and won in jujitsu tournys against able bodied people. There are many level of wheelchair user. I think this is a great opportunity to show the unueducated world what we are capable of. I run Dragon Warrior MMA and Dragon Warrior fight team. I train Pedro “the beast ” Gonzalez who is ranked #3 in New England at 135lbs. All the haters are going to be surprised at the level of capability of some athletes in wheelchairs. Dont dismiss so quickly what you dont yet understand. Say what you will but I hope everyone is smart enough to have an open mind. Alot of people suffer through a tragedy by sitting home feeling bad for themselves. These people(myself included) are moving forward like the warriors they are. I have been training in the martial since 1983 and am a true martial artist. Martial Arts is about overcoming weakness with strength. If you have a strong mind there are no limitations.

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