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Tuesday, 06/19/2012, 09:46 am

Quick Twitt | Overeem Planning December Return To Action, Wants The Belt | UFC NEWS

Former Strikeforce heavyweight champion, Alistair Overeem, took to twitter recently to express his desire to return to action before the years end.

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26 Responses to “Quick Twitt | Overeem Planning December Return To Action, Wants The Belt | UFC NEWS”

  1. stephen riddle says:

    They need to be constantly testing this dude no cheaters please!

  2. Roid-O-Cop says:

    Yeah…youll be back….Admister AlltheRoids….just to get KTFO by dos Santos in rather quick fashion….Glass Joe. Muscles cant protect that chin. LOL!

  3. Clay says:

    This dude is almost as bad as chael sonnen

    • Majestyk says:

      the only thing is sonnen didn’t go from middleweight to heavyweight like this dude. Not condoning what sonnen did but shit Overeem went up 2 weight classes and well hes a huge motherf*cker

      • Majestyk says:

        Looks like some asshole gets his dick hard by posting his less than insightful thoughts using my name. What a loser.

      • Semtex says:

        He was never a middleweight, he was always a HUGE light heavyweight. Overeem got big, but lets get the facts straight.

        Sonnen is HIUGE middleweight (235 – his words) and can easily be a light heavyweight. He just chooses to have a weight advantage and fight at middleweight, as he should. Overeem went up to fight bigger guys and got their size. So what the fuck are you talking about?

        P.S.: There is no problem gaining weight and going up to fight bigger guys. That is your choice. Pulling a Rumble Johnson is what borderlines cheating.

        • Blunt says:

          What the fuck are u talking about bro? Overeem is fucking huge! He’s not only bigger than lesnar but he’s also taller. Sonnen may be a HUGE middleweight, but overeem is a HUGE heavyweight. Big difference. He didn’t get to their size. Tell me who in the heavyweight division is his size? Lesnar makes velasquez look like a LHW. Overeem is fucking huge. But I bet he gets beat the fuck down if he fights either Cain or jds.

        • Semtex says:

          Well Overeem is 153-163 his last 3 fights. Are you asking me how many heavyweights weigh in that range? 13 out 29 on the current UFC roster. Most of the rest are 250, Cain who you gave as an example is along with 4-5 others the smallest in the division.

          He is big, I never said he was not, that wasn’t my point. My point was going up to fight bigger guys should not be considered close to wrong. If you are gonna consider anything wrong it should be being consciously trying to fight in lower divisions through weight cutting just so you have an advantage.

  4. Hjortur Halldorsson says:

    Overeem is the only guy who would cause JDS any problems. I hope that fight happens sooner than later. Although I can’t see it happening in December since JDS is fighting Cain probably in September. I’m going to predict a JDS vs Overeem showdown at the end of January.

  5. MartelW says:

    Overeem vs JDS!!! Joe Silva lets make it happen!

  6. Xaninho says:

    I think Overeem will have to fight someone else first. He messed up his titleshot by testing positive for high testosterone. Maybe he’ll fight Bigfoot or Lavar Johnson?

  7. stephen riddle says:

    No way this dude gets a title shot his first fight back! If he does than wtf?

    • Blunt says:

      Seriously, WTF. If he gets a direct title shot then that’s a big fuck you to all the guys who are playing fair. Fuck it already! Pump jds and Cain with roids and lett’um fight reem! Jds first so he can break his mouth for telling everyone that he never used roids. Then Cain can fight him 6 months later so he can break mouth for telling everyone that he never used roids.

  8. tuff gong says:

    Sit ur roid taking ass on the sideline!! Real athletes only!!!

  9. B-rad says:

    The reem was 1st or 2nd favorite fighter before the “random” test at that press conference. I still love to watch him fight, but now im not as much of a fan :/

  10. jones says:

    why did this idiot just not dio the same as cheal hendo nate cheat and mirr?? he could havve got bullshit doc to sign offf,,,comeo man there ARE easy wasy to cheat

  11. haenfaith says:

    Overeem vs Carwin!!!

  12. SmoothAssNigga says:

    If no direct title shot then Overeem vs Hunt.

  13. Blunt says:

    Overeem would make a terrible HW champ. It’s bad a enough you got like almost every fighter on roids already. He’s probably still using roids, just found a more sneaky way to cheat.

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