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Friday, 06/01/2012, 09:03 am

JDS | Jon Jones Would Be A Tough Challenge At Heavyweight | UFC NEWS

Since his first successful title defense over Frank Mir at UFC 146, possible opponents for Junior dos Santos have ranged from Roy Nelson, a rematch with Cain Velasquez, and even a fight with the current light-heavyweight champ, Jon Jones.

Now, Dana White has stated numerous times that he wants Jones to stay at light-heavyweight, but that won’t stop fighters and fans alike from picturing what that fight would look like.

Even though Dana White has almost guaranteed that Velasquez will get the next shot, Dos Santos stills weighs the possibility of a super-fight with ‘Bones’ on Spike TV’s “MMA Uncensored Live” when asked how he thinks Jones would fare in the heavyweight division.

“Jon Jones is really good. He’s really good. It’s different, for sure. If he comes up to the heavyweight division, it’s gonna be tough for us, for sure. I really like him, but if he comes up to the heavyweight division, and he gets the chance to fight for the title, we’re gonna fight. I will give my best to beat him. It doesn’t matter who my opponent is. If it’s gonna be him, I don’t care.”

For the time being, Jones has an opponent in Dan Henderson while Dos Santos will most likely battle either Velasquez or Alistair Overeem upon his return, given that he has an injury-free training camp.


62 Responses to “JDS | Jon Jones Would Be A Tough Challenge At Heavyweight | UFC NEWS”

  1. DAMN! says:

    He’s so damn good that he thought he could drive through a pole and leave without a scratch.

  2. Playa says:

    Jon jones would get dropped by anyone in the heavyweight division. No chance

    • Hayta (not Playa) says:

      you are. talking nonsense straight outta yo ass! lol.

      • no worreh says:

        No I see nelson beeting him struve hunt lavar barry cain mir overeem jds ko in jones hes jus big for lhw wen size is the same skill matters

        • kevin says:

          jones would still have the longest reach in the hw division u do know that right? plus he will be faster than everyone, and thats a deadly combo longest reach and fastest, he is the top fighter in the world right now and could on any given day beat anyone

        • Numba1Ghani says:

          haha listen to this fanboy go. Jones would get destroyed by any high level HW in the UFC his only advantage over LHW fighters is his freakish size which would go out the window at HW. Those toothpick legs and lack of KO power wouldn’t do him very well against 240-260 lbs elite monsters like JDS, Cain, Alistair, Carwin, even his own boy Travis Browne. I think even Cormier could beat him

        • Aww Numba1Ghani says:

          you jock supporter, you! with a fat ass like yours, it’s amazing that anyone can understand you when you speak. Cmon, you know who I am. Remember before all of Jones’ fights, you would say the same shit? “_______ gonna take him out.” (fill in blank with Jones opponent name) You’ve been wrong every time, boy! So, tell me why should anyone, should anyone listen to the bullshit coming out of your ass yet again? Dude, go to another website to spread your manure like the shit you spread on your farm…

        • Nick says:

          Struve has the same reach, Lavar only gives up 2 inches, Alistosterone Overoid would only lose 4,1/2 inches. Jon would probably weigh in at around 230+ he’d get pummeled since heavyweight chins could just take the punched and go for a KO.

        • no worreh says:

          Ha ha ha im tellin u the big boiz in hw wouldnt get phased by his reach top guys in hw would beet jones dont see him beating any top 20 hw figure jones is jus a big lhw but a small hw idk.its a opinion tho I can see the aguement for hin doin good bud I dont see it happenin

      • Jab to the face says:

        actually he is not,Jones trows alot of unpredicted punches and kicks,but we have not seeing knock out power from Jones,Jones height gives hem advantage,but in the HW he be nothing,just imagine Jones reach vs JDS punching power,maybe in a few years but not know

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      You haven’t got a clue, he would be a contender right now. Anyone with even the slightest knowledge of MMA recognizes that. IMO JDS has too much for him, Jones would have to transition and put on 20-30lbs of muscle mass which you can’t do overnight. But it’s natural progression for him to move up to HW.

