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Friday, 06/15/2012, 10:55 am

"Shogun" Sets The Record Straight On Glover Issue | UFC NEWS


By: Jason Kindschy

Mauricio “Shogun” Rua has been on the receiving quite a bit of criticism over the past week, with UFC president Dana White being the most vocal.

Dana pushed the point home in an interview with’s Ariel Helwani. In response to a question regarding Rua not wanting to fight up-and-comer Glover Teixeira in the main event at UFC on FOX 4. White stated, “He said he’d actually rather be cut than have to fight him (Glover). Dude nobody wants to fight this guy.

“Shogun” on the other hand sees the situation as a misunderstanding. Rua recently told Portal do Vale Tudo, “Glover is a top fighter, I know him, I respect him, but he just got into the UFC. He has one fight in the UFC; he needs to get more fights. I had nothing to gain with that fight. We said (to) UFC that, for now, this fight is not interesting for me. After, the UFC offered Brandon Vera.” The former champion went on to say, “The UFC has never cogitated to cut me, nor (would I) leave the UFC.

Regardless of who you believe, Rua or White, the original opponent for “Shogun” at UFC 149 was Thiago Silva, before Rua’s fight got moved to UFC on FOX 4. Silva would have been coming into the fight with a better record than Glover, and a win over Thiago would likely do more to get Rua closer to a title shot. While one can understand “Shogun’s” reasoning, it still doesn’t look good when the boss man is claiming you were avoiding a fight.

Rua did maintain his position as a professional as he always does, stating, “To fight is my life, I love to do it, I would never leave (the) UFC because of a fight, I think it was a misunderstanding.

In the end, we should still look forward to the hopeful Muay Thai battle at UFC on FOX 4 at the Staples Center on August 4th. I know I will.

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55 Responses to “"Shogun" Sets The Record Straight On Glover Issue | UFC NEWS”

  1. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    Lol what the hell does he have to gain from vera! Vera is coming off a beatdown from thiago. In my opinion he lost that fight with elliot marshall, and atleast glover is an uppercomer in UFC and is coming off an impressive submission victory.

    • del9623 says:

      ya shogun has nothing to gain with a win over vera.. they should of did shogun vs machida 3 and then they could of pulled phil davis from the prelims and had phil davis vs ryan bader as the co-main event…

      • Chris says:

        Personally the rite move for shogun, he jst lost to Dan, which i though shoulda had been a draw but its w.e.
        Shogun need to set up a couple of wins, and Vera is the stepping stone for da cause rite now, no one is mentioning Shogun is a title fite anytime soon. The fite should b a exciting needless to say

  2. WrestlingRules says:

    Rua is a bitch and is afraid he might lose to Glover. whereas he thinks he can beat Vera easily….Rua will NEVER be champion again. He is nothing but a gatekeeper and Glover needs to see of he can get by one. Since Rua is a frightened bitch, I say feed Glover another gatekeeper, spongebob karatee kid Machida….

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Dude, shut the fuck up with that bullshit. How are you, a keyboard warrior, gonna call a man who fights for a living a bitch? You sound stupid as hell with the dumb shit you type out, while hiding behind a keyboard in your moms basement.

      • WrestlingRules says:

        I am soooo glad you just wrote that fantasy bitch. You are spineless. What, you think these guys do something bitch-ass like Rua did and THEY SHOULDN’T be criticized???? WTF kinda of world do you live in??? If Rua would have said, hell yah I’ll fight him and hype the shit out of the fight and if he lost then I would have more respect for him for not being a bitch. But he does a bitch-ass move and you think he deserves respect for it??? HELL NO NOT IN AMERICA YOU CUNT. You just revealed yourself kid. I think we know who is a fatass pussy in his mommy’s basement is now = TheGreenBandit……………

      • Rodriguez says:

        I actually sort of agree with WrestlingRules…but he is still a bitch!

