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Wednesday, 02/15/2012, 02:15 pm

UFC's Joe Rogan | Marijuana Is A Performance Enhancing Drug

“I think it is a performance enhancing drug. A lot of Brazilian guys use marijuana before they train. A lot of American jiu-jitsu guys use it before they train. And they don’t do it because it hurts them; they do it because it helps them.”

UFC ringside commentator Joe Rogan took to “The MMA Hour” in a rare interview to discuss multiple different topics with show host Ariel Helwani. One of which was his take on the Nick Diaz situation and the use of marijuana in MMA.

Rogan himself is an avid cannabis activist and user but that apparently doesn’t deter his stance that the drug is a performance enhancer.

Anyone surprised at Rogan’s remarks?

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85 Responses to “UFC's Joe Rogan | Marijuana Is A Performance Enhancing Drug”

  1. kevin says:

    way to throw your boy under the bus rogan. the one person on the planet who you’d think would stick up for diaz here says it’s a ped. huh.

    • John Blaze says:

      Ok, now go back to sucking that diaz cock.

      • MMA fan with a brain says:

        Ah, cock and suck, very original. Two words that can instantly kill a humourous remark and make you look a fool in an instant.

        I imagine you to be one of the imbiciles (that’s a person that suffers from retardation to you) that use the term nut-hugger toward any person who has a different opinion to your own.

        I love MMA but how I dispise the idiots that have jumped along for the ride…

        • Kisses says:

          I am not sticking up for that guy, but if you are going to call someone an imbecile please spell it correctly. :)

        • MMA fan with a brain says:

          Fair comment Kisses, and with a name like that how could I be mad. At least you didn’t call me a cock-sucking nut-hugger, lol

      • HANDS UP CHIN DOWN 206 says:

        John BlazeACock, obviously is a faggot who lives in his moms basement and asks’ HIS momma, HEY BooBoos can you throw my unddies in the dryer to warm em up b4 my baby horse riding class its quite chilly out there and boy they work my ass hard” , not that thats unusual. but my bunyons are soar.

    • larz says:

      Chillin at the house with my belt, where are you?

    • Murad says:

      It’s not about sticking for Diaz, it’s about his opinion on marijuana.

    • jtmacri says:

      Well he couldn’t rightly say that it wasn’t after he and Mr. Bravo have been touting the benefits of Marijuana in BJJ for years. I can’t hate on a guy for having integrity and sticking to what he believes.

    • HANDS UP CHIN DOWN 206 says:

      John BlazeACock, obviously is a faggot who lives in his moms basement and asks’ HIS momma, HEY BooBoos can you throw my unddies in the dryer to warm em up b4 my baby horse riding class its quite chilly out there and boy they work my ass hard” , not that thats unusual. but my bunyons are soar.

    • HANDS UP CHIN DOWN 206 says:

      John BlazeACock, obviously is a faggot who lives in his moms basement and asks’ HIS momma, HEY BooBoos can you throw my unddies in the dryer to warm em up b4 my baby horse riding class its quite chilly out there and boy they work my ass hard” , not that thats unusual. but my bunyons are sore.

  2. thegoodstuff says:


  3. DERP DERP says:

    Too anyone that has smoked weed, you know it increases your senses and calms you down. Obviously that is beneficial to a fight.

    • Avid Weed Smoker says:

      Since you seem like you never have I’ll inform you that it only does this while high. Getting punched in the face or doin anything physical will blow said high. If it would give an advantage in a fight, which it won’t, it would only last maybe two minutes.

      • TrigenicKin says:

        Getting punched in the face will not make your high go away. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Marijuana is a muscle relaxant, and when you get as insanely high as Diaz does, it makes you numb. Combine that with his insane cardio that can compensate for the lack of energy that weed causes, and his chin. You have a damn near invincible fighter out there.

        • Jeremy says:

          You sir, are a moron. I don’t know if I’m convinced that you’ve done anything physical in your entire life, ever.

        • Thurgood Jenkins says:

          Well said Jeremy. Lovin’ how people are now putting weed on the same level as morphine or oxies. Now that shit actually numbs you. To say marijuana is as effective at taking pain away as these other drugs is completely and utterly idiotic.