      • kevin says:

        are u guys that dumb? 20 30 lbs of muscle will put him at like 250-265 he doesnt need to be that big a 235 lbs jones would do just fine and thats him only having to add 5-10 lbs at most and he would still have a 7.5 in reach on the champ

        • Jujitsu Player says:

          He could put 10lbs of muscle on each leg and still have chicken legs….For me he needs tpo put that kind of bulk on to beat the biggest HW’s. It’s about opinions and that’s mine…so wind your neck in.

    • Clay says:

      I’m going to go ahead and say that jones would have te beast cardio in the hw division. And he hits hard and clean, he’s not swinging for wild ko’s. He’d do alright. He could take pat berry

      • Lol says:

        Jones punches are not predictable and he has reach buttttttt his punches are still not crisp enough and all it takes is one power counter punch to end his night in hw. Mark hunt, overeem, werdume, fedor, hendo, cain, jds, frank mir, carwin, travis brown, roy nelson, brock lesnar would destroy jones. Even though jones is tall and has reach his body phrame is not built for heavyweight. He should stick to lhw and have a few test fights at hw like silva did to lhw

        • Clay says:

          Not ‘crisp’ enough? Wtf are you talking about? His strikes are clean as fuck. He lands like 80% of his strikes. And he’s gonna absolutly dominate Hendo. You sir are retarded.

        • Clay is right says:

          the previous post is from a retarded mental case who surprises everyone at his use of a computer!

        • Cel415 says:

          he does hit clean but, i believe he is tryin to comment on his lack of KO power, as most of his finishes are by stoppage rather than clean KO. still, hard to argue with the results. my opinion is how does his chin hold up to those bigger shots from the really bigger guys @ HW? i know Machida hit him clean but we still haven’t seen his jaw get tested yet (and no, rashad does not count.) i mean, let’s face it a haymaker from Big Country is waaayyy different from 1 from Machida.

    • Dontbescaredhomie says:

      Its true jones is a natuarally heavyweight but is to pathetic to move up even though he is bigger than most HW fighters what a chump

      • KIDD433 says:

        I AGREE.He wont have as much of a freak reach,size and strength advantage in the HW division Thats the only reason hes been beating everyone at 205.and he knows that.He doesnt wanna actually have to fight a fair fight.So he’ll stay at 205 where hes safe…Any top 5 HW would smash him and embarass him,hence MAKE HIM LESS MARKETABLE.And thats why Dana wouldn’t alow it either.

      • Clay says:

        He drops as much weight as many other fighters. If that was the case all HW would drop down and win the title

  3. DMAC says:

    This guy is a monster he can do anything he sets his mind on. I watched some special on him yesterday on fuel and the kid has had a ton of misfortune in his life. The way he comes off as the “wise one” is because his pops is a preacher and raised him to have that mind set. It’s hard to be righteous when the world is given to you in a year span, and he fell into temptation, which is very easy to do even though you know it’s wrong. I still can’t back the dude because what he did with Rashad was pure shade but I see where he’s coming from. Not that I’ve been in his situation but I could imagine all the stuff thrown his way is hard to resist. He’s a great fighter just needs to practice what he preaches.

  4. TRUTH says:

    Honestly I like Jones, but the reason he’s had such sucess is bc of the height advantage he has on LHW. At HWY he would really get Smashed. Machida tagged him and he was running backwards, if guys like HUNT land a clean one on him he would get KOd Fast. JDS would KO him clean. Frank Mir would Break his arm off, Nelson take his head off, and The Reem would just literally SQUASH him. Sorry bro stick to what u do best. IDK why ppl are talking about HWY, he still has the biggest task in Hendo who will put pressure non stop on him.