        • WrestlingRules says:

          People don’t agree with me, and that’s okay. Being gay my entire adult life has been a real challenge. I will turn over a new leaf soon. The anger in me rages on and the gay side of me is the only thing that calms me.

          I love you all.

      • Rodriguez says:

        Umm not Shogun being a bitch…WrestlingRules being a bitch

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Thanks for the support……I think???? Uhmm did u just call me a bitch??? Well then, I hate you ese…

    • Khxny says:

      You just disrespected 2 former UFC champions in one comment, guys that would wreck you in less than a minute, idiot.

      • WrestlingRules says:

        I would actually LOVE to fight these guys. They probably have about 30 lbs on me or for the fucked up of the world about 13kgs. I regularly plant karatee BB 50lbs heavier than me all the time in gyms around the US. It would be fun…

        • Akid says:

          Are you fucking serious? You’re labelling others a ‘Narcissist’ and then vomit this rubbish onto an MMA website….? So because you can out-wrestle a BB in Karate that’s 50lbs heavier than you are, now you feel you can hang with two UFC EX-CHAMPION LIGHT-HEAVYWEIGHTS in a fight….. Yeah…. I’m sure you’d be thinking it’s really fun when you’re getting KO’d!!! Or maybe you’d be thinking it’s fun when you’re waking up from your slumber wondering who/what/where you are…. Get a life cunt!

          Narcissist/Hypocrite of the last 2 millenium award goes to – The fuckhead who calls himself ‘WrestlingRules’!!!

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Now that I got you to get your panties in a wad….simmer down, she-wolf. Did I ever say I would beat these guys? No, what I said is It would be fun. If I would get ko’d then ok. I just said it would be fun, NOT that I would beat them up or I wouldn’t get ko’d……Cheesch do you feel better now. Take deep breaths!!

          But you’re superhero, Silva, is a narcissist…

        • Dick Diaz says:

          lmao WrestlingRules, you’re such a troll. good job! not…

        • WrestlingRules( cause I'm a faggot ) says:

          I just wanna feel those men on me… In a 3 way I mean tournament.. I wanna take them down..mmmm

  3. Dana White says:

    Dana is nothing more than the Mantle piece for the UFC.

  4. Jimmmmmmmmy says:

    Shogun is a bum, and other then a lucky punch on machida he hasn’t beat anyone important in the UFC and is 4-4 in his UFC run. I don’t understand why the UFC keeps giving him the opportunity to be like this. With the way he has been fighting Dana should say fight Glover or get out. Seriously he has beat Coleman (retired), Liddell (retired) and Griffin (about to retire) and a lucky punch on Machida, who in a shorter amount of time, put up more of a fight against Jon Jones then Shogun did in 3-4 round. I don’t care how much of a fan base Shogun has, until he can beat a top 10 opponent he has no place making decisions and should be happy with any fight the UFC gives him.

    • WrestlingRules says:

      HooRah….I just WISH I was as articulate and smarty as you….

    • f says:

      Do you even know who shogun is? You fuckin’ MMA virgin

      • Jimmmmmmmmy says:

        lol ‘f’ you’re an idiot. My apologies, I was unaware that having a negative opinion against Shogun made me an MMA virgin. I must have forgot about all those high ranked fighters he fought before the UFC. Pride fighters were nothing compared to UFC fighters. Name 1 Pride fighter other then Anderson Silva that has had a successful run in the UFC.

      • Jimmmmmmmmy says:

        If every sport was run how people think the UFC should be run, we wouldn’t even need the playoffs, just put the 2 favourite teams against each other. Of course I know who Shogun is and I don’t care who he is, until he can beat another TOP 10 opponent, he should shut up and take any fight they offer him.