    • Xaninho says:

      That’s benificial for a creative thinking process. NOT for fighting.

  4. Spudd McKenzie says:

    Joe Rogan is a fuckin idiot!.. Ruin it for all of us why dont you!

  5. Jeremy says:

    If weed is a performance enhancing drug, than so is meditation or any other kind of mind altering exercise. It improves the mind, not the body.

  6. Jona says:

    Poop pee poop pee dingleberry bungalow turds

  7. Tiny atom says:

    I thought this dude was clued up and knew his stuff? With views like this it is apparent that he has smoked one reefer too many…. Give it a rest joe stick to mma commentating your knowledge on the characteristics and workings of drugs is somewhat poor….

  8. stone cold says:

    bud can calm you down, but once you get mad you get really mad. bud makes you zone out and weaker. it also makes you have adhd and bipolar lol

  9. Huntdaddy says:

    Ahhh, last time I checked you can’t smoke meditation….LMAO!

  10. jacobhfc says:

    I never knew meditation was a drug good one

  11. e says:

    who cares what rogan thinks?

  12. Person online says:

    The first time I ever got into a fight I was high on weed. It felt like I was sparring. I was relaxed and focused. Yes I beat the dudes ass. But had I not been high I would have been nervous and probably tired myself out.

    THe second time I fought I was anxious (I don’t like fighting), I did not pull the trigger like I did the first time. I only threw some jabs and bounced around until some big Hawaiian guy politly told us to gtfo of the park because he did not want his young kids to see us idiots fighting. Lol, we left with no lip, and that was the end of that!

    Just my two cents.

  13. SC00B420 says:

    WTF? C’mon Joe stick up for your boy! Marijuana is not a PED plain in simple. It may help some people deal with pain, anxiety, or whatever else, but you can’t seriously say that if you were to smoke a joint, blunt, or a fat ass bowl before a fight that it would give you an edge. Nick is a health nut who obviously has anxiety issues and cannabis is a proven solution to that problem. Nick would not do anything that would damage his body or his chances of winning his fights. Remember, Nick has been a cannabis user since his mid-teens and has conitued to use it to manage his stress and anxiety throught his career as a fighter yes he screwed up on a flush and got caught but I can assure he is not the only fighter out there that does so. So please lets back up off the poor guy!

    • CARLOSVSGSP says:

      “So please lets back up off the poor guy!”

      OMG. This is crazy! Nick Diaz knew the rules and broke them. SIMPLE

      He isn’t getting wronged. He isn’t getting picked on by the athletic commission. He broke the rules and will be punished for it.


    • TrigenicKin says:

      Wow! A douchebag with 420 in his name supporting a pothead! What a surprise! 0.0

    • JBull99 says:

      Weed can help your performance. I boxed with my friend without gloves and didn’t feel any of the punches until like 4 hours later. It all depends on your body and how it reacts to the THC.

  14. bababooey says:

    At this point cannabis has become a religion that ignores science. It’s fun to smoke but it does fry your brain.

  15. Hello says:


  16. Ncongo says:

    really wow what ua tool how the fuck dos weed help u fight eneymore thin supplements or coffee

  17. Jon says:

    Rogan isn’t a bullshitter. It’s one of the reason he’s such a cool dude.

  18. Xaninho says:

    It doesn’t hurt nobody, but it sure as hell doesn’t help either. It helps the creative thinking processes, like thinking out of the box. But that’s not useful inside the cage, cause it’s more creative thinking, but also alot slower. And slow thinking inside the cage or ring means getting a beating.

  19. dog chapman says:

    Braddah meth is a ped on ice bra I can rip ur head off ur sholdures bruddah

  20. dog chapman says:

    Braddah meth is a ped on ice bra I can rip ur head off ur sholdures bruddah aloha

  21. Nick "Mount Everest" Diaz says:

    i sleep high, i eat high, i train high, i spend money high, i entertain high, i speak high, i fight high, i do everything high

    i have been always so high that i can’t get back down to reality

  22. wishbone says:

    I would rather fight somebody stoned on weed than juiced on testosterone anyday….I bet Brandon would too.

