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Monday, 11/26/2012, 10:37 am

UFC’s Dong Hyun Kim Says 90% Of UFC Fighters Are On the Juice | UFC NEWS

“While a lot of people believe doping tests work, just like a breathalyzer test you can get away with it by just controlling timing. Most of the steroids user just cycle and get by the tests. It’s almost like other athletes look down on you as an idiot if you don’t do steroids. It’s like non-users are bicyclists while steroid users are racing with motorcycles. But I am one of those “idiots” that don’t use performance enhancers. I would say 90% of UFC fighters use performance enhancers.”

The very outspoken Dong Hyun Kim tells Korean media outlet Mfight that he believes 90% of his promotional peers are using performance enhancing drugs.

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20 Responses to “UFC’s Dong Hyun Kim Says 90% Of UFC Fighters Are On the Juice | UFC NEWS”

  1. lionstrangler says:

    The truth, while bitter to take is that he is probably right. maybe the percentages are a little off but PEDS seem to be used extensively and not just in MMA but in boxing as well. They aid recovery, help training,minimize down time etc so fighters cycle them get these benefits. My problem with them isn’t necessarily the societal ‘cheating’ nonsense ppl spout but rather the imbalance it creates if the other person isn’t using. There are ways to get all these benefits without using but alas only the upper echelon of fighters can afford these and PEDs are cheap and easily accessible.

  2. Daniel Kimble says:

    This guy obviously knows the quickest way to get cut from the UFC. Is he remains with the UFC after this comment, I will be shocked. You do not publicly bash your promoter unless you want to be cut, of be permanently on the undercard.

    • Scotty says:

      U know how many other fighters in the UFC have said the same thing? There has been quite a few of em and they are still fighting.. It was a question and he answered it.. Just like any other job, u can speculate about other employees.. U dont think the UFC knows all these guys are doping? Come on, they only get pissed when u get caught cause they have to find a replacement or cause u get suspended and cant make them money..

  3. Kaniel Dimble says:

    He’s not bashing the UFC and what he’s saying is absolutely true, not just for UFC but any sport. If you’re not finding a way to take every advantage possible then you are not preparing as hard as the next guy and your competitors may think you’re an idiot.

    Steroids are the least understood “drug” ever, it’s not black and white, it’s not like you can just take a bum off the street and give him testosterone and he’s going to be able to compete in the UFC. It will maximize your potential and help in recovery from training though and if your competition is taking it, well then you certainly are handicapping yourself.

    In the movies Rocky didn’t need steroids to defeat the big bad Russian, in real life Stallone did need steroids to maximize his training and be competitive in Hollywood. I think they should let athletes take whatever the hell they want, if Tiger Woods who has shitty vision but gets it repaired by Lasik, how is that not a performance enhancer?

  4. Rory says:

    Crap, Dong Hyun Kim is on to me…

  5. Marty says:

    What’s the old adage, “if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying hard enough”….. something like that

  6. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    OLD NEWS no sport has a bigger STEROID problem than MMA-UFC. TRT just made it worse because it obvious UFC brass doesn’t care if fighters use as long as they don’t get caught. Too easy to beat the tests to get caught is why it pisses Dana off so bad. They don’t test for EPO’s, No test for synthetic testosterone, NO test for HGH. You can look right at most of UFC fighters and easily tell who’s using and who’s not. 90% is probably even about 5 % short. I mean otehr than maybe Bj penn, Diaz’s, A Silva, machida, Aldo, even Jake sheilds is JUICING for gods sakes. just remember the more money a fighter makes the better PED’s a fighter has access to.

    • HBC says:

      Actually they do have tests for synthetic Test and EPO, but they can’t test for Blood Doping and HGH

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        Everyone but you knew what i meant. OF COURSE they have tests except NOT ONE of the athletic commissions has the budget to spend money on those tests. YES VADA has those tests but that is why its so expensive. All run of the mill Athletic commissions like Nevada only tests for the old CHEAP’O steroids like DECA (nandrolone) Stanzonaol (wintrol) D-bol and all the most common. NO NEVADA doesn’t test for synthetic testosterone or EPO’s, or HGH or Victor Conte’s Designer non dectable steroids (Barry Bonds) even though he had Kyle Kindsbury pushing them throughout MMA comminity since he (conte) got out of Prison. Only way MMA could ever even start to clean up from EPEDEMIC STEROID USE would be random VADA testing but it will never happen because UFC and the athletic commissions will never pay the money it takes.

  7. blue says:

    Yeah, 90% of all pro athletes are juicing. The funny thing is they’re some of the healthiest people you’ll ever meet in your life. There’s a stigma attached to steroid use in the US and it’s completely wrong.

  8. Jeff says:

    Ahh, the old BJ Penn syndrome. A white guy kicked my ass so he must be cheating. I see he even imped a past and future kicker of his ass.

  9. mriga says:

    who gives a sh*t, if they all do it, it can only improve the figths :p
    its their body afterall
    i only think the solution is to allow it for all of thme, then they have the choice.

  10. Josiah says:

    i don’t need to know this sh*t, you fight, you beat up the other guy, that’s a wrap….

  11. GRT 3000 says:

    well at least they have to cycle off in the UFC…that’s gotta count for something. In Pride they were left frothing at the mouth come fight night.

  12. Shane says:

    Most of you guys seem accepting of it. Does this mean one day attitudes will change and Lance Armstrong will receive a government apology and his world titles back (following his death)?

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