        • Just saying says:

          1- Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria – UFC Interim Heavyweight champ
          2. Shogun – UFC Light-Heavyweight champ
          3. Rampage Jackson – UFC Light Heavyweight champ
          4. Dan Henderson – Current #1 contender for Light-Heavyweight
          5. Mark Hunt – currently riding a win streak @ HW
          6. Alistar Overeem – Currently in top 5 for HW
          7. Josh Barnett- Former UFC champ and to 10 heavyweight
          6. Gilbert Melendez – current top 3 LW (not in the UFC but still should be mentioned)

          Here are some additonal names that competed in Pride during that time;
          – Chuck Liddell
          – Vitor Belfort
          – Nick Diaz

        • Jimmmmmmmmy says:

          Big Nog – Hasn’t beat a top 5 opponent, was KO’d and submitted by Frank Mir. Won interim title from Tim Sylvia.

          Shogun – 4-4 in UFC, was given a title shot after beating 2 has-beens and took him two fights to win the title which he lost right away.

          Rampage Jackson – Lost his title to Forrest Griffin. 7-4 in UFC. and other then a fight with another Pride guy all wins by decision minus Liddell whos jaw has been exposed many times.

          Dan Henderson – nothing bad to say about him.

          Mark Hunt – Tuchscherer, Rothwell and Kongo after a 6 fight losing streak. Give this guy a title shot.

          Alistair Overeem – Beat Brock after surgery and a year off then tested positive. Wait till he fights Cain or JDS then he is legit.

          Josh Barnett – Walking PED… hasn’t fought in UFC since 2002 and stripped of title for testing positive.

          Gilbert Malendez – Isn’t in UFC and after seeing his last 2 fights, I don’t think he would stand a chance against any of the UFC top 5 lightweights. Guess we will see.

          Chuck Liddell – fought in Pride as publicity, and exposed “great” pride fighters who years later beat an old punch drunk Liddell and felt good about it.

          Nick Diaz – 7-5 in UFC only had 1 fight in Pride that was a NC. Only notable win in UFC against BJ Penn who went 2-1-1 before fighting Diaz

          Other then Anderson Silve and Hendo, there are no former Pride fighters fighting top 5 opponents in UFC. Fights should not be organized based on popularity like every other sport. When Shogun starts winning against notable opponents then he can be picky

        • Nuitari X says:

          WOW, this dude jimmy is a fucking disrespectful idiot. BRO it was ok to stomp a motherfuckers face in, in pride. These dudes are badass why the fuck else would ufc buy them out? Just like the WEC, because the fighters there were worthy and some of the best in the world. Learn some mma history bro. You have a right to an opinion but you are just downright disrespectful to some of the greatest fighters to step in the cage. You shouldn’t be allowed to watch or attend mma fights talkin shit like that.

        • Just saying says:

          Jimmmmy you stated no one from pride had a successful UFC run, no matter who they fought to earn it or what they did after it, Big Nog, Rampage, and Shogun were all UFC Champions. Your comparisons on who they fought are not valid in the argument of success. Chuck Liddell won 1 of his last 6 fights in the UFC. Does this take away from his success in the UFC? Randy Couture was 3-3 in his last 6 fights (one of the losses being to Big nog). Both of these men will go down as all-time greats, but both have lost at the end of their careers. How can you achieve the ultimate goal by becoming Champion and being referred to as the greatest fighter in the world for your weight class but still have people state that your time in the UFC has been unsuccessful.

  5. Clay says:

    If shogun beat glover then gloved would lose all respect he has and all the hype would be gone. Plus shogun wants to fight big names and get paid.

  6. Ufa says:

    You guys act like Hendo (who’s balls you are constantly sucking on) didn’t buy his decision victory over Shogun!!! Grow the fuck up

  7. maurice says:

    theres fighters like rashad, fitch, gsp, arsken, etc that u can call a bitch or pussy. but fighters like shogun, bj, dan, etc are in a class of their own. shoguns easily one of the toughest and best fighters of all time. calling shogun a bitch is like me calling gsp a fucking monster inside the cage, its complete bs. @WRESTLINGRULES i was just wondering, y do u go out of ur way to make up random comments to start drama on threads? my life isnt exactly the most exciting thing in the world, but ur life must really suck. its like all ur post are complete bs just for a reaction on the fucking internet..bahahaha, like do u say anything that is actually true? MAURICIO SHOGUN RUA a bitch? if shogun ran from the glover fight, then im surpised he didnt run from prime machida, prime jones or the best dan henderson to date. Wrestlingrules i try to ignore u, because i kno ur a troll, but i truly do feel a lil bad for u. wrestlingrules, just remember life gets better man. stop being a fucking loser.