    • The Real Truth says:

      HW would be an immense challenge for Jone, for sure. Fighting bigger and stronger guys always is. But to say Jones would get smashed is idiotic. If Hunt landed a punch on ANYONE, that person would be “KOd Fast.” Mir would break anyone’s arm off, given the opportunity.

      One of the reasons why Jones has succeeded as long as he has is that he has the SKILL to avoid taking a punch. If height and reach is all that it takes to win, Big Country should have lost against Dave Herman.

      And haters act as if getting hit by Machida is the worse thing in the world. My take: Jones was surprised that Machida got one through, tweeked his game plan between rounds, and then DESTROYED Machida in the second round. Machida came close to being the first fatality in the Octagon. (did you see his face?)

      • Cel415 says:

        agreed, the difference is that he will not be able to avoid as many punches as he did in LHW, as everyone he fights will be nearly the same size and on average only give up a couple of inches of reach.

    • Devilock says:

      Yea, but a guy like HUNT can get knocked out by a guy like MANHOEF who is a middleweight. I think beyond the size difference between LHW and HW, Jones might have a speed advantage over many of the names you mentioned. I agree that he would have a power disadvantage at HW, but I think most HW fighters would respect Jones’ abilities.

    • ainad jt says:

      Silly point. If the only thing he had going for him was height/reach advantage then Struve would be heavyweight champ. Miguel Torres would be champ too. People need to stop talking out of their asses. It’s okay to hate the guy but stop trying to discredit the fact that he’s just that good

  5. Donnybrook says:

    Jones with another 30 lbs of muscle added to his frame would definitely pose some serious problems for any HW… and for anyone to say differently is either an uneducated noob or blinded by hate pure and simple.

    • DAMN! says:

      I doubt he would still be as fast with added muscle. Sure he still poses a big threat but he is going to slow down abit and probably be more technical rather than being unorthodox. He can only go so fast without that extra muscle

  6. EBM FTW says:

    Lol, I think JDS is just trying to lure Jones into the division. Jones would get brutally molested. JDS, Cain, Overeem, Carwin, Kongo, Hunt, Nelson, Mir, Nogueira, Werdum, Struve, Browne and even Lesnar (lol), would completely obliterate him. Any top-15 guy could. They are too strong for him now. Jones would have no chance.

    • kevin says:

      are you retarded? Jones walks around at like 225-230 already so if he adds only 5 lbs he will be the within 5 lbs of junior which doesnt matter cus its not like jds is a wrestler. Jones will have a 7.5 in reach on jds and jds will be slower than jones. so anyone that says he would get destroyed is just plain stupid

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        Is your ass raw from riding Jones dick so hard? He’d lose to JDS so badly. You guys thought rd 1 Jones vs Machida was impressive? JDS vs Jones would be 10X worse a beating on Jones. JDS made Mir look like he was moving in slow mo. Have you forgotten about Cromier and Valasquez? They both would beat the living shit Jones especially Cromier. HE WOULD GET DESTROYED!

    • fly society says:

      You are talking like he’s fighting hw tomorrow night at his current size. He has the height factor on any hw, and his nickname is BONES. He has the frame to add about 30you lbs of muscle. Jon Jones at fuckin 240 would never get “completely obliterated” by anyone outside the top 3 hw’s. And who knows he might even continue the destruction. Its an unknown. But to say he would get destroyed is just stupid…

      • A.James says:

        You must not have seen a highlight reel from JDS. No fighter in the UFC can take him outside of Velasquez who he’s already beaten. If jones was good enough for HW he’d be a heavyweight.

        • kevin says:

          no dumbfuck he wouldnt he was not that big but in the next 2 years he will be a hw for sure he has all the skills needed to be hw champ, the only thing holding him back right now from hw iis weight not anything to do with skills cus as soon as he goes to hw he will be a top 5 fighter and maybe the most well rounded

        • KIDD433 says:

          how the fuck is his weight holding him back?he walks around at 235.stop sucking jones dick their kevin.