  23. XAVI says:

    Joe Rogan is right, bit it doesn’t mean he isn’t wrong! Marijuana will allow you to focus and concentrate more intensely while training right after you use the substance, but if I used a few days before a fight, theres no enhancement during the fight, although your cardio could be lowered if it is being smoked. So performance enhancer? ITHINK NOT!!!

  24. jchordon says:

    I agree wit rogan ne body who smokes before they run triathalons is bringing a whole new level of cardio in the ring 1 cuz there not stoned there lungs r good to go fight day 2 if u run a triathalon baked outta ur mind for a couple days n then do the same thing not stoned n see how much you improved.

  25. bj penn says:

    It’s a performance enhancer.

  26. lol says:





  27. Ed says:

    Rogan did say it’s a PED but he didn’t just say that’s true because he thinks it’s true. He also backed it up by saying so many high level JJ guys believe that and smoke before training. You might or might not believe him but to refute him you would need to call b/s on JJ guys using it, or explain why all those JJ guys beliefs are wrong.

    Also, he was saying that being high will fighting is performance enhancing, but he wasn’t shitting on Diaz because he doesn’t think Diaz was high during the fight, only that he was high at some point in the weeks leading up to the fight.

    Rogan still the man.

  28. Lowry says:

    Saying that pot improves my fighting is like saying drinking makes me a better driver. But I think marijuana use is entirely subjective in its effects. Certainly using steroids will make your body grow bigger muscles, but pot may improve your fighting skills but it might also make you paranoid and filled with anxiety. To call it a performance enhancing drug isnt entirely true.

  29. Jtmacri says:

    Way to stick to your guns and show integrity Mr. Rogan. You rock!

  30. Cool guy says:

    I fight and I smoke weed. I wouldn’t call it a PED. He’s not smoking before a fight. He smokes when he trains. Anyone who thinks smoking weed makes you numb is an idiot. If you smoke weed and I punch you in the face, it will hurt. Weed is not novacaine. You can smoke 10lbs and you WILL feel pain. I’m not trying to defend anyone, just inform. I’m disappointed he didn’t pass the screening. He’s a great/exciting fighter. Hopefully all you spectators will shut up. If you think marijuana is harmful please turn off your tv, put down the fast food, throw away the cologne and febreeze, stop driving your car, pour out your beer, crush your pack of cigarettes, or stfu.

    PS, don’t listen to joe rogan. Ill bet the guy snorts lines at every UFC event.

  31. Pete says:

    Rogan also thinks that man really didn’t land on the moon. Nough said!

  32. Lise says:

    I think its different for everyone … some get sick when they smoke it ( me ) … others gain all kinds of energy !! No matter what ,,, its the rules and Nick is well aware of the rules … End of story ..IF you allow weed, then ya gotta start to allow other Drugs given by a doctor !!

  33. jjp says:

    there are 2 main types of weed – indica and sativa. indica gives you the stereotypical ‘im stoned’ feel, as in a numbing sensation. sativa (which is what joe rogan is talking about when he refers to marijuana, and he talks about it all the time on his podcast ‘the joe rogan experience’) gives a clear high, and doesnt numb you but gives you a better feel for things and a better grasp of the world both in a physical and non physical sense. sativa can make a person better at sports which involve any sort of personal bodily control because it allows you to focus on the task at hand, and so if you look at it that way, it is performance enhancing because you perform better with it. so maybe dont hate on him for saying it before you actually consider the idea of it? just a thought people :)

  34. DMan says:

    Cool Guy is byfar the closest to making sense and being logical.

  35. Huntdaddy says:

    Someone tell me this….how do they test for PEDs and marijuana post fight? If they do a piss test, then there is no excuse for failing. They make TONS of crap to mask weed piss. He knew he would be tested and presumably, he smoked weed before other fights and passed. What’s up with that?

    As for marijuana as a PED, it’s clear that weed has a medicinal effect. I certainly think that weed can make you focus better, minimize anxiety, improve concentration, and help you relax. One thing is for sure, MMA fighters wouldn’t use it if it didn’t have some type of positive effect.

    • zach says:

      I tried all that masking shit when I was on probation, luckily I had a cool po, otherwise I would have been in trouble, none of it worked for me, I failed 5 or 6 piss tests before I finally gave it up

  36. DMan says:

    Cool Guy is byfar the closest to making sense and being logical. Marijuana is good for your health and mind.