  8. You Cant Be Serious says:

    Shogun has beaten a whos who in the MMA world. Please do some research if you think he hasnt beaten anyone. He easily has one of the best resumes in all of MMA.

  9. B-rad says:

    wrestlingrules your a fucking retard, you saying you “plant karate black belts” is like me saying “Oh i demolished this wrestler in a thai boxing match” I thought you might be a real fighter until you said “id love to fight these guys” implying that you actually have a chance, yea id like to fight them too but i know id get owned.. two words keyboard warrior

    • WrestlingRules says:

      Unlike you, I actually prefer fighting people who are better than me to challenge myself….I only said it would be FUN to fight them. I never said I would beat them or they wouldn’t ko me. I just said it would be fun…so believe what you want but my point is that Rua is a bitch for not wanting to fight Glover. PERIOD!!

  10. jbeamazing says:

    Shoguns the man I don’t know what some of you guys are watching

  11. maurice says:


    • WrestlingRules says:

      First let’s get it straight here little sister. Who fucking is trolling who here??? That’s right YOU!! Now that we got that straight troll. Let’s dance. Your writing ability far exceeds your intelligence. Your hero Rua did a bitch move by being afraid of fighting Glover. Second, your pathetic little points that why didn’t he bitch out on Machida, Jones and Hendo? First he HAD to fight Machida if he WANTED TO BE champ. Second, he was the champ after beating Machida and he HAD to fight Jones bitch!! Third, he HAD to fight Hendo to try and get another try at Jones. But he fucking lost to Jones and lost to Hendo and now he is a has-been that WILL NEVER be a champ again and White knows it and the UFC knows it. Only people who don’t know it is you and Rua’s mangers. Rua is a gatekeeper now and Glover needs to beat one to move on. So stop all this fantasy bullshit in your head little girl. Take your arrogant little troll ass and stfu… that we got the Truth here.

      Sorry I was so tough on you, but you know tough love is what you need right now and probably a hug from your mommy…

      • WrestlingRuleslovescock says:

        I thought you were gonna tell us you trained UFC.What an assclown you are.just stfu now and stay in your moms basement wanking off to wrestling vids…

  12. maurice says:

    @youcantbeserious exactly man. his pride run was something to behold. his ufc career has been great, considering all the adversity he faced with injuries, then still becoming the first man to beat lyoto..not once, but twice..winning the fucking ufc lhw championship in the process. like im really sittin here thinkin right now wtf is wrong with wrestlingrules? its sick when u take a sec and think, “who the fuck chooses to be a troll?” like how bad is ur life, to pick out such a great fighter, and choose to attack him just for a negative reaction from ppl on the web? thats so fucking weird and sad. like really man..this is what u like doing? lmao. poor wrestlingrules just wants some attention that he’s not gettin in his real life. i get the feeling he’s some worthless, fat fuck that spends the day stuffing his face and gettin off to the negative feedback he’s getting for his silly comments. if shogun is a bitch in ur eyes, then its pretty evident no fighter will ever fit ur godly standards. fuckin lame.