  7. Kayce says:

    Jones wouldn’t last where he belongs, the HW division

    • kevin says:

      i hate dumb fucks like you why should he be a hw did he miss wieght at lhw? its like saying jose aldo sucks dick cus he should be a lightweight

      • The natural says:

        Yes Jose Aldo is a bitch for stayin at fw he’s twice the size of Edgar and same size as most lw he is a bitch for stayin in the div.specially being that there’s nobody else in div to fight and he still stayin there but he’ll put out another documentary bout how cutting weight is killing him and how it’s really unhealthy the way he has to doo it because there’s not a bigger div he can fight in or som truth is the talent pool makes him look netter then he is. He barely beat a weak 145 lb kenflo he would get destroyed just like Jones would get destroyed at hw there’s reason y a fighter goes through all that unhealthy weight cuts and it cause there scared too fight bigger guy in the most stacked 155 div and the weakest div in UFC which is 145

        • The natural says:

          Not necc scared just realistic in knowing they can’t compete with certain guys there’s a reason Aldo turned down a fight with kenflo at 155 and made him go to 145 there’s a reason he only calls out Edgar which is smallest guy in div. U never seen him callin out grey or bendo or bj. DONT BE SCARED HOMIE

        • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

          I don’t think winning 4 rounds to one is considered barely winning. By the way Edgar himself said he walks around at 165 now so quit crying about him being too small. Edgar turned down a title fight with Aldo because he (IS) scared of him. Yeah right Aldo is bigger than most LW are you serious? look at Cerrone, Bendo, maynard, . If anyone should go up to 170 its cerrone but he doesn’t cause he would onlt be average size and not have a huge size advantage. Did you Cerrone is actually bigger than GSP in off season or between fights. Cerrone has almost 3 inches on GSP and is only 10lbs less. Please quit crying about Edgar being too small. Edgar fights at LW cause he knos he ahs a nitch at being fast enough to run away from most of LW and he knows he would get smashed by Aldo who is way way stronger, faster, better mauy tai, 5 times better jits, and 10 times more power. Edgar is waiting and praying that Aldo moves up so he can move down. Why cry about Aldo being big at 5’7 when GSP won’t even fight anyone 10 lbs under his walka round weight? Sonnen walks around 230lbs, Rich franklin is 220, Forrrest walks around at 240, Jon Jones walka round 235+. i just don’t get why so many idiots think are crying about Edgar being so small but Aldo is tto big. Aldo would easily be one of the smallest LW in UFC hands down.

        • DMAC says:

          Gsp gsp gsp! Get the mans dick out your mouth boy wtf is wrong with you weirdo.

        • The natural says:

          He bareley won each rnd with a slight edge maybe in each rnd thats fact or so blinded its not even funny aldos scared thats y he doesnt move up edgars already proved hes best at 155 what does he prove by fighting dwn a weight class thats just wen u cant compete in a bigger weight class idiot U just sound like an Edgar hater Edgar never turned dwn a fight with Aldo fact. Aldo turned down fights with everyone at 155 there’s no talent in 145 and Aldos walks around at 17o which most lw cut from and yes I said he’s scared to fight all the guys u named but he wants Frankie cause he’s a small guy that just u and everybody still underestimating him after all he’s done. But keep believing the hype Aldo is a natural lw were only guys u named are bigger then him but rest of div is same size u shld be able to beat guys bigger then u any way if u wanna be considered for p4p fighter

        • The natural says:

          Can u even read not once did I say Edgar was too small he’s the king of the most stacked div in UFC. Mean while I did say that Aldos to big at fw weres there’s nobody left to fight. Saying that just proves whoes scared Aldo same size as Edgar but Lil bigger won’t move up. But Edgar says once he’s done running div up a weight he’ll come dwn and fight the scared Lil aldo. I remember a video Edgar put out wen he first got in the UFC saying he wanted to fight aldo and the best guys in the world Aldos punk ass stayed at fw tho. Cmon man Aldo just proves everyday that he’s a bitch by not moving up in weight there’s nobody left too fight in ur div it’s safe to stay there while the most stacked div is right next too u but he’s the best right sound more like a bitch too me

  8. Brend0magic says:

    I think JDS would smash him, ko in 1st round.

  9. The natural says:

    Jones shld be fighting hw he’s a pussy for fighting lhw he bigger then everyguy in division and younger bit he’s not goin anywhere anytime soon

  10. El diablo says:

    God I hope Hendo takes him out so we can get the DWI super hero shit under control, ha ha!

    • El Dumb Oh says:

      Keep hoping, esse! Hendo is gonna lose. And the Jones Haters club will grow even more because he’ll be that much closer to be the P4P best (Silva still has that “title,” but his time is coming to a close).

      To al the haters: suck my ass! Literally, you gay m f ers!!! Stop acting like you’ve never done it before too…LOL.

  11. Khaos says:

    Dana white and the media talk like Jon jones is amazing..but me I have a different opinion..jon jones is 6,4 and has the longest reach in UFC history in ANY he already is able to punch ank kick anyone while being out of make rashad Evans 6’4 with a huge reach he’d be the best..jones isn’t an amazing fighter he just has natural put him in the heavyweight division hell finally fight people his own height and similar reach he will have no more natural advantages THEN we will see how good he is as a opinion is he will be just a good fighter..he dosent have that 1 punch ko power and isnt strong enough to be a threat to someone like JDS..he’d be kod for sure.

  12. idiots says:

    First of all Jones is highly skilled and would not only beat hws but finish them. You think the guys at lhw are that garbage your nuts. Hw has the most unskilled fighters in the etc. Fact is they are mostly one dimensional. Great at one thing and not so great at others. Jones is great everywhere. Why do you think he is walking through everybody. And he does not have a strength advantage. He said himself that Evans was stronger than him. Jds would lose to him. Cain would lose. Just saying. Anderson would beat those guys as well.

    • It's the HATE in People says:

      Comments against Jones are drawn out of hate for the man. He convincingly beat everyone he has faced (although he didn’t win every fight): Shogun never got beat so badly, Rampage had never been finished before, Machida was nearly killed, and the look on Rashad’s face after that 2nd round elbow will be etched in my mind forever. All against Jones. Hate all you want, haters, but to say Jones has no fighting skill or would be finished by all heavyweights is ridiculous. That man is a full time training professional.

  13. 16v149 says:

    Here you go again, did your hall of famer matt hughes ask to step up a

    weight class or current champ iam hurt Gsp sent up, Dah , why ??

    Super fight my ass, keep the trailer trash happy with fewer white chumps.

  14. Leo From New Jersey says:

    Dos Santos vs Jones ? No ! simple no won’t happen and if it did Dos Santos is faster way more powerful Mis match yes i said it….although it would be cool to see jones vs struve just because of the size of the 2 lol but lets be real that fight and the likeliness of it happening is NIL, Dos santos still has to beat, Cain, Overeem, Hunt, Possibly nelson 2 so if he does all that maby down the line….and jones still has hendo, gustaffson ….

  15. milos says:

    jds is not saying this accidentaly,jones is curently one of the most regarded fighters and he posses the skill set to negate his atributes,he wont be taken down by jones and his striking is not a threat to him he can a) outstrike him or b) take a few punches cause he got a great chin and come close to KO him,having a W against him would give him another level of prestige..

  16. Nate says:

    Honestly I can’t see him making it more than 2 round with someone like Cain Velazquez and Alistair Overeem or JDS he has got a tall thin frame held up by thin chicken legs, he’s only in the LHW division because he wouldn’t be able to hack it at his natural weight class.

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