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Monday, 02/13/2012, 02:00 pm

UFC's Condit Talks Nick Diaz | I Think His Attitude Towards Marijuana “Came Back And Bit Him In The A$$”

“I don’t care (about marijuana use). The thing about it is, it’s something they test for. It’s against the Nevada Athletic Commission. I don’t really consider it to be a performance-enhancing drug, but the fact is, they’re testing for it. And you know they’re testing for it. Whatever you do in between camps, if you know they’re testing for this stuff then you’ve got to figure something out. In the past, he’s said, ‘Oh, I can smoke and I can pass these tests no problem.’ That attitude kind of came back and bit him in the ass.”

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated writer, Ben Fowlkes, UFC interim welterweight champion Carlos Condit discussed a lot of topics stemming from his UFC 143 win over Nick Diaz.

In this particular quote he goes on record and discusses the marijuana use of Nick Diaz that resulted in their rematch getting cancelled.

Check out the full interview HERE.

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41 Responses to “UFC's Condit Talks Nick Diaz | I Think His Attitude Towards Marijuana “Came Back And Bit Him In The A$$””

  1. Nick Diaz says:

    I smoked a chop after the “fight” because, in case you didnt listen, I retired from this once pure sport. I’ll smack the shit outta your bitch ass Conduit.

    • david says:

      no actually you wont pussy cause you lost your chance at a rematch by being a fuck up, shoulda excercised more discipline with the herb during fight time asshole, now clean the fuck up and smarten the fuck up or fade into obscurity

      • zk says:

        You are the ultimate hater, you seem to hate diaz sp much yet you troll all the new about him. You need to smoke a joint and stop caring

        • david says:

          i don t hate diaz i hate his dumbass fans blindly defending him through everything and disrespecting his opponents before and after the fight

        • John says:

          Your down right stupid. You really hate his fans!!!!!!!!! His fans should defend him. Nick is not your everyday fighter and thats why his fans stick by him. The UFC needs a fighter like him. WAR DIAZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • giggaplex says:

          lol i bet you spend the better part of your day hating on Diaz. The dude brings it dont get cut coz your fave fighters are pussies

    • BigHurt says:

      Hey who lost?…oh that’s right Diaz did. Less QQ more Pew-Pew.

    • IceMan says:

      LOL @ “Conduit” hahahaha

  2. Koshchek Loves Cock says:

    Hey Carlos. Glad you can put Nick 420 Diaz in your rearview and focus on what you fought for, a chance at the title. Best of luck and in the meantime, train wrestling, a lot of wrestling.

  3. Thom says:

    Breaking news: Condit tests positive for estrogen!!

  4. Stevo the great says:

    Well you still lost to a stoner Carlos. If Stevie Wonder was judging the fight he could have seen Diaz won. So fact really is… Diaz getting suspended you won’t get kicked in the ass or slapped like a bitch in the ring again. But I’m pretty sure Diaz is keeping track of all this shit your talking….don’t be scared homie….give Nick a rematch in Japan or Rio under the UFC banner and you don’t have to honor Athletic commission suspension in foreign countries! Dana make it happen.

    • Condit outplayed the playa says:

      hey Stevo, ever got punched in the face for saying stupid shit? Stevie Wonder would get kicked on his left and right cheek, cause all Carlos has to do is stick his foot out and let Stevie swing his face back n forth.. On a side note….You’re stupid

      • Stevo the great says:

        Wow that was incredibly lame……kinda like Condits performance against Diaz. Pathetic….pussy shit…..just like you. Rematch in Rio Co-Main Event…..Sonnen Vs. Silva rematch and Diaz Vs. Condit rematch would be all time greatest PPV sales. Bet!

        • DewYouKnow8 says:

          @Stevo You are a BUTT HOLE. Also, Carlos is right.. Nick is dumb for actually getting caught (he knows the rules). Btw, Nick won… maybe.. or maybe not.. still can’t decide. But everyone else seems to know. Who cares, both guys are sick and.

  5. Michael says:

    oh god i wanna smack the smug look off condits face, i thinks he can say all this shit just because nicks suspended and there isnt guna be a rematch

  6. 209 says:

    4:20 BLAZE ALL DAY

  7. Jb says:

    Diaz lost you fukn nut huggers. So if the pats chased the ball and Eli around more they won the Super Bowl? You wanna be mma fans crack me up. Half of you never been in a fight so shhhhhhh

  8. Foxy79_ says:

    I can’t stand Condit. He is a boring fighter.. Run homie RUn.

  9. true mma says:

    What bit Carlos in the ass, is he changing his fighting style and then trying to defend and have a bunch of stupid fucks calling it a game plan. When a real game plan is putting combo’s together and trying to finish the other guy.

  10. true mma says:

    I understand a fighter trying to be defensive by using head movement and moving from left to right and throwing counter strikes not throwing a kick and then running across the fucking cage.

  11. John says:

    Then fight him Again Bitch!!!!!!! You didnt beat Nick Diaz the refs did. If you have a nut in your sack you will fight him again. Im sure you wont. Is it really surprising that Nick smokes weed???? REALLY!!!!!!!!

  12. strictly mma says:

    Condit is full of shit. Now that he knows nick can’t fight he wants to open his mouth. Shut the fuck up condit and take another fight, shit Kos has already signed up for another fight. Come on natural killer step up.

  13. ummmmm yea says:

    it is what it is. Arguing about who won the fight is pointless everyone stfu fight is over. Its easy to beat the system obviously Diaz you have before. Herb is supose to make life seem simple so burn train do what you gotta do and handle your shit.

  14. GUAMY says:

    carlos is running some more now OMG. this time hes running his mouth lol. hes talkin all kinda krap now he knows he dont have to fight Diaz lmao. Carlos “the warrior” aka “the dog fighter” aka im gonna bury this mother fucker LMAO. what a joke.

  15. guamy says:

    atleast Diaz was trying to fininsh which is alot more than i can say for Condit. when im in a bjj tournament i do go for a sub and not just try to win by holding a better position. more than we can say you do shaundi.

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