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Monday, 02/13/2012, 12:23 pm

UFC’s Diego Sanchez On Nick Diaz | I Can And Would Love To Put A Whooping On Him Again

“All you little people out there that are Nick Diaz groupies: I beat him then, I’ll beat him again. I don’t know why you guys say this crap. ‘Oh, that was a long time ago! Nick Diaz has gotten so much better.’ You know what, man?! Everybody’s gotten better! That’s what happens! I commend Nick Diaz for everything he’s done, and he did take it to B.J., but the B.J. that fought Nick Diaz was not the B.J. that fought me. I wish I could have fought that B.J… The guy is the most negative guy in the sport, and I would love to put a whooping on him again. I’m still (the) Diego Sanchez who can take down Nick Diaz and his ‘blanky’ legs”

Just two days removed from his UFC on FUEL TV 1 main event against Jake Ellenberger, Diego Sanchez talks to about this whole Nick Diaz saga.

The two originally fought (Diego and Nick) in 2005 and it was Sanchez who got his hand raised by the end of the bout.

Can he repeat? What are your thoughts Penn Nation?

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67 Responses to “UFC’s Diego Sanchez On Nick Diaz | I Can And Would Love To Put A Whooping On Him Again”

  1. Say what you want but Sanchez vs Diaz was a fucking good fight! Close too, if I remember rightly?

  2. ramv says:

    BAHAHAHHAHAHA really Diego? Dude, please… You’ve passed your prime a long time ago.

  3. Mr Groove says:

    Sure why not! No one knows because they both got better. Yes, Diego lost to BJ and BJ lost to Nick but that MMA science sucks ka ka!

  4. Shea says:

    Whooping on him again my was a close fight

    • MMA Knowitall says:

      Ya I don’t know about the ass whoopin part. Diego controlled from the top from what I remember but neither guy showed signs having been in a fight. I do remember that Nick was a bit whiny afterwards…If Diego’s so confident he can beat him again, then the fight doesn’t need to take place. Seriously, concentrate on Jake Ellenberger, or work on your rudimentary striking or something. Actually, go back and give Martin ‘Dude I got robbed again’ Kampmann a rematch since you think people are doubting you. Maybe this time the judges will consider your lack of successful takedowns and hamburger face as signs of defeat, instead of giving you the decision based off a coupla minutes of tucking your head into your chest and throwing wild heymakers. I honestly wanted to be a Diego fan in the beginning, but his personality just annoys.

  5. Jason N says:

    us ethe same strategy you used with Kampman. And by strategy i mean beat his fists up with your face.

  6. sideasoundlab says:

    Gotta love Diego. The kid ‘s got heart and balls

  7. Jason N says:

    diago is the best there is, at doing “YES” cartwheels. No one else comes close

  8. Diegos been fighting the best in the world while diaz is playing “big fish” at strikeforce, let’s get real here, at strikeforce even jake the “hendo killer ” looked great

  9. CanILive says:

    BJ please come back and put a whoopin on diego……..

  10. J T says:


  11. GSPlovesDiaz55 says:

    Hahahahahhahahahha diego sanchez?? Who’s that? Hahahahah

  12. GreenTeaBagger says:

    Put up or shut up……let’s make it happen UFC.

  13. jlin says:

    Ramv ur a fag. U know nothing about mma. Get Nick Diaz balls out of your mouth

  14. BillT says:

    I’m not a Nick Diaz fan but I am a fan of Nick Diaz’s fights…i would love to see him fight sanchez again along with having him fight Koscheck, Ellenberger, GSP, and Condit again.

  15. Ronnin says:

    Sanchez is a pathetic asshole, a lot of heart and cardio but a shabby striking and overall technique. Cant stand that fucker

  16. mmagurf says:

    who is this Diego Sanchez? Does he work at el pollo loco? shouldn’t he be trying to jump the border?

  17. brett says:

    Shows you where Diegos head is at? Hes got his hands full with Ellenberger in two days and hes worried about Nick Diaz? Then he will wonder why he gets his ass handed to him wednseday night!

  18. CanILive says:

    this article was from a couple weeks ago i think…
    but on another note, if kampmann beats alves, i wouldn’t mind seeing kampmann vs. diaz…..

  19. RickRuckus says:

    Funny, that everytime BJ Penn loses, they say it’s not the same BJ Penn as the one who wins…. So you’ll only know which Penn shows up when the fight ends and we know if he wins or loses. Then we can say, “oh, this BJ Penn showed up for ths fight.”

    • John Blaze says:

      I think you can tell because he either comes in some sort of fighting condition or a pudgy fat fuck. I think, I may be wrong, but that just might be how you can tell.

  20. No worreh says:

    True words of a looser “the b.j that fought nick diaz was not the same b.j that fought me. I wish I could of fought that b.j…….” Two words minnah vagina y would u not wanna fight the best of the best and wanna fight some one not in your prime jake gonna flat line u go get the vaccant tittle in strikforce

  21. Nine5 says:

    First fight in 05 was real close. Neither really controlled the octagon, Diego got the decision with more takedowns. Neither fighter did real damage and I do believe Diego was properly awarded a decision. With both fighters improving over the past 7 years, I feel that Diaz has shown more overall improvement and you can see that in his fights ie bjpenn, gomi. Don’t quite see an asswhoopin either way but I’d take Diaz in a rematch. Funny how he presses the issue after Diaz tests positive. I know he said something prior to the Condit fight but to release this now. Concentrate on Ellenburger wed night Diego.