  13. B-rad says:

    @wrestlingrules oh my bad then i thought you were tryin to sound like you would take them. lol, i share the same opinion it would be awsome to face somebody with that skill level thats one of my goals is to train with someone famous.. As much as id hate to say it cuz iv been a rua fan since i was 12 but yea its pretty lame he didnt want to fight glover, i think he can beat glover so i think he should take the fight. I bet he will fight him eventually after glover racks up a few more wins

  14. B-rad says:

    but rua isnt a gate keeper hes still top 5

    • WrestlingRules says:

      That’s cool man…I know Rua is a good fighter. I absolutely love his badass leg kicks. I would probably take a few of those and if I couldn’t grab one, I’d be done. He is a stud and just think he has had too many miles put on his young body and I just don’t see him beating Jones or going up to fight JDS. I don’t know if he could make 85, but that would be interesting. Vera, unfortunately does nothing for him whereas if he beat Glover, his stock would rise considerably because there is so much momentum with Glover.

      I know I am sometimes very provocative in my challenges and words and can get under many thin-skinned kids on this site, but crap that’s how we challenge each other in our gym and its just baked into my fighting style. I’m just REALLY good at pissing off people that are sensitive…Peace…

  15. maurice says:

    lmao he called me sister? wtf? is dat ur version of trash talk? anyways im not a big shogun fan, but real recognizes real. i have lots of respect for any fighter that bangs the way shogun bangs. no point fighting, no lay n praying, straight knockout punches and crippling kicks.

    “First he HAD to fight Machida if he WANTED TO BE champ. Second, he was the champ after beating Machida and he HAD to fight Jones bitch!! Third, he HAD to fight Hendo to try and get another try at Jones.”

    ur dumbass pretty much just wrote my reasoning for y shogun isnt a bitch. no bitch gets a title belt by becoming the first man to solve the machida puzzle. no fighter is a bitch for going to absolute war with dan henderson in hopes of another title shot. no bitch defends his title, on short notice against a monster in jones. its weird how u can talk so much shit about a fighter, then the next min praise the fighter, only because the entire bjpenn site was calling ur dumbass out. and as for wether shogun will become champ again one day who fucking knows. one things for sure, hendo, SHOGUN and jones are currently the most dangerous lhws alive at the moment. and once again, im curious to know what kind of fighter a troll is into?

  16. maurice says:

    not to mention he took the beating of his life against jones. then crushes forrest and goes to war with hendo just to get another crack at a man who nearly killed him in jones. i dont think a “bitch” would want another shot at a man who beat his ass that bad, a warrior wants the rematch.

    • WrestlingRules says:

      Now you finally said something I TOTALLY agree on. None of what he DID do were bitch moves, BUT what he did with Glover WAS a bitch move and then he agrees to fight Vera??? Come on, you can;t be that stooopid. Glover would be much better for his career cuz Glover has the buzz and people want to see if he can make to the top. How many people believe Vera will be champ?? Just admit that he or his fucked up management team pussed out and now he took a fight that doesn’t help in one bit, All it does is give him more money. Wake up kid..

  17. WrestlingRules says:

    LMFAO troll what a weasel you are….I thought you MIGHT have some good points, but nope I see you are nothing but a weasel…

    You like Rua’s style that’s fine, but quit using the past to justify a bitch move on his part to get out of fighting Glover. I have NEVER said he couldn’t fight and WASN’T a great fighter, I simply made a point that his current move was a bitch-ass frightened move and that got your panties all in a wad. Now little twisted sister weasel troll. do you comprende little marichon!!

    Whatja got now weasel….

  18. Not You says:

    I don’t get it. Why didn’t they make Vera fight Glover? Why is it all on Shogun? He’s right, let Glover make a name for himself. What if Glover would lose to Shogun and not be able to get his confidence back?

  19. Helio says:

    you’re delusional if you really believe Shogun “bitched it” Glover is a nobody still. Tt makes perfect sense from a career point to choose Vera over Glover, the average MMA fan is more likely to watch Shogun v Vera than Shogun v Glover. Every 2nd fighter is on a win streak, doesnt mean theyre entitled to fight whoever they like

  20. WrestlingRules says:

    what i’m really saying is i’m gay and secretly love to take a pounding from behind by a MMA superstar.

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