    And I also believe Goldy and Rogan like to play in the snow (cocaine)

  37. Huntdaddy says:

    My weed smoking days are long gone but if I ever decided to start up again, I’ll email a few of you cats to put in my order. Clearly, y’all got that good green shit….LOL!

  38. DaRuckuz says:

    Fighting the best fighters in the world stoned is impressive to me lol but Nick shouldnt of broke the rules and condit got lucky and he knows it.

  39. 765 says:

    I got in a fight while high before. The guy tried to tackle me and I soccer kicked him on the way in. I didn’t even think I just reacted. It was like slow motion when my shin connected on his face. Weed is forsure beneficial.

  40. Peacebringer says:

    All of a sudden every single person on bjpenn is a pothead!WTF?I mean look at the guy above me?!?! how am I supposed to believe that?!?!xD!All of you should stop doing that shit and get a life! (with all due respect and good intentions though…)peace out mma brothers!:)

  41. GRT 3000 says:

    I dunno man I’ve smoked my share of the green stuff, and I’d have to say the last fucking thing I’d want to do on it is fight. All I wanna do is chill, tell jokes, and raid the fridge. I guess it’s different for others, but for me I can’t see it being a PED.

  42. Alex Daas says:

    people are acting like he smoked before the fight?! Diaz smokes in the off season, between fights. When the training begins the blazing ends… This time he just didn’t stop smoking enough in advance. Is that too hard to comprehend?

  43. Sean says:

    helps them….HOW?

  44. Sean says:

    I think they just prefer to be hight while they work

  45. Shawn says:

    Weed, in certain quantities (depending on the user) does help with focus. If anyone has ever gotten high, but not completely stoned, you all know that you tend to fixate on certain things or certain thoughts. Now bring that fixation on training. On top of that, it helps the body to relax, and anyone who has trained a long time, knows a relaxed body is more beneficial to training than a tense one. Add to that, it helps you to resist pain more. You put all these together, it does help to “enhance” once performance or training. For those saying that meditation does the same and should be banned to, well…dumb comparison. It’s not something you TAKE into your body. It’s a frame of mind, a conditioning of thought. Proper meditation is like training, you can only get good at it when you practice it enough.

  46. Mike O'Dwyer says:

    The real issue is what needs to be addressed, not what what Joe Rogan says about anything. Joe is just a glorified fan with a microphone who shouts over a lot more than he should. Hes the same guy that can sit at ringside of nearly every UFC fight and sound like hes not even watching it.

    I think this discussion has only become so blown up is due to the fact that just before Diaz got popped for “Marijuana metabolites,” there was a very demanded rematch being spoken of after the very controversial decision. Fighters get popped for drugs all the time. Those fighters get suspended, and news gets thrown around about it. Everybody sees it yet it’s not going to stand out as much as a headline fighter being popped right after a very important championship fight that had one of the worst displays of fight scoring in UFC history.

    Marijuana will always be there and will always be tested for until the state of Nevada itself, implements a way for residents and/or fighters to legally obtain and practice the use of marijuana such as a medical license. Something to take into account is that Nick Diaz has a medical marijuana card in the state of California and is in full co ordinance with California state law. And thus far, the Nevada State Athletic Commission is the only “commission” Diaz has had any problems with.

    Lets not all forget how convenient it is, that Nick gets popped again, for something everybody already knew he was doing, right after one of the WORST displays of the NSAC’s ability to judge/score fights. A display that many (including myself) feel cost Diaz a decision victory. If the NSAC can get you distracted enough to care about this “PED” crap, then they have alluded the spotlight that should continue be on their judging staff, or lack thereof. Joe Rogan spouting off about it is just “icing on the cake” for the distraction and shouldn’t be taken seriously at all.

    Also, most fans wouldn’t care about anything other than “hormone replacement therapy” aka (blood doping), or actual “anabolic” steroids.

  47. 2lowtoe says:

    dummies if your offended by this comment u r a dummy i don’t have to point u out..u know who u r.. the shit was put here on earth by god the almighty i will b damn if i dont use it ..i don’t care who else smokes long as i got a bag.. this is not about weed its about screwing over diaz over on his gsp fight and take the heat of cantdoit and ufc

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