  22. kevin9999 says:

    Ok all you guys who think Diaz is so great. Take a look at the pathetic people he has fought in Strikeforce to get such a good record. I don’t hate him but he’s not the best. Not even close. I think him and Deigo would be a great match up. The strong wrestlers in the division would destoy diaz so this would be a great match up.

  23. david diaz says:

    hellllll yeah diego would whip his ass again look at his last fights his grappling was freaking incredible, he’s shown that he has an iron jaw, and his cardio has been phenomenal!! bj beat nick diaz in the first round of that fight but then got tired and beat up diego wound and would get the victory!!

  24. chee who says:

    I think everyone was shocked when the win went to Diego..yes he took Diaz down but all he did was dry hump him… He didn’t do shit… Just held him

  25. Xaninho says:

    First try to really beat Kampmann bitch.

  26. mmp says:

    Everthing else aside, I do think the BJ that beat Diego was a monster! Whack that kick to the head was crazy.

  27. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Starting to look more n more desperate by the day, Diaz…

  28. einiar says:

    u people shut ur scary as mouth cuz the man that is talking right now is the man that actually fought diaz and beat him. about u scary as fuc kers? have you guys fought one of these two fighters yet yeah yeah i figured u people are very scared to get inside the ring thats why u people are talking shit right now. sanches can talk cuz he literally fought diaz and beat his ass. can you people do what sanchez did or can u fuckers fight sanchez no no i know u fucken talkers..scared little mouthy…talk its just air that goes in the air. get inside the right and get ur tiny ass get whooped.

  29. toneloc24 says:

    Diego said all this stuff before Diaz got suspended morons so stfu. And his striking might not be that good but the mother fucker comes to throw down and he ain’t scared to scrap unlike most of u negative cunts on here. He always puts on entertaining fights and like him or not the mother fucker is a warrior and him and Diaz would be an awesome fuckn fight.

  30. Sherif says:

    Nick Diaz is great at smoking weed, say what you want about dirty Sanchez but at least you don’t have to worry about him jeopardize his career to smoke a lil something.

  31. dez says:

    please! nowone has ever whooped nick diaz. the fight was a razor close dec, like all the fights diaz has lost. if they fight again the only one in danger of getting whooped is sanchez!

  32. stone cold says:

    nick diaz is a lot better fighter then he was. he would whoop diego’s ass bad

  33. andyboy says:

    i love how everyone comes talking all kinds of mess after Diaz gets suspended! more to come i’m sure hahaha

  34. STEPHEN HORGAN says:

    hes right about 1 thing the bj that whooped sanchez wasent half the bj that fought diaz….diaz has gotten better but sanchez is more than a step behind him

  35. Simon scholey says:

    Let’s see what happens when Sanchez
    Fights ellenburger good luck!!!
    & the last time Sanchez fought Diaz was 2005 was a long time ago !
    Different fighters now the both of them but good on Diego for trying to light the fire!!!!

  36. jonsey is back says:

    lol sanchez is no where near the title picture,,,he could not eve hang at lw he should not be callen out nicks name..he is only doing so cuz he is jealous and knows nick is way better an more populer,,,he needs to shutup

  37. learntoread says:

    Diego, you never “whooped” Nicks ass the first time you two fought. Sure, it was a good/entertaining fight and the judges gave you a decision.

    But let’s be real here, Nick wasn’t even a black belt back in 2005, nor had he even started training his boxing with Rich Perez (who has revolutionized him as a fighter). Thirdly, Diaz hadn’t even started competing in triathlon at that point in time (which has also revolutionized him as an MMA competitor).

    Diego was with the Jackson Camp back in 2005 and is again today. Personally, I haven’t seen all that much improvement in Diego’s game/style since his initial rise in the WW division. If anything, he seemed hungrier/more focused back then (I mean, the dude looked puffy & out of shape when he entered the cage in his last fight against Kampmann, which he arguably lost. He also looked like crap against Hathaway). So I take it Sanchez beating Paulo Thiago in a decision makes him & his fans assume he’s faced the better WW competition lately? Seriously?

  38. Duane says:

    Wow Diego relax, no one even asked you about Diaz. I don’t blame him for trying to secure his future and all but calm down. I listened to this interview and he was getting all fired up like as if Diaz mentioned your name, haha IMO Diego isn’t on Nick level but that’s just my opinion.

  39. JB Spencer says:

    Im a big sanchez and diaz fan, and i remember that fight like it hapened yesterday. Its a good idea for diego to get people talkin about him BUT, he needs to be consentrating on ellenberger rite now cuz all this diaz talk is makinf him look like hes having dillusions of grandier. This conversation will be much more intreging if/when he beats ellenberger.

    As of rite now diaz has improved more, but if diego beats jake and puts on a good performance doing so, then that could be in question. This is probably the most important fight of his carrer and i hope he realizes it. This fight could be the difference of diego being in the top 5 or, not even being in the top 10…


  40. Jujitsu Player says:

    No matter which BJ Diego fought he would have taken a beating. That was one of the most one sided MMA fights I’ve ever seen, BJ mauled him. As for Diaz, I think his game has evolved and Diego’s hasn’t as much so IMO Diaz would win that rematch.

  41. Ryan says:

    In my opinion Diaz won that fight. judges in the UFC have this illusion that just because a fighter is on his back he is loosing, which is bullshit. both Diaz brothers typicall out work their opponents from their gard and end up on the wrong side of the decision. it’s MMA and BJJ is all about the smaller guy winning from his back. the Diago fight is just an other example of Nick getting robbed and prolly contributes to his frustrations and want to retire. i respect any one who gets into the cadge to fight no matter how good or bad, but nothing puts a bigger smile on my face then seeing deago get his ass kicked, i hope him n diaz fight again so i can have that smile!

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