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Tuesday, 06/12/2012, 12:49 pm

VIDEO | Mark Munoz Wants Lombard To Get In Line & Earn His UFC Stripes | UFC NEWS

Mark Munoz talks about current UFC contenders including himself, and why Hector Lombard shouldn’t get a shot at the title any time soon.


12 Responses to “VIDEO | Mark Munoz Wants Lombard To Get In Line & Earn His UFC Stripes | UFC NEWS”

  1. @joshuahchalfant says:

    IMO mark is the only MW that has any reason to complain

    Stann-injured/lost to chael
    Bisping-injured/lost to chael, loses every #1 contender fight he gets.

    I wouldn’t look past boetsch, I dont think Lombard has fought any1 @ Tim’s level.

    All these guys are studs, all are top of the division, but Lombard is a ridiculous athlete & MW is in a Bing with injuries & such … but I think Munoz is gettin screwed if he gets overlooked … if he beats weidman

    • jones says:

      people are going see this lombard fuk is all hypoe just like fedor real fast…the only thing i cant believe is that people are not caling lombard the g.o.a.t. like fedor..the ,ain reason peple used iin the fedor argument was th fedor had 30 wins in a row or something…well lombard has i think over 25 and in a more skilled time of mma…so if anything lombard is more of a great then fedor..but the truth is the both never fought any real talent and lombard will get smashed and exposed just like fedor

      • stephen riddle says:

        Somebody doesnt like lombard what did he do to u?

      • nick says:

        Fedor beat Nogiura whos a preaty good fighter and cro crop

      • bxer says:

        when did you start watching MMA? You don’t have to like Lombard or fedor,but only someone new to the sport makes a comment like that,the reason Lombard may get a title shot is because there is really no real interesting fight after chael sonnen, there is no one marketable, would you be excited for Silva vs Bisping? Or mark muños? if chael wins,what? Chael vs muños or another chael vs Bisping?

      • Dan Jenkins says:

        Fedor fought and beat THE best heavyweights of any time Mma isn’t that old Lombards beaten 25 nobodies in a row a couple vets here and there fedor’s beaten former UFC heavyweight champions everyone knows pride had the better heavyweights finished Sylvia arlovski Coleman randelman beat down nog three times so get your head out ur arse

  2. Weird1 says:

    Im a munoz fan, cant wait to watch him fight in san jose:)

  3. Edgar says:

    Shut the fuck up ! Dana is the one who is giving him a title shot! Dumb asses. It’s not Lombards fault !

  4. A.James says:

    Its not Lombards fault you lost to Okami and got injured.

  5. James says:

    renan barao has 29 wins in a row does that make him the g.o.a.t
    dick head

  6. jbeamazing says:

    Beating Leban in 2012 and that’s your biggest win ever probably means you have did less then Hector and don’t deserve a title shot

  7. KIDD433 says:

    I think if Muñoz has a problem with it,he should step up since stans hurt and challenge Héctor.Makes more sense and Weidman shouldn’t even be fighting Munoz,Weidman can fight Tim Botche.Muñoz should challenge Hector